Prophetic Words


There is intense pressure that many are experiencing right now in the body of Christ. There is a deep pressing that has continued for many and I saw this pressure being put especially upon those who are in the process of building and birthing the new movements that the Lord was bringing forth.

I saw so many in the body of Christ building what the Lord has called them to build and create right now, and all of a sudden there was pressure on every side and the voice of the enemy came so loudly in so many different ways to discourage these ones from continuing. I could hear so many saying, “I didn’t think it would be this hard,” and, “Is there no grace on this?” “Have I heard wrong?”

I then heard the Lord say:

“My precious pioneering ones, the pressure is on, but YOU are bursting forth.”

It reminded me of many encounters that I have had over the last few years where the Lord has spoken about the birthing process and building process and places of pressure the enemy has brought, all being used by the Spirit of God to birth the warrior within. A resolve was being birthed that cannot be shaken, and the birthing of strength in identity and calling was coming forth, a deep maturity being established in the pioneering and building process. The sense surrounded me of a butterfly that was bursting forth from within the chrysalis.

MANY Pioneers are going through accelerated deliverance right now through the processes they are walking. The enemy has come to bring pressure on every side, but the Lord is turning it for the good of His precious pioneers, and bringing them through an accelerated time of deliverance to be able to run with Him and build with Him in a completely new way than they ever have before. The Lord is delivering them from the fear of man, He is delivering them from the effects of past seasons, He is delivering them from the lie that, “they are wrong and what they carry is wrong.”

I then heard the Lord say, “You are not wrong, you are simply seeing AHEAD. You have seen what I am doing and going to do and you are building in tomorrow, today. To create the pathways and the unchartered territories to see My Glory come in an unprecedented way.”

There is a move of the Holy Spirit right now that is building a fortification within many pioneers that will not be shaken. It is a resolve and a strength that is birthed in the revelation of who He is, what He has said, and what the assignment is that they have been called to.

There is such pressure upon the pioneers right now because of the enormity of what the Lord is birthing through them, and part of that birthing is the birthing of the UNAPOLOGETIC PIONEERS.

I heard the Lord speaking loudly:


The sense then surrounded me of so many pioneers living in a place of apology for going against the grain and for stepping out of the box. But the Lord is birthing boldness in many pioneers in this hour that will see the Spirit of God birth through them a movement that has not been seen before, and the magnitude of these movements will bring monumental shifts.

His voice then surrounded me again as He spoke over many pioneers:

“I am speaking over you, ‘MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!’ You were created to MOVE with Me, you are a mover and shaker in My Kingdom. You are NOT STUCK. I created you to MOVE with Me in out-of-the-box ways. Stop apologising for it. I created you for the unchartered territories. Stop apologising for it. You are My MOVER and SHAKER, a HISTORY MAKER in ME. That is WHY the enemy tries so hard to MOVE AND SHAKE YOU, but I am building within you a holy confidence, a fortification in the revelation of who I am and the callings I have given you. I am now upscaling you to OVERCOME all the walls that have attempted to hold you back and I am showing you who I created you to be and how to walk in My authority in these new lands.”

I then saw the finger of the Lord come down and He was pointing to different areas that the enemy was trying to keep these pioneers down and contained and He said “THESE ARE THE NEW MOVEMENTS. BIRTH, BIRTH, BIRTH.” And as He spoke those words, the VERY AREAS where the opposition has been the fiercest, the very areas where the pressure is on, these areas suddenly turned to WOMBS. But as I looked at these wombs it was as if someone had pressed fast forward on the vision and I saw the womb and it grew and stretched and grew and stretched, and suddenly the waters broke and the new movements came forth. His voice surrounded me, “THE WATERS ARE BREAKING!!! THE WATERS ARE BREAKING.”

I knew in that moment, that what the Lord has called the pioneers to build and areas He has called them to move into with Him RIGHT NOW is being met with a divine acceleration that is on a scale they have not experienced before.

“OVERNIGHT BIRTHINGS! OVERNIGHT BIRTHINGS! OVERNIGHT BIRTHINGS.” These words surrounded me strongly. Multiple births and multiple movements are NOW being birthed OVERNIGHT. The pressure is on in many ways, but YOU, pioneering ones, are being birthed and being brought back to life: resuscitated, refreshed, strengthened, empowered and extended AS THE MOVEMENTS are being birthed to go further with Jesus than you have EVER been. The level of favour, provision, divine recompense and vindication that is upon you is truly UNPRECEDENTED. Welcome in the OVERNIGHT BIRTHINGS and OVERNIGHT PROVISION.”

“I am INCREASING YOU!!! I am INCREASING the vision! Do not be overwhelmed by the enormity of what I am doing, for My grace and empowerment will carry you further than you have ever been with Me. There is deep rest in the vision, as it is not being built by your strength, but MINE and the key to hosting this new movement is A DEEPER PLACE OF YIELDING! I will carry this! Rest in Me, and watch what I will do. My Refiner’s fire has also been hotter than ever, but I have been refining and positioning you to HOST MY GLORY.”

His voice came strongly again:

“WATCH! WATCH! WATCH what I will do,” and as He spoke these words, I knew He was speaking encouragement to these precious pioneers — that they are standing in the moment of an unprecedented move and expansion of the Lord. And at the same time I saw a watch before me and the time was MIDNIGHT and He said “IT’S TIME!!! It’s TIME MY Pioneers, ARISE in your governmental authority in Me, to see monumental movements birthed. You haven’t seen anything yet!”