Prophetic Words


This morning I heard the Lord say, “It may feel like you’re standing in the midst of an earthquake of warfare, but rejoice, I am birthing mountain-moving movements.” Then I saw many who have been experiencing intense opposition and many have been feeling like it’s hitting them on every side. I watched as many were feeling like this warfare has really been ‘shaking’ them this time, and many have been feeling like this level of warfare and witchcraft coming against them is causing the very foundations of what God has spoken to them to shake. I saw many still feeling weary of the warfare and weary of the battle, and I saw many looking at the foundations and feeling like this level of warfare was bringing cracks into the foundations of what God had spoken. Weariness, doubt, exhaustion, even despair for some.

Then the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “Look in their hands,” and I saw they had “hammers” in their hands. The Lord said to me, “I have placed visions and assignments within their hearts for them to build in this hour: and as they have begun building, these earthquakes of warfare have come against them so strongly to try to knock them off their feet and shake every part of them, to cause them to drop their hammers.”

But I say unto these precious ones:

“REJOICE! REJOICE! The wind of My Spirit and empowerment is blowing fiercely upon you, the wind of My Spirit and refreshment is gaining momentum and I am causing you to stand firm in that which I am doing in and through you. For I am strengthening and fortifying you to know what it is to stand and to stand in Me. Roots down deeper into who I am and intimacy with Me than ever before: that as these earthquakes of warfare come from the enemy to attempt to knock you off your feet, you will not be moved.”

Suddenly, I saw the hand of the Lord come down and He drew a deep line in the sand and His voice thundered, “YOU WILL NOT BE MOVED.” I knew in that moment that the fortification, the maturing, the strengthening, the refreshment He was bringing into their lives in the place of intimacy would cause them to find a strength in Christ that they haven’t lived in before — that NO LONGER would be shaken or moved. The line in the sand was a monumental shift. The days of being MOVED and shaken by the tactics of the enemy are over, as He brings a deep fortification within them as they live in the secret place, close to Him and deep in His Word.

The Lord spoke again:

“REJOICE, REJOICE, REJOICE,” and as He spoke those words, He also spoke the word, “HERE COME NEW MOUNTAIN-MOVING MOVEMENTS. The enemy has come to attempt to shake and break but I am birthing these new mountain-moving movements that are going to bring forth monumental shifts: movements that will see My Spirit bring down mountains of impossibilities as the power of My Spirit is demonstrated in unprecedented ways. The enemy has come to attempt to cause these ones to drop their hammers, but MY GAVEL is coming down and I am declaring VICTORY for My people. I am declaring divine JUSTICE and recompense for My people as they have stood and obeyed, to build that which I am asking them to build. DO NOT COME OFF THE WALL!!!!!!!! Keep building, stay the course. Here comes MY GLORY! Here comes MY GLORY! Watch My Glory fall imminently in these places I have called you to build.”

The sense surrounded me so strongly that these mountain-moving movements are so much bigger than these precious people of God even realise. His voice surrounded me, “It’s so much bigger than you think,” and I knew that it is going to begin to make sense why the enemy came so hard against these areas the Lord has called them to build with Him. I heard the Lord say, “You think you’re just holding a seed, but what I have called you to build, as you partner with Me, is going to grow into a MIGHTY OAK.”

I then saw a mighty wave of the Spirit of God crashing in over these ones and it was a wave of deliverance and the voice of the Lord spoke so loudly, “BE DELIVERED OF THE SPIRIT OF WEARINESS.”

When I asked the Lord about this He said, “Many have not realised that it is a demonic spirit that has been assigned to weary them in this hour, many have looked at their weariness as ‘natural’ but I am uncovering the strategy of the enemy. I am declaring My mighty deliverance from the constant attack of this demonic spirit that has come to weary the saints. Worship! Worship! Worship! It is breaking and I am empowering you, My people, with a divine strength and vitality that you have not known. Flourishing and thriving in Me, not withering and weary.”

This is a time of advancement. This is a time of movement. The enemy is attempting to keep you stuck and feeling like you’re being dragged down in quicksand, but this is not the truth. The divine deployment has begun. The movement of God’s mighty army is arising in the earth, building the arks by His instruction to see His Glory manifested and revealed.

The earthquake of warfare has come strongly against many who are building new things with Him — to knock them off their feet — but here come the mountain-moving movements that are going to see His Glory manifested and demonstrations of His power in explosive ways.

These movements are going to see mighty demonstrations of the DELIVERANCE of God in the lives of others and in the nations. The enemy came to shake you, but what God is birthing through you, you are going to see the power of God and His Spirit SHAKE the very plans and strategies of the enemy and see them come down in Jesus name. Get ready!!! It’s shifting! It’s shifting!