Prophetic Words


In this new era there is going to be incredible demonstrations of the Lord’s power and Glory. He is going to reveal Himself in such profound ways that it is going to leave the people of God and the world in awe and wonder of who He is.
Since the middle of last year the Lord has been speaking to me in many different ways about how He is going to move and reveal Himself through children in this new era.
We have entered the new era where God is going to move in ways we have never seen and the fear of the Lord will be restored to the Church. The Lord is going to reintroduce the Church and the world to His power and one of the ways He is going to do that is the way He is going to move through the children.
One of the most profound dreams last year was the Lord speaking about this great move of His Spirit that is going to take place in the earth in many ways will begin with the children and in the places where there is childlike faith. God is looking for childlike faith and trust in this new era. He is looking for those who will take Him at His Word and trust Him completely like a little child. Not “childlike” in immaturity, but “childlike” in faith, trust and wonder of who He is.
The Lord showed me that in this new era He is going to move in such power through the children that there may be a temptation from old wineskins or mentalities to “overlook” the children or the children to be pushed aside.
I heard the Lord say:
“Children will come to the forefront in this new era in the ways that they will display My power, My voice, My Glory and My Word. There is going to be a powerful move of My Spirit amongst the children and if you do not have eyes to see and ears to ear, you will be offended by My move through the children in this new era. There will be greater increase in divine revelation, wisdom and insight being released through the children. “Out of the mouths of babes” will become more and more normal in this new era, and it will take humility to receive what I am saying or doing when I release it through a child. My voice through the children in this new era will leave many in awe of Me.” (Matthew 21:16, Psalm 8:2)
“Watch My prophetic voice RESOUND LOUDLY in this new era through the children. Through the mouths of children will be one of the ways I will herald greater revelation of the times and seasons.”
Matthew 11:25 will be demonstrated significantly in this new era:
“At that time Jesus declared, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children;” (English Standard Version)
The Lord is going to release His wisdom in many ways in this new era and one of the ways will be through the children and to those who are walking in humility and childlike faith.
I heard the Lord say:
“Pay attention to the children in gatherings. Do not overlook them or push them aside.”
In meetings, in homes, in conferences, in churches, pay attention to what the Lord is saying and doing in the children for in engaging with them the Lord is going to reveal profound revelation, divine insight and in many places what is released through the children will release the fire of God and move of His Spirit in POWERFUL ways.
The enemy has been attacking the family unit and children because of what God is doing and going to do through them in this new era.
The Glory and power of God will be revealed so profoundly in this new era through children, some of the greatest signs, wonders and miracles that have been seen before, that ‘religious’ mindsets or hearts with pride, will be offended, but those with eyes to see and ears to hear, will hear His voice and see the move of His Spirit through the children in this new era that will bring revival in unprecedented ways.
There is going to be a significant increase in testimonies of people receiving life-changing, significant breakthrough, healing and divine direction through children. There will be an even greater increase of children carrying and receiving the divine strategies and answers of the Lord to prayers adults are asking in this new era. There will be a significant increase in children seeing in the spirit and articulating what is taking place that is going to bring greater clarity and direction to adults. I heard the Lord say “Watch the wave of My healing that is going to flow through the children in this new era. The media will even be reporting more and more on the rising of gifted children and astonishing works through children which will testify to Me, My goodness and My hand.”
“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14 – ESV)
“Jesus overheard them and said, “I want little children to come to me, so never interfere with them when they want to come, for heaven’s kingdom realm is composed of beloved ones like these! Listen to this truth: No one will enter the kingdom realm of heaven unless he becomes like one of these!” Then he laid his hands on each of them and went on his way.” (Matthew 19:14 – TPT)
I heard the Lord say:
“Include them, engage with them, embrace them, receive My divine wisdom and revelation through them. Receive My divine strategy in training them, raising them, teaching them, but also partnering with them to see My Kingdom established and My Glory revealed in the earth.”