Prophetic Words


Recently I heard the Lord say, “Come into the upper room, My fire is falling for the new frontiers.”
There is a weighty invitation from the Lord right now to the people of God to come into the upper room, the place of prayer and waiting on Him like never before, for His fire is falling for the new frontiers.
There is a deep place of encounter awaiting God’s people right now where there is a FRESH COMMISSIONING taking place in the UPPER ROOM for the new frontiers that are before the people of God. There is an invitation to leave
behind the noise and distractions and come into the upper room for the fire of God is falling and the Spirit of God is about to fall in such POWER it will cause everything that can be shaken, to be shaken.
The Lord showed me MIGHTY deliverances that are taking place in the upper room. The Spirit of God falling in such power there is SUDDEN deliverances taking place. There is SUDDEN healing taking place. There is SUDDEN alignment taking place. The fog is SUDDENLY breaking. Time is SUDDENLY being restored. Vision is SUDDENLY increasing.
I heard the Lord say:
“In order for My people to move into the new frontiers they must be in the upper room to receive the FRESH FIRE”
When the Lord spoke “FRESH FIRE” I felt everything shake in
the spirit. There is FRESH FIRE the Lord is releasing upon His people that come into the upper room of prayer and waiting upon Him that is going to be the FRESH FIRE for the PIONEERING that is before them.
The urgency to answer the call to the upper room gripped me. I felt the longing heart of the Lord so strongly. Where you are going, where we are going, we have never been before. Where the Lord is ‘sending’ His people in this new apostolic age, the age of the Kingdom, we haven’t been before and I heard the
Lord say “You cannot go as you are”. What is required for the journey ahead requires a fresh baptism of His fire. It requires a fresh impartation of faith. It requires the place of fresh encounters with the Lord. It’s the place of stepping completely and totally into the NEW to move into where He is going. It’s a complete shedding and shaking off of the OLD.
The encounters with Jesus in the upper room are going to be
revolutionary. It is the place where the Lord is going to download His wisdom and teach His people His ways and give them understanding of His ways (Psalm 119:23-24).
In this encounter I saw the new frontier ahead, the unchartered territories and there was a keyhole to be passed through to enter into these new frontiers and I asked the Lord what is the key and I heard the Lord say: “IT’S THE UPPER ROOM”
EVERYTHING that is needed will flow IN and FROM the upper room. In this season of unprecedented acceleration, pioneering and extending and building the Kingdom of God with Him, it requires MUCH prayer and fasting and WAITING/LINGERING with the Lord.
It is the season to RUN but it is the season to RUN with the Lord FROM the upper room. The saints are going to be empowered by the Spirit of God like never before.
The fire of God is going to come upon the people of God like
never before bringing a refining, a strengthening, a purging and a purifying to run in holiness and truth.
The fire of His presence is going to come upon the people of God in this new era in such a way that the BURNING ONES are going to be sent forth into the earth to release the fire of His presence and His power ushering in the greatest demonstration of His power and revelation of His Glory
that the Church has ever seen, but there’s a call to the upper room in such a weight I have not felt before.
In this encounter I saw Jesus standing before me and His eyes were like flames of fire and He spoke “Look into My eyes and SEE the age ahead”
“His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, and he has a name written that no one knows but himself.” (Revelation 19:12 ESV)
The words began to come out of my mouth “There’s encounters with His eyes in the upper room. There’s encounters with His eyes in the upper room” I began to weep as I saw Him. The revelation of Jesus Christ opening up and exploding in the upper room, the whole room was full of the bright shining light of His Glory.
The Lord spoke again “The revelation of My Glory and the revealing of who I am in this new apostolic age is going to mark My people and transform My people. It is the great undoing. It’s the reformation in the revealing of who I am.”
“In the upper room you will be MARKED BY LOVE!!! You will be marked by the fire of My love again!”
I see upper rooms all over the earth filled with people on their faces crying out, weeping, undone, groaning, at the revelation of Jesus. Undone by the WEIGHT of His Glory and power.
“In the revealing of who I am is the invitation to see Me and look into My eyes and see the age ahead and to walk in My wisdom and My ways.”
He spoke again:
“Out of the encounters with Me in the upper room will come the greatest divine innovations of the new era!!! In the encounters with Me in the upper room My people will have EARS for the NEW ERA”
It’s in looking straight into the face of Jesus, in these encounters with the Lord in the upper room that the revealing of who He is in greater ways will explode. I see the upper rooms being filled with His Glory and light exploding out of the windows. Supernatural manifestations in the natural of His
light being seen through windows and people being drawn in the natural to see what this light is exploding from physical buildings and rooms. Being drawn in and coming to know Jesus. It will happen in houses, in churches, in buildings.
His Glory and light will be physically seen.
It is in the upper room that encountering Jesus and looking in His eyes that the revelation of this apostolic age will come. The revelation of this Kingdom age will come by looking into the face of Jesus. Looking into His eyes. Feasting on the Word, as He is the Word.
As I looked closer in His eyes I could see flames of fire and I could see pathways and blueprint strategies. In His eyes I could see wisdom. In His eyes I could see His ways. In His eyes I could see glimpses of what was to come in this Kingdom age.
He spoke again:
“If My people would just stop, linger, seek and pray in this new
era and set aside distraction, they will SEE what is to come in Me in greater ways. Leave behind your mind of what you “think” it should like or how it should be, just be with Me and you will SEE. Be with Me and you will SEE and rise up as the EAGLE”
Those words shook me deeply. The commissioning of the eagles will take place from the upper room. He will send out the eagles from the upper room filled with fire, marked by the revelation of Jesus, eyes that see with prophetic vision and clarity for this new apostolic era.
I then looked at the eyes of the eagles and their eyes blazed with heavenly sight. In the upper room, in looking in the eyes of Jesus, the One whose eyes were like flames of fire, had received such an upgrade of sight in the spirit, they were being sent forth with a heavenly INSIGHT and HINDSIGHT
for this new era.
I heard Him speak again:
These eagles were being sent forth with eyes of DANIEL 2:22
“He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the
darkness, and the light dwells with him.” (ESV)
These eagles were going forth with such wisdom, discernment and divine insight and hindsight they were going forth to uncover that which is darkness and to reveal truth, His truth. To bring forth the establishment of truth, heavenly truth in this new era. They were going forth with prophetic insight and hindsight to bring alignment, and to herald the truth of God’s Word.
From the upper room the ‘watchman anointing’ is going to increase more than ever. The heralding of the watchman is going to get louder in this hour in prayer, intercession and proclamation to bring the body of Christ into a greater position of victory and movement from defense to offense.
“Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me” (Ezekiel 3:17)
“And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.” (ESV)
This is the hour of His power. This is the era of being reintroduced to the power of God. This is the era of the days of ACTS and BEYOND. His words surrounded me “It’s the ERA of MIGHTY ACTS, the ERA of my OUTSTRETCHED
The fresh encounters with Jesus, the fresh impartation of faith and empowerment of the Holy Spirit is happening in the upper room as His people wait upon Him. The Lord showed me many will be dazzled by the season of opportunity and pursuing ‘fame for their name’ and putting their hands to
‘much’ for the Lord, but the breath of God is not upon their works.
The Lord showed me that those who linger in the upper room in this new era will carry the BREATH OF GOD in this new era that will bring signs, wonders and miracles never been seen before. It is beginning to rumble. It’s the fresh commissioning for the new frontier. It is the place of the greatest empowerment of the Spirit that has ever been walked.
It’s the place of receiving a supernatural boldness that has never been carried before to go, do, build, say and obey all the Lord is commanding. The invitation into the
upper room is resounding louder than ever for this new apostolic age. Don’t get so caught up in this era of opportunity and acceleration that you miss Him,
because He is coming ready or not.
His goodness, His kindness, His love is beckoning you into the upper room.
Shake off all that hinders you from coming
into that place.
The upper room. The place of the revealing of Jesus Christ and His fire falling. A fresh commissioning. You can’t go forward into the new frontiers without it.


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