Prophetic Words


I heard the Lord say “Daughters of destiny, PAY ATTENTION to your next step, it is very important, for there is a MAJOR unlocking of your destiny. This next step is a LAUNCHING PAD into a NEW REALM of your DESTINY.”
The Lord is revealing “NEXT STEPS” right now for many, and the Lord showed me that there is a very specific move of His Spirit upon daughters of God in this hour, that as they pay attention to what the Spirit of God is saying regarding this next step, and move to His instruction and follow in His way, there will be a launching pad that will be met, that will catapult them into a new realm of their destiny.
It is VERY important with this next step to listen closely to the direction of the Lord. It is very important to listen to His blueprint and His wisdom on how to move into, move onto, and move in this new step that is before you. For there will be many that will shout “This isn’t the way”, there will be many that will shout “You’re making a mistake” and there will be many that will shout “You’re going backwards” but the truth is, as you follow in the direction of the Lord and go ‘against the grain’ in some areas and places because you are following the word of the Lord, you are meeting the greatest transition point of your life into a realm of your destiny that you haven’t experienced, encountered or envisioned before.
In this encounter with the Lord I noticed that this next step looked like a step in the natural but what struck me was it’s depth. There was a DEPTH to this next step that I cannot even explain in the natural and do it justice. There was a depth of ‘layering’ to this step, but there was also a height in this step that was incredible. It was as if I could look at this step and see it as one step, but see a depth to it and a staircase contained in this one step, all at once.
As I sought the Lord, the Lord said to me “Lana, through the obedience of My daughters in this hour to follow Me and take the next step, they will see that this next step is multi-layered. On the surface they can see what they are stepping into, but there are multi-layers to this step. This act of obedience to step into this next step is going to open up layers of expansion, momentum, movement, and a depth of what I’m doing in this hour that they haven’t experienced. Stepping into this next step is not only going to see them positioned into the new thing that I am doing, but their obedience in stepping in, is going to open up new realms of their destiny in a way they have never seen. Stepping into this next step in obedience is also going to see them step into new heights of revelation knowledge, wisdom, insight and instruction for the hour that they have not yet walked in. (James 1, Revelation 4:1, Proverbs 8:32-35)
The sense surrounded me so strongly that obedience to this next step is vital. Obedience to the Lord is also of utmost importance, but the Lord showed me that this next step of obedience is going to be one that will open up this new realm of destiny in greater ways than has been before. This next step is not something to doubt, to shrink back from, to hide, to allow voices to tell you it’s wrong, this next step is ‘against the grain’ and may seem ‘crazy’ to some, but the word of the Lord to you has been tested, confirmed and established by His decree and now is the time to receive. Now is the time to step into it, and you will see FAVOUR fall on your obedience.
In this encounter I watched as many daughters of God began to step into this next step and I heard the Lord say “Welcome to your season of REWARD”.
I began to see flash, after flash of faithfulness to the Lord in the lives of many daughters of God where they have continued to stand, continue to remain true to the Lord, continue to minister to Him, wait on Him, and seek Him with hearts of purity and humility and some of the most beautiful and tender ways they have ministered to His heart through their faith and holding onto His word when no one else is looking. I saw flash after flash of many daughters of God on their faces before the Lord while the enemy was taunting, while the fire was hot, while the battle was raging, and their hearts cry resounded “I love you Jesus! I love you Jesus! I will not move from your Word! I will continue to believe! I trust you Jesus!”. I then heard His voice again “I am rewarding the faithful. I am rewarding the faithful”
In this hour, in this next step, as you step into in obedience what the Lord is calling you to, not only will it unlock a new realm of your destiny, but there is great reward awaiting the faithful. I saw the Lord’s heart moved by the faithfulness of many, many, many daughters of God and now there is a time of great reward. (1 Samuel 26:23)
I heard the Lord say three times “WRITE AGAIN”.
Many of you have scribed with the Lord recently, many of you have scribed with the Lord years ago and some of you haven’t scribed with the Lord for a long time.
I saw as the Lord spoke three times “WRITE AGAIN” that there is a mantle to write what the Lord is releasing again now. There is fresh, fresh manna that is being released from heaven and as you step into this ‘next step’ that God is leading you into, there is also an assignment to WRITE waiting for many of you.
There is a heavier anointing to write that is about to fall upon many of you to write with the Lord again. There will be significant revelation and acceleration that will fall upon you to scribe what the Holy Spirit is saying, for what He is releasing to you is a KEY for the hour and this assignment of writing that is falling is going to bring an UNLOCKING of destiny into the lives of others.
The Lord has already been releasing in repetition the confirmation of the ‘next step’ for many of you and there will follow suit many confirmations for the assignment to ‘write again’ and to pen what the Lord is speaking. Stay true to the message the Lord has given you. Stay true to what the Holy Spirit is saying. Don’t change it, water it down or compromise on it to ‘please’ the masses. Write what the Holy Spirit is speaking, write what is on His heart that is confirmed in His Word and the messages He has confirmed to you supernaturally and watch great favour fall upon your obedience.
Daughters of God, pay careful attention to this next step. Ask the Lord specifics for not only entering into this next step, how to enter in, but also how to ‘move within’ this next step and follow His voice at ALL costs and down to the very specifics. Don’t compromise or cut corners. Follow the Word of the Lord, for great favour will fall upon your obedience and watch how this next step will be a launching pad into destiny realms in your life that you have not yet walked in.

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