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By Lana Vawser
Today I had a vision where I saw the Lion of Judah ROARING and as He roared, out of His mouth came the ROAR filled with the words “IT IS THE VINDICATION VICTORY!!!!”. 
His ROAR SO LOUD and SO POWERFUL, mountains could have crumbled in a second. NOTHING stands against Him and NOTHING could stop Him.
As His ROAR continued I heard the words:
“Many of you My people, feel like you will leave 2016 DEFEATED, but I am ROARING over you “LOOK IT IS THE LAST MINUTE VINDICATION VICTORY!!!” STAND TALL My people, LIFT UP YOUR EYES, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE, for as you STAND IN ME, you will see My VINDICATION VICTORY manifested in your lives. You will NOT leave 2016 DEFEATED. 2016 is NOT OVER YET!!!! Do not DOUBT the “ELEVENTH HOUR” shift to bring VICTORY and VINDICATION. For in the “ELEVENTH HOUR” of 2016, I will SUDDENLY THE CHAINS of 2016 and you will cross over into 2017 with HOPE RENEWED with HIGH HOPES and REFRESHED in your different displays of My MANIFESTED VINDICATION VICTORY in your life, to meet your “FINALLY MOMENTS” in 2017.” 
“Lay down the “not understanding of 2016” and WORSHIP ME!!!! Lay down the disappointments, the hurts, the pain of 2016 at My feet and watch My “ELEVENTH HOUR VINDICATION VICTORY!!!!” 
“The manifestation of Exodus 14:14 will be seen in the ELEVENTH HOUR of 2016 RAISING YOUR HOPES IN ME for 2017!!! MANY of you will SEE in the ELEVENTH HOUR of 2016 how I have been fighting for you and decreeing your VICTORY all through 2016 when you thought I had forgotten or you had been passed by. Surprises will MANIFEST as you PRESS IN and REST in Me in the ELEVENTH HOUR of 2016!!”
“The LORD is fighting for you! So be still!” (Exodus 14:14)


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  • Deborah Lobo

    O Father!! Father!!! I Love You Jesus!!! Love You Lord!! I know Papa, You have not forgotten! You have seen and heard! O Father! Your Glory! Thank you Jesus!!! ??
    Lana, my Princess! God bless you!??

  • Robear

    On Yes indeed, how true are your spoken words this day, for it is
    indeed Powerful Words, coming from your mouth to declare that
    2016 will Not end in defeat, this is you speaking, for you have
    assured me this month of Dec. 2016 I will see the promise, the
    manifestations, of all you have promised into my life, and I will
    continue to hold onto your words of truth. Victory, is mine. It is
    my set time for Greatness, Favor, upon Favor, Recompense,
    abundance, signs, wonders, miracles. I thank you Lord, for
    fighting for me. The awesome Vindicationvictory, in 2016
    It is finished, in Jesus name Amen !

  • Maria

    Oh Lana, I needed to read this WORD. Thank you for your obedience to the calling. May the Lord continue to pour out more and more in you. God bless!

  • Rose

    I felt bold yesterday…excited…then terrified. I thought of “bailing out”…but I didn’t.
    Today, I’m still listening…and I’m hearing stuff that I still don’t fully understand…but Faith is pushing me to be a little bolder here, right now…
    This morning I said to my husband, “That promise I heard in 2010, just before your last paystub arrived… I know it seemed impossible, BUT, I really think it’s comin’ this year… Could be next year (I waffled), but I believe it’s this year.”
    All morning I’ve been hearing an Eva Cassidy song…”People get ready, there’s a train a-comin’…”
    🙂 still tremblin’

  • Rose

    Just popped over to your Facebook site…saw the Paris mug… Never had an affinity for French stuff, but it’s been IN MY FACE in a BIG WAY for a while now…
    Deep calls to Deep…

  • Betty H

    Lana I appreciate what the spirit has been saying through you and it has been a confirmation to what I am hearing.
    A few weeks back you mentioned that you saw the word RESET concerning the US. I happened to know and am involved with things that pertain with this reset so I know for sure it is happening at this moment.
    My question is did you have prior knowledge of this financial rest before the vision? You may know that there is in progress a financial reset of the over 209 nations and some currency will revalue up, as some third world countries currencies have been grossly unvalued. All countries have signed an agreement that they will go on the gold standard so the feit worthless paper money that governments keep printing will…

  • Rose

    I just read Exodus 14:14-30. It was like picking up a diamond that I had observed many times, but this time, the light burst through it from an angle that was new to me…

  • Sylvia

    Just today the Lord spoke to me clearly about a triangular relationship between Argentina, the USA and Bolivia.
    He mentioned to me about taking word to these three nations and then other ones in the near future.

  • Phil

    I really hope so , iv waited over twenty five years for any kind of thing to happen , even in my private life , not to mention anything relating to any promised ministry

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I Receive this Word by Faith!! Thank You Father God!!
    Last evening, I watched a video and when i went to pause it, i saw 17:17 pop up (Double 17) 17 is the Number of Victory! I then checked my emails soon after, and read this Word … RIGHT ON TIME. The LORD BLESS YOU MS LANA!! I stand with my Brothers and Sisters In Christ, In Faith, and receive The Manifested Vindication Victory in the 11th hour of 2016.
    Last night, i dreamt i was in a Huge Warehouse – a big spider jumped onto my chest. i killed it. Then, i and another person, began dusting and sweeping the cobwebs off of the High Ceilings of the Warehouse. The building was becoming So bright and filled with light and vivid colors. Praise The LORD!! He Is Forever Faithful!! <3