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By Lana Vawser
Tables that have been turned against you, are about to be turned FOR YOU!


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  • Susan M

    GLORY!!! Praying for you, Lana and Kevin — the Lord is Your great and glorious portion on every side. He shall not fail you…Alleluia! Many blessings, shalom…

  • Tanya Maxwell

    Yes I have been speaking those very words out of my mouth for the past week. I hear the same sound! Thank you for the confirmation!!!

  • Roy Scott

    Thank you for passing all your blessed reading from god to all . Stay Bless and safe with all of
    god guarding angels around you .

  • Dawn King

    This is confirmation!!! A couple of months ago my 12 year old son had a prophetic dream. He knew he was in a heavenly room where it was really bright. The only thing he could see in the room was a table in the center. When he got closer he could see a map of the world and written across map were the words “ABOUT”!!!! We have been waiting for interpretation! Your word even included the word “about”. I never even thought of “the tables ABOUT to turn!” His name is Graecen. I pray he receives many more dreams. Thank you for sharing!

  • Nancy Clark

    I’ve been praying for people at night for the same thing you just mentioned so ?? awesome confirmation! Even that the Lord may send them to minister to someone in a way that will honor him. I don’t know if this was just my phone because I tried to adjust the picture and there was no change but most of the time your head and your whole face was not visible.

  • Dee Ann Sweeney

    Last year, I had this vision that it seemed like when things were not going as I expected, I could see the enemy and hear him say ” It’s another nail in your coffin” many times I heard that…and I could see the hammering and the suggestion of defeat…then I had a dream and the Lord spoke to me saying…”It’s not a coffin, it a table that I have prepared for you in the presence of enemy. And he flipped it over to display this big, long, beautiful table… Your word today, confirmed that vision/dream. Thank you,

  • Robearh

    Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah , I will sing a new song.
    I will praise you, sing unto you a New Song, Hallelujah !!
    Hallelujah, Sing unto you a New Song Thank you Jesus,
    for Tables Turning in my Life this day. Awesome to me.
    Thank you Lana, for sharing to me. Blessings upon you.

  • Catalina "Katty" A. Benson

    Your words from the Lord of encouragement are right on. My son, Jim, has been sharing them with me. We work together and the enemy has been trying to throw all he has against us…BUT God is with us and your prophetic words have been right on! Thank you, Jesus, for your servant Lana!

  • Rachael O. Olaleye

    Just want to thank God for Lana Vawser. Gods chosen vessel of honor. Really appreciate you . God bless, keep and preserve you always ma’am .