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By Lana Vawser

This morning I had a vision where I saw Jesus BEAMING WITH JOY and EXCITEMENT and He was holding a HUGE red present in His hand with a gold sparkly bow tied around it. 

I could see Him handing out these wrapped red presents one after another, His eyes exploding with the excitement and joy of giving good gifts. The atmosphere was filled with “You are going to be SO surprised! You are going to LOVE THIS!!!” 

I watched as God’s people opened these gifts and I could hear GASPS of JOY, AWE and SURPRISE… and many crying tears of joy and proclaiming “IT’S A MIRACLE!!!”…. 

The sense surrounded me so strongly of CHRISTMAS MIRACLES!!!!! The blessing, breakthrough, provision, turn around and shift this Christmas Season! There will be SURPRISING Christmas miracles for many!!!! 

Be expectant in this Christmas season! As you focus and meditate upon our beautiful Jesus and His perfect nature, you will be filled with His peace, comfort and strength!! 

He’s releasing some divine surprises and many of these WILL BE…. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!! 

These blessings, these PERFECT gifts, these Christmas Miracles are going to SHIFT THINGS in but a moment for many, and instead of moving into 2017 feeling like you aren’t going to make it through, feeling like you almost died, you will have renewed strength and vision to thrive and fly!


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One Comment

  • Dee White

    I had a dream this morning along the lines of this word. When I was waking out of my sleep I heard the Lord say “It’s going to feel like you won the lottery, blessings are going to be coming from every side, it’s going to feel like you won the lottery….” in the dream I was sitting at a white table and people were coming to me from every side putting stuff in my hands like money, cards, napkins with words on them and it never stopped. It just kept piling up. One of the cash bills was a $1435 bill. I know there’s no such thing. But it was very clear. It said 1435 on it so I searched 1435 in scriptures on google. I wasn’t sure what it represented but the first thing that came up in the search was the Strong’s concordance number 1435 for the word dóron and it means “gift or present especially a sacrifice. Or gifts given in honor”. I couldn’t believe it how that word/definition lined up with what was happening in my dream. The group of people I was with were key people of this movement of God including people in my church from youth to the Pasto and I sat on the right side of my Pastor in the dream. It felt like an impression of a very upper room experience. I truly felt like I was winning the lottery in gifts and honor in my dream.
    I love seeing words and dreams line up especially across Nations! You are such an incredible encouragement Lana. You have helped me many times to persevere with your words from the Lord. Especially the one about writers and the manuscripts in heaven. As I’m in the process of writing a book.