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This morning during prayer, I had a vision where I saw a physical heart with arteries and I felt the Lord speak that this was the heart of the United States. As I looked at this heart, I felt the Lord highlighting the “arteries” of the heart.

As I looked closer at these arteries I saw that there were 'blockages' of the arteries. The arteries were clogged and blocked, they were blocked with things that were welcomed and feasted upon in this nation, even from it' s very roots, that had 'taken hold' over generations and had caused such a blockage that was putting tremendous pressure on the heart. The heart was weary, the heart was heavy and the heart was working overtime under all these blockages and pressure to continue to bring life and blood flow to the heart.

As I am watching this, I then begin to hear the cries of the saints all around the nation and other nations, crying out in one accord for the heart of the United States to be set free and revived. As the people of God are praying and crying out, I see hundreds upon hundreds of angelic hosts being released from heaven on the command of the Lord, and they were heading straight towards these arteries. As they are moving with intention and conviction of their assignment to the arteries, I realise that they are moving in the stream of the Spirit and on the prayers of the saints that have been praying the heart of God into the nation. I then assume that the angels were coming with an assignment by the Spirit of God to perform a bypass, when the Lord speaks to me and says “NO, it's COMPLETELY NEW”.

“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19)

I am surrounded by the truth of Isaiah 43:19 that the Lord is about to do something completely new, He wasn't going to 'leave the hindrances and blockages there' but He was not only going to REMOVE THEM but bring something forth that was COMPLETELY NEW.

Instantly, I saw the angelic hosts land on the arteries of the heart and the prayers of the saints got louder and louder. In the spirit despite what was going on 'in the natural' and the 'blockages' that could be seen in the arteries of the heart, they were being taken to a higher reality. The Lord was bringing a promotion of SIGHT and INSIGHT into the heart of the nation to begin to see ANSWERS and WAYS to see the blockages not only removed, but completely new arteries (pathways for breakthrough and awakening) restored to the heart of the nation. The atmosphere was pregnant with the expectation that even though deep darkness surrounded, God was about to do something spectacularly new.

As the angelic hosts placed their hands on the arteries of the heart, the wind of the Spirit blew MIGHTLY and suddenly the arteries of the heart began to TRANSFORM. They were changed to SCROLLS. A miraculous replacement was taking place.

As the people of God pray, the SCROLLS ARE ABOUT TO UNFOLD!

The Lord was releasing STRATEGIC keys, insight and revelation into … things:

1. The VERY AREAS where there were blockages in the nation, strategic revelation and keys not only how to see them unlodged but UNLOCKED and completely transformed. There would be a great unlocking of revelation released to the people of God of how to pray and what to do in order to see these “pathways of breakthrough” established.

2. Seven Mountains – I saw strategic revelation released into those positioned in the seven mountains of society being handed SCROLLS OF PROMOTION. These scrolls were an UPGRADE of INSIGHT, WISDOM, STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION to see breakthrough and a mighty move of God bringing greater transformational shifts in the mountains in the United States. There is a greater flourishing of the gifts of the Spirit in operation from the place of deep love that is going to begin to burst forth some of the greatest, freshest and most ripe fruit in the seven mountains in the United States that has ever been seen before. I saw the fruit exploding in the seven mountains on such an exponential scale, there were HUGE banqueting tables being set up all throughout the USA in the seven mountains where MANY were coming from near and far and eating of the LIFE, LOVE and GOODNESS of the heart of God that was being extended and multiplied in greater ways. “Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8) There is a greater shaking and shifting taking place and going to take place in a greater ways in the seven mountains that is going to reveal the Glory and goodness of God that we have ever seen. A movement to bring greater Kingdom shifts in culture. Kings and Queens being positioned for greater encounters with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as this expansion of the seven mountains takes place in a greater way.

I then heard the words “SOVEREIGN MOVE, SOVEREIGN MOVE, STRATEGIC MOVE, STRATEGIC MOVE”. Despite the darkness, despite previous blockages, despite generational hindrances, the Lord is calling His people into the seven mountains, into the marketplace, rooted in love and leaning on His chest, following the prompting of His Spirit because the 'harvest is ripe'. The 'harvest is ripe', there is a great harvest that is about to begin to explode in greater ways in the seven mountains of culture in the United States that has never seen before. Mountains that haven't been influenced, the Lord is about to open greater doorways, mountains that has been grounded and rooted in seemingly impossibility, the Lord is about to begin to manifest “NEW WAYS” and “MAKE WAYS” where there seems to be no way.

I then hear the words “THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS WILL BRING LIFE TO THE HEART”. The move of God that is about to happen in a greater way in and through the SEVEN MOUNTAINS in the United States of America is CRUCIAL to bringing life to the heart.

Now is not the time to look around at what is going on in the 'natural' and be discouraged. Now is the time to look to Him with a greater focus as heaven's strategies are
about to reign in new and fresh ways to see the Kingdom of God extended. The Lord is breaking His people out of the “box of the church” and beginning to expand vision like never before. From being just 'church minded' to 'culture minded'/'city minded' across the United States of America as a whole. Instead of “pockets” of believers believing for cities etc, there is a NATIONAL MOVE of His Spirit awakening His people to the TRANSFORMATIONAL KEYS of culture.

I have said this in the previous two words the Lord has had me release lately for the United States, that He is going after the heart of the United States, and this is a crucial moment for the heart of the United States and YOU have a part to play. Now is the time to dig your heels in and see the Lord birth through you what He wants to release into this nation. Now is not the time to give up, now is the time to STAND UP.

AS the people of God are positioning themselves and RECEIVING the scrolls of REVELATION for the NATION that the Lord is releasing, I saw BLOOD FLOW coming back to the heart of the United States in new ways. The Lord is going to be using new 'avenues' and completely new 'pathways' to bring life back to the heart of the nation. The areas where there have been blockages and the words have been spoken that they will NEVER move, the Lord is going after the IMPOSSIBLE BLOCKAGES in the heart of the nation, AS His people RISE AND SHINE. It is time to raise your voice, raise your sword for there is a supernatural downpour of revelatory increase that the Lord is releasing that is going to bring BLOOD FLOW back to the heart.

I saw the blood of Jesus, as the people of God prayed, washing through the nation. There is a cleansing, a purifying, a healing that the Lord is wanting to release through greater revelation in the body of Christ in the United States on the POWER OF THE BLOOD. The POWER of the blood of JESUS TO OVERCOME!!!!!!!!

As I am watching this happen, I am seeing people in homes, churches, on the streets, in the marketplace, pleading the blood of Jesus over places and taking communion. An awakening of the atonement that we have received in Christ was happening in the hearts of believers that was then affecting HOW they minister and pray and believe for the nation. The Lord was burning greater conviction of the power of the blood and resurrection power. DRY BONES are going to COME ALIVE in the United States of America. You haven't been declaring and praying and contending for nothing. DRY BONES ARE GOING TO COME ALIVE! The blood of Jesus is being released upon the dead, dry ground and there will be LIFE that will manifest. Signs of life! Signs of life! Signs of life!

The Lord is wanting to bring a purification to the heart of the United States of America. Oxygen (the breath of God), blood flow (life) and supernatural removal of these blockages to usher in transformational moves of the Holy Spirit.

As life comes back to the heart, the Lord is opening NEW DOORS! New doors to bring life back to the heart and YOU have a part to play! Doors of destiny, revival and restoration are opening up TO the heart of the nation and then FROM the heart of the nation.

It's TIME! It's TIME! It's TIME!


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  • Annette Galloway

    Lana my heart has been troubled by belonging to a party who doesn’t support the people’s choice. I was asking God what do I do? How do I respond? Maybe it’s just showing love to all my brothers. GBU

  • Joseph

    what is amazing is that the same vision of heart blockages came through a woman in a praise/worship and prayer session I attended last wednesday. ( LIon of Judah–Messianic Congregation) And I had an anointing occur that opened my heart and healed it…but it is more than about me…it is about this i have prayed continually to God to bring righteousness and that he select whoever he chooses to lead this nation…( meaning the political candidates..) fasting and prayer among the populace is succeeding in moving God to make a path where there is none for this to occur in the US..Praise God.

  • Joseph

    FYI–when I say I received a healing through an anointing..I mean a spiritual healing…my heart was blocked by sorrow and hurt and has been for years and suddenly it was healed.

  • Meshack/Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    As I was reading your revelation, it became clear to me that the 7 purposes that God has been speaking to me for the past five years it is about to manifest, as the Holy Spirits unfold the implementation of the 7-Fold purpose of God in my life and the Body of Christ, hence the seven mountains. There were blockages everywhere both in the physical and in the spiritual realm. Which I believe strongly that as I read your mail, they are breaking loose. Without the purpose of God manifesting I felt like I am not living and gradually getting low and low in the spirit by day. As I read again, I felt the Holy Spirit within me saying,The United States of America is not just the physical American society but the global body of Christ formed of all different nations, tribes and cultures who are uniting to become one. This has brought closure to me and the purpose that God has for my life and that the time is ripe for God’s glory to shown among His children, just as He has said that there will witnesses in America, Australia and Germany of the miracle I want do in order to reveal Who I Am. It encourages me to hold the promise awaiting His promise and knowing that in you I found a sister in Christ and by His grace we drink from the same Spirit, and we are not separated by distance. Everything you have said in this revelation, it is something that I have also heard and seen in the spirit and aware of. I whole heartedly agree in faith that God has set you in my path for times such as this.Keep the good work going on and be blessed in Jesus name. Meshack – South Africa

  • Lucia Williams

    Yesterday I “saw” the Bride getting CPR. Pumping life back into her heart and breathing life into her mouth. Thank you, Lord. America needs you now…

  • Julie B

    Thank you for the confirmation! There were specific phrases in this message that made the confirmation very clear. I thank God for giving you a heart for my country.

  • Julian Jordan

    You spoke the truth as in there is a stronghold of offense over the church that she looks to denomination for answers. I was commanded to tell a pastor that denomination is self righteous idolatry to which he responded by banning me from the church.

  • Nicola Danna

    Isaiah 43:18-19 talks of God promises to unify the 12 Tribes of Israel scattered around the world. He will forgive their sins and find them to bring them to the promised land. The prophecy was fulfilled in 1948 with the rebirth of the Nation of Israel. Not all the tribes are back yet, so the process of the regathering is still going on. Thus saith the Lord: learn the prophecies of the old prophets and Jesus’ prophecy. They tell you all about the future of the Church and of the world. The 7 mountains are a made up man stuff to create a new movement as always throughout the history of the Church. People are too lazy to understand the prophecies of the old prophets and Jesus’ prophecy that He instructed John to write it down. Why don’t you all learn and prophecy from the Word of God? God says, My people perish because their ignorance.

  • Catherine Hooper

    In the last week there have been two pastors in our church who have undergone angioplasty to unblock their heart from blockages and to the let the blood flow to dead parts of their heart…one of them my husband! I believe what we see in the physical is often what is happening in the spiritual…we need You, Holy Spirit to move on your Church. This weekend is our pastors’ retreat to discuss this next year goals…release Your power and healing in our Church Holy Spirit!!