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A few days ago, in the “about to wake up stage” of sleep, I heard the words “I am training you in your praise. Worship is your warfare! My people, MAGNIFY ME!!! Praise is your protection!!”

Instantly as I awoke I heard Psalm 22:3-5

“Yet, I know You are most holy – it is indisputable. You are the Enthroned God, surrounded with songs, living among the shouted praises of Your princely people. Our father’s faith was in You, over and over they trusted in You, believing in You and You came through. Every time they cried to You in their despair, You were faithful to deliver them. You didn’t disappoint them.” (The Passion Translation)

There has been an intensity of opposition lately that has left many feeling ‘winded’ and many have felt they are surrounded by opposition and circumstances that are MAGNIFYING themselves against them. Many have been crying out for the deliverance of God, for breakthrough…. WORSHIP is YOUR WARFARE!!!!

MAKE THE CHOICE to INTENTIONALLY MAGNIFY and PRAISE JESUS ABOVE your giants, above your circumstances, above the opposition. As you worship, as you fill your mouth with praise of Him, He is training you in that place. (Psalm 144:1) He is training you how to warfare with your worship. He is training you to LIVE as the OVERCOMER that you ALREADY ARE!!!! He is birthing and raising up His army now!!!! His army of lovers, His army of warrior burning with His fire, the fire of His love. An army of overcomers! An army of worshippers! His army that LIVES from the place of DEEP INTIMACY and VICTORY!!!

As you praise Him, His angelic hosts are surrounding you, you are protected. The Lord is being enthroned as your songs and praises lift Him high and the atmospheres around you will shift. The grounds will break open and living water will spring forth. The new will be birthed (Isaiah 40:31). 

Your worship and praise of King Jesus in this season is unlocking things that could not be unlocked any other way. Where you are standing at the Red Sea and the impossibilities continue to stare you down and the season is OVERWHELMING, REJOICE! REJOICE! Praise Jesus BEFORE you see the waters part. Eyeball those giants in praise of Jesus and watch what He is about to do. 


I kept hearing the words “You are now entering the miracle zone!!!” There is a CROSSOVER happening right now in the body of Christ and will accelerate in the month of June and into the rest of the year, that will see the MIRACULOUS DEMONSTRATIONS of His power to change circumstances in the most profound ways. To see provision released in WAVE upon WAVE upon WAVE! To see healing released in SUDDENLIES! To see hope, life and DREAMING AGAIN birthed in deeper places and rooms of the secret place.

As I watched this beautiful deeper level of the “MIRACLE ZONE” opening up to God’s people, I saw this miracle zone empowered by one thing.. LOVE!!!!!!! EVERY move of His Spirit, EVERY breakthrough, EVERY release, was being released from the heart of a GOOD FATHER who’s heart is FULL OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for people. As I watched this vision taking place I could hear the song playing over and over in my mind “LOVE, LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!”

I then saw Jesus taking His people who were pressing in and moving deeper into these new levels of worship, new expressions of worship, new revelation of the power of praise, being taken deeper into new rooms in the CHAMBER OF INTIMACY!!!

There are NEW ROOMS in the chamber of intimacy that you are about to enter into!!!! As I watched Jesus leading His people into these new rooms, I saw one theme over all the rooms and it was Hebrews 4:10, a new level of REST being entered into by God’s people. A deep, still rest that the Lord is wanting believers to experience. A deep rest that is bringing refreshing to the soul. Awakening hearts, soothing wounds, bringing healing and restoration. These NEW ROOMS are not only rooms of connecting with the heart of Jesus on a level you haven’t experienced before, it’s a chamber of healing, it’s a chamber of freedom, it’s a chamber of awakening, it’s a chamber of activation, it’s a chamber of increase, it’s a chamber of LOVE!!! 

MUCH SETTLEDNESS is coming to the hearts and souls of the people of God in these NEW ROOMS and a faith rest they have not experienced before that is going to strengthen His people again. Weariness is being healed and broken off. 

While being in these NEW ROOMS in the CHAMBER OF INTIMACY I saw a river flowing powerfully from those rooms and in the waters I saw Psalm 66:5:6:

“Everyone COME and SEE the incredible things God has done, it will take your breath away! He works amazing miracles for hIs people! He made a highway going right through the Red Sea as the Hebrews each passed over on dry ground exploding with excitement and joy over the miracles of God!!!!”

“Things that you thought would NEVER CHANGE are ABOUT TO CHANGE IN THE MIRACLE ZONE” 

There is a rumbling, there is a shaking, there is a rattling happening, but do not fear. EVERYTHING is shifting! EVERYTHING is moving! EVERYTHING is moving into greater alignment as you give Him your YES!!! Do NOT fear the rumbling, the shaking and rattling for the DRY BONES ARE RISING as you worship Jesus and prophesy to those bones! Resurrection power is being released!!!!!!!! The shaking, rattling and rumbling is MAKING ROOM for the NEW!!!! ROOM FOR THE NEW!! ROOM FOR BREAKTHROUGH!!! 



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  • Cyndi M Figueroa

    Wow !!! To Jesus our King be the glory ?????????????? thank you Jesus of Nazareth for showing your children divine favor against the will of the enemy !
    May you be glorified !
    Jesus you always bless me in the area of my pain hurt struggles sadness tears disgrace shame embarrassment why because you perfect which concerns me !
    Thank u Jesus for sister Lana !
    May her heart be blessed in abundance with all of its desires !
    In Jesus name amen !??

  • Wayne Phillingham

    Greetings Lana.
    Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Wayne Phillingham, a pastor in counselling based in a very small church in country Victoria. I see myself and my ongoing situations in life and ministry right there in the words you are bringing and I spend time with the Lord as each one surfaces and so this is my way of saying how much I appreciate you and the words you bring.
    I felt the Holy Spirit’s leading to send you this email.
    The Lord also called me to be on the board of an organization down Melbourne set up by God to train and encourage other counsellors, particularly ones dealing with dissociation and SRA. Just recently a very strategic conference was in the planning and the enemy well and truly knew where there was weaknesses within the committee and he exploited them masterfully. The leader of the committee decided we needed a meeting to sought out the differences and I was asked to seek the Lord as to His strategy in working through this. Below is a brief exposé of the directions He gave. I am sending you this email for I see so many similarities to your latest word “I AM TRAINING YOU IN YOUR PRAISE.. WORSHIP IS YOUR WARFARE!! YOU ARE ENTERING THE “MIRACLE ZONE!!!” EMPOWERED BY LOVE!!”
    The word the Lord gave me was this –
    My son, it saddens Me when I see My chosen ones in a place of unrest with each other, for there is a common enemy to do battle with and not each other.
    Eph 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
    There is a biblical principle that also relates to every area of life where relationships exist and that is a house (kingdom) that is in a place of conflict and disunity cannot continue to be of any use to Me.
    Mar 3:24 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. Mar 3:25 If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Mar 3:26 And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come.
    The key to this is to stay united with one another and pray and cause division within the enemy’s kingdom just as he has done in our kingdom.
    If I placed you all together before Me – in My presence there would be guilt, shame and a sadness of spirit that would lead you all to plead forgiveness from Me. What was planned to present to the body of Christ, to those I have called to be My heart in bringing others out of the darkness of their lives and into the light is a thorn in the devil’s side. Therefore he is active in stirring up weaknesses to cause division among you for he knows also that a kingdom divided cannot stand. He does not want this conference to take place and indeed succeed, but I say to you all I do want it to take place and I do want it to succeed. It is true that none of you were really aware of the enormity in the spirit realm of what is to take place. It is to enlighten yes, but also equip those I have called to this conference to further extend My work in setting the captives free, diminishing the kingdom of darkness, extending the kingdom of light. On the other hand Satan and his allegiances are fully employed in extending the kingdom of the wicked one and it is true that he enlists the aid of Christians who unwittingly become his servant in working against the body of Christ and its endeavours to take back the land the enemy has stolen.
    I tell you that one key area the enemy uses with believers is pride. Pride covers a large area of a human’s psychic and it strives to be recognized.
    My word you are all familiar with –
    Mat 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
    I tell you that pride is the stronghold that endeavours to prevent My children from fulfilling this word. Pride is always focused on self and self-interests. How can you gauge if what you are hanging onto is self-interest? By not being willing to let it go and accept God’s will instead.
    I want you at this time to look at CCNV as a marriage and when there is conflict in a marriage the points of conflict need to discussed together. A husband needs to be willing to not only meet his wife half way he needs to be willing to meet her all the way, that is to disregard his own interests for the sake of the marriage. This does not mean than that the wife has all the say, all the control, but it means then that the wife will be willing to meet the husband all the way also. It is a matter of seeking first the marriage (kingdom) above all of their individual interests. It is the only way that this marriage can work. If on the other hand both parties were not willing to surrender their own interests fully for the sake of the kingdom – marriage, then that marriage is doomed.
    I say to you for not only is this conference to take place and be the success I want it to be, but as with a marriage, both parties need to be willing to surrender totally their self-part of this conflict, no matter whether they believe they are wrong or right. The ways of the kingdom to which you are to defend totally are far different than those of the world in which you now dwell in. As far as the conference is concerned this is the only way I can bless it and indeed CCNV. I tell you that the conflict that has arisen was always there and on many occasions ignored to keep the peace. But the enemy has been fully aware of this and has exploited it to his full advantage.
    I also say to you all that now is the time to surrender your will to the Lord and His kingdom. If all parties are willing to do this then the enemy and his kingdom has lost and My kingdom, the kingdom in which you belong, has won. “Not my will Father, but Your will.”
    I have revealed My will but as you are all aware I do not force My will upon you, only trust that you heed to My word.
    I look at each heart and I see hearts of genuine love for Me, who desire to do My will. I see the hearts of each opposing party in this conflict and they are honourable hearts to do what My will is. I have revealed My will here but again I reinforce “I do not force My will upon you, I trust you all to come and that place of reconciliation, peace, unity, and I say kingdom power. I do not ever trust or indeed expect that each one of My children will think the same, have the same view of things but My will is that you all are in total unity in which I can honour, bless and use it to be a powerful tool against the kingdom of darkness. You see the key is to give up your own ideas even though they may seem to be the right ones and adopt My ideas, otherwise the kingdom of darkness has won this battle and that grieves Me.This is the sacrifice that is required to be able to surrender your will and take on the Father’s will. If one is not willing to adopt the Father’s will over their own then they are seeking after their own will.
    My will I reveal to you now –
    My will is involved in all that has been proposed and presented. Both parties are required to let go of conflicting areas and adopt those areas that there is unity. I would rather a blank paper was presented than one where there is conflict. I would use in a far greater way this blank piece of paper where there is unity than one with information where there is disunity. My will is that I would rather there be a wrong decision made in unity than a right decision made in disunity. I cannot honour anything where there is disunity, but I will honour all things that are made in unity and of kingdom’s purpose.
    Yes, there are difficulties that have arisen within the ranks of the committee of CCNV and surely this is the time to deal with them and move on. There have been misunderstandings and there has been offences taken but surely as mature Christians these matters can be addressed in ‘love’ recognizing that we are all on the same side here. You know when Jesus became the enemy of the religious of the day both the Sadducees and the Pharisees who had major doctrinal differences joined forces to combat what they saw as a common enemy – Jesus. In all this we at CCNV in regards to this conference have a common enemy and we must join forces to combat it otherwise we may as well hand the whole of CCNV over to the enemy.
    So how do deal with the differences? What I see is that there is a humanistic way of dealing with it or there is the spiritual (divine) way of dealing with it. Rather than thrashing out all the issues which is often the best way, the leading I am getting is to come together and share with each other the strengths we see in each other and then to come together in a holy huddle and offer up prayers to the Lord as the Spirit leads and I truly believe that the presence of the Lord (in heavenly worship) would take away all the ill feelings that exist AND form a strong bond far greater than there has been. You know from this would come repentance and forgiveness for all that has taken place for this is what the holy presence of God will do. When Isaiah 6:1-13 saw the Lord “6:2-5 Attending Him were celestial beings called seraphim, with “four wings for reverence and two for service.” These celebrate the holiness of God and require that God’s servants be cleansed before serving Him.
    The vision produced deep conviction of sin in the prophet, then brought him to the place of confession.
    6:6-8 This was immediately followed by cleansing. “Only then did Isaiah hear the call of the LORD. He quickly consecrated himself to the Lord and was given his commission.”
    Luk 5:7 So they signalled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink.
    Luk 5:8 When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!”
    These are ideal qualities for disciples of Jesus Christ. The fact that the men were planning to go out again after washing their nets is proof that they were not dismayed by a night of failure.
    Peter was humbled, not by his night of failure but by his astounding success; this is a mark of real character. If success humbles you, then failure will build you up. If success puffs you up, then failure will destroy you.
    When God does it, the result brings humility, when you do it the result brings pride. Regarding the issues within CCNV the battle is against the enemy and in a realm we are not aware of and so this battle belongs to the Lord. What will release God’s hand is to form unity, love and bonding within the ranks of CCNV and petition God to deal with the areas of demonic that are operating to prevent not only this conference but also to close down CCNV.
    I know God will honour this but only if all those involved are agreeable in heart. Again it’s not a matter of me or us, it’s a matter of Kingdom – “Not my will Father, but Your will.”
    The result was Lana that the leader brought in an independent mediator – Christian and I believe Spirit filled, but he had his set way of approaching the issues just as the Lord had said “Rather than thrashing out all the issues…”
    After this way was thrashed out with very little value at all he was handed this word from the Lord to which he took offense and basically dismissed it until I rebuked his attitude at dismissing a word from the Lord.
    And so Lana I saw this word you brought on 20th. May as one that really confirmed the way the Lord wanted to bring healing, forgiveness and unity into this organization, but alas man’s way aborted that. I do not lay judgement on this mediator for he did his best and I am sure is used remarkably in various situation, but I do see where we are to move more and more into supernatural ways, that is allowing God to be God, and as we do this the supernatural will become more and more the natural.
    To conclude – I thank the Lord so much for you and your family and the ministry the Lord has called you into and for these times. May the church take hold of every word our Lord brings and may it always be “Not my will but Your will Father God.”
    God Bless you Lana –
    In His Majesty’s Service –
    Shalom – Wayne.