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By Lana Vawser
This morning I felt the Lord saying to His people “The spies are being rooted out of your land”.
I saw all the ‘hidden’ areas being exposed. The areas where the enemy has ‘hidden’, where he has found a ‘home’ in lies or fear or strongholds, the Lord is shining His light on them and He is rooting them out.
The ‘hidden’ areas that have allowed the enemy to torment and to cause anguish and grief upon God’s people, these ‘spies’ are being rooted out.
The ‘spies’ that have continued to remain hidden, those ‘spies’ that have continued to hinder breakthrough, freedom and fruitfulness. Those ‘spies’ that have continued to empower ‘cycles’ of death and destruction, those ‘spies’ that have continued to empower cycles of ‘delay’ and ‘pain’ – God is ROOTING OUT the spies.
The very areas where the enemy thought he had the GREATEST HIDDEN GROUND in the lives of believers (some of these hidden areas have been there for generations), he is being exposed by the Lord, and ROOTED OUT BY THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!! The enemy is being DRIVEN OUT of your heart and soul and the LAND God has given you.
A dear friend Anita Alexander, said to me this week how important she felt it was right now to “REHEARSE YOUR RHEMA” and I felt that is a very spot on word from the Lord.
There is some full on warfare taking place, and the Lord is doing some deep working of healing and deliverance in His people, it is IMPERATIVE right now that God’s people are REHEARSING THEIR RHEMA!!!
The Lord has been highlighting the number 4 to me over and over. I have been seeing 44 and 444 OFTEN.
My amazing friend Jodie Hughes has articulated the meaning of the number 4 so accurately here:
“Open door, creative miracles, creative opportunities opening, invitation to encounter fresh intimacy with God, Come up higher, fresh perspective and increase of vision, breakthrough season of victory.” ( – in prophetic blog section –
As I have sat with the Lord on the 44 and the 444 I keep seeing, I felt Him highlight two Scriptures.
44 – MATTHEW 4:4
He answered “The Scriptures say: Bread alone will NOT satisfy, but TRUE LIFE is found in EVERY word, which CONSTANTLY goes forth from GOD’S MOUTH.”
Right now, in this incredibly intense moment in the body of Christ, where the enemy is screaming and manifesting (BECAUSE he is losing ground) and the Lord is doing some deep deliverance and healing in His people – we MUST be taking the MANNA, the REVELATION that God is giving to us EVERY DAY, what HE is speaking and FEAST UPON IT! It is CRUCIAL that God’s people are MEDITATING upon the RHEMA word of God right now. FEAST on what HE is saying through His Word, through prophetic words, through dreams etc. As you rehearse your rhema in this season lies, strongholds, hidden places and areas where the enemy has occupied territory in your life is being OVERTURNED!!!!!! The things that have held you back in this season and through the generations and for your ENTIRE LIFE are being BROKEN OFF RIGHT NOW in this season, in Jesus name!!!! God is CHANGING HISTORY in lives RIGHT NOW. What has been “a certain way” (in a negative sense) for GENERATIONS, He is BREAKING, HEALING and CHANGING RIGHT NOW in THIS season. I kept hearing Him say over and over “What WAS will NO LONGER BE, YOU WILL BE FREE!!!”
God is EXTENDING YOU and EXTENDING YOUR LAND! He’s not only giving you back the land that the enemy has occupied and stolen, but He is giving you BACK that land and MORE (INCREASE).
I felt the Lord highlight Psalm 44:4 to me:
“You are my King and my God, who decrees VICTORIES for Jacob!!!!”
No matter what you are walking through right now, God is DECREEING VICTORY over you! This is your season of VICTORY and DELIVERANCE!
Jesus said to those who believed in him, “When you continue to embrace all that I teach you, you prove that you are my true followers. For if you embrace the truth, it will release more freedom into your lives.” – John 8:31-32 (The Passion Translation)
I felt the Lord decreeing over this season “THE TRUTH WILL BE TOLD!!!!” and the sense surrounded me that the TRUTH of His Word, and the TRUTH of the REVELATION of who Jesus is, His GOODNESS and KINDNESS is going to bring more and more freedom to God’s people. A greater wholeness of heart and soul and the deliverance and rooting out of the enemy.
The pain may be intense now, the struggle may be deep, the opposition and the heart surgery all happening at once, but I want to encourage you, you are GOING HIGHER!!!!!! You are EXTENDING! You are INCREASING! You are being made WHOLE, STRONG and FREE to move forward into your land of GREATER VICTORY!!!!!
The season hasn’t changed! The season of VICTORY and BREAKTHROUGH is here, and the threshold we are crossing over is one of FIRE, but as we go through holding to Jesus, drawing closer to Him, feasting on His Word, and REHEARSING OUR RHEMA, we are walking through an open door into greater FREEDOM, FAVOUR, PROMOTION, INCREASE and FRUITFULNESS.
This is a season of incredible open doors, creative miracles, invitations into deeper encounters with Jesus, bringing to life new levels of intimacy with Him. An increase of sight, wisdom, discernment and clarity. This IS your season of victory and you are moving INTO IT!!! Don’t stop now, the TRUTH is being told to expose all the lies and assaults of the enemy in your life, heart and soul and you will move forward STRONG and FREE!


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  • Tolits

    I’m attacked by the enemy for 3 consecutive nights while sleeping. I believe I’m at the edge of my breakthrough and the forces of darkness are against it. But greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. Lana, I can really relate to your prophetic words. Awesome gift!

  • Melinda

    I’ve been seeing 444 almost everyday for the last few months and have been asking for the Lord for understanding but haven’t heard an answer. This wordoes landed on fertile soil as my spirit resonated with this word. I was deeply encouraged. I’d also been hearing the a Lord nudge me to go back over prophetic words so this confirmed what He’s saying about feasting on the Rhema word of God.
    Thank you Lana for sharing this revelation!

  • Kathy Woriax

    Thank you soooo much for this. I had just told Father I wished I knew what He was saying to me because I keep seeing 1234, 222, and 444. I had just said it when I opened your email about 5 mins. later. I was in absolute SHOCK that God would provide the answer through you. My God is truly AWESOME!!!

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Hallelujah! Today I saw 444 driving to work! Also keep seeing 12:12 & 12:34. 3 days in a row I awoke at 12:34 pm (I work nights). 2 days ago I awoke at 12:34 pm & later that night, it was 11:14 pm when i walked into Light Treatment to clean. On a digital clock, i saw 12:34! It was fast! Seeing 56 – Isaiah 56! Yesterday, i walked into breakroom, glanced up at tv & saw 33 on a basketball jersey – Number of Promise. Spoke aloud, “Lord, Your Promise.” The team scores appeared …10 to 23. Hebrews 10:23! “Hold Unwaveringly (steady, unyielding, not to be swayed) to the Hope you profess, for Your Eternal Father who made the Promise to you, is Trustworthy and Faithful (TRUE TO HIS WORD, PROMISE AND VOW; LOYAL) to bring it to pass.”

  • Jodi S.

    FINALLY! Someone else is seeing this number sign! I’ve been seeing 4:44 on my clocks a lot (as well as 1:11, 11:11, 7:11), and I can be driving on a stretch of road I’ve driven on many, many times and “all of a sudden” a street address of 444 will stand out (and I’m seeing 111 as well). When I did a search for these numbers, looking at 4:44 verses, nothing stood out or bore witness in my spirit. Most of what you find online is New Age and occultic, but I did find a sermon about “444 Prosperity Coming After Judgment” which aligns with this word (Messianic Evangelicals These blessings will not only bless us, but more importantly provide crucial resources to bring in the end-time harvest.

  • jackie

    This is so spot on!!! The Lord is calling me to Mallorca Spain to be a catalyst in spreading the gospel. I live in America and will go back & forth. This calling has been so strong and has taken years to start walking in, but as this door opens (I’m going in May), there’s been so much attack. The great news is that the Lord has been exposing things in my life that need uprooting.Things that I thought I had dealt with but had only pushed aside. Thanks for the encouraging words. Blessings upon you and your family! Jackie

  • Sarah Marino

    This word gave me chills all over!! The number 44 has been appearing to me so much! So many of your words confirm what I see and have been walking through. Our spirits are so insince with the Holy Spirit, it is so encouraging and relevant to the body of Christ. Blessings to you!!!!

    • Fran LePine

      Agreed. Lana you confirm what God speaks to or reveals to me almost daily. Thank u ???? ????????. It strengthens my faith more and more every time in the fact that God is real and that I do hear him and know his voice. It brings me so much peace and excitement lol ????

  • Christine Lyszczasz

    Hi Lana, I would like to share something from my heart that compelled me to write this. I am a Christian mother of 4 adult children who profess to know the Lord. My oldest son has had no fellowship with his 1/2 sister because of something she said to his wife about 12 yrs ago. She has asked for forgiveness for this but fellowship was not yet restored. My older son also has cut fellowship with his younger brother over a financial situation and words expressed on both parties and their wives.
    My concern is this : My older son is a type 1 diabetic and has just recently had to stop working ,go on permanent and due to major health complications. He does not have the funds to continue paying his expensive mortgage. He will not restore…

  • Rhoda

    Psalm 40:5
    Many, O LORD my God, are the wonderful works which You have done, and Your thoughts toward us; no one can compare with You! If I should declare and speak of them, they are too many to be numbered.
    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

  • Susan M

    GLORY!! This is a word powerfully in season. God has been reminding me too of proclaiming His rhema words continually and with praise, and to give no regard to the assaults of the enemy. This connects to the ‘going higher’ and ‘deeper’ which you have also shared, dear Lana. I LOVE the ‘4s’… See Song of Songs 4:4 and Isaiah 44:4. May the ‘4s’ be with YOU!! 🙂 Shalom

  • Judy Lafrance

    Thank you Lana. I am convinced of this
    The torment I have been going through is the most extreme but I also have this expectation. All you have sensed resonates with my spirit.
    Eyes fixed on HIM and checking out all the 4 scriptures.
    Blessings Judy

  • Bobbie Williams

    l am going through great (mind) battles right now. Me and my children are in a fierce battle. The enemy is trying to take our minds. l am constantly decreeing and declaring mind scriptures. He is trying to take our money and everything. But l am constantly decreeing a rightnow word allday and night. Lana got a revelation of generational curses and strong holds. The (heads) of these snakelike spirits that has held my daughter and family hostage for generations are being severed. Thanks Lana for the encouragement. The FATHER SON and HOLY SPIRIT are fighting with me and l won’t give up. l see good things ahead for me and my children and the Church. l am always getting small victories, just the Lord letting me know, l am still withyou.

  • Rae

    This is super timely. Within the last week I learned of Wholetones which is set of 7 cds by a Christian artist named Michael Tyrrell. How he was led to what he terms the “Key of David” or 444 hz tuning is amazing as is the story of how the entire healing frequency project transpired. Each cd is done in a different frequency that promote healing, deliverance, and transformation. Each cd is 22:22 long.
    Long before David was a warrior king, he was a worshipper and his music soothed Saul’s tormented soul.
    I like what Jodie Hughes said about God speaking in numbers. It confirms what I am also hearing.

  • Sheryl Kraft

    Thank you so much for this word, it really clarified and confirmed some things for me. I have been seeing 444 and many doubles and triples quite a lot this past year or two. Even this past Friday my paycheck was $444.44!! Then I read your word on Saturday. Our God is so very faithful and amazing!
    Blessings on you for your obedience to listen well and report on what Holy Spirit is revealing!
    In Christ’s Love,
    Sheryl Kraft

  • Eli

    Saw 4:44 earlier today. For about couple of weeks having been seeing these clusters of numbers. It started with 111. That day saw youtube of katie sousa talking about 1:11 deuteronomy blessing, and how she also began seeing numbers. Please reference talks about soul/heart healing where enemy has been hiding in us and how to break free. Also had a dream about same time. In it were huge vibrant cornfields with a man in the middle that only was confessing the word. And corn kept growing. I later realized that man in dream was Charles Capps. He preaches speaking right confessions only. Take the two heart cleansing and right confession we will enter our inheritance


    This really blows my mind! I saw 4:44 pm on the clock just before I read this posting. Incredible!! I’m excited about what God is doing in the earth.

  • Rae

    Early this morning I took the dogs out and because it was dark I had a flashlight. As the dogs went up the street, and I followed them with my flashlight, I noticed the numbers 44 glowing on the fire hydrant across the road from our house. We have lived here for over nine years and I have never noticed this before! I didn’t even realize the hydrants were numbered. The only reason I saw it was because I had a flashlight and the numbers are on reflective stickers. What is interesting is that the actual number is 404 but only the 4s are on reflective stickers so in the dark you will see 4 4, and during the day it is 404.
    This is a neat confirmation and I also believe God is reminding us of what He said in Isaiah 40:4.

  • Les J.

    I went into a local store to pick up a couple of snacks yesterday and did a double take when I saw the total. It read “$4.44”. Immediately I was reminded of this word and begin to smile. God is truly up to something! Thank you, Lana, for your continued obedience to share what the Father has placed on your heart over and over again.
    May God bless you, your family, and your ministry❤

  • Lisa Benedict

    God is waking me up in the mornings at 4:44 a.m. with a keen awareness of His presence. I kept hearing the word ” Victory!” Like a shout or the sound of a trumpet, it roused me to rise above the sufferings of this present moment.
    Praise God for His MIGHTY DECREES!

  • Jennifer

    Awhile back while waking from a nap I saw a little golden heart with a rose-colored number 4 inside of it come from behind me and land on my back; it was like the Lord blew a kiss at me and the heart floated over. It was such a loving and almost playful gesture and it took me by surprise. I instantly felt the Lord’s adoration, joy and excitement bursting from His heart for the surprise goodness He’s bringing in the season that is now upon us. After this, I immediately saw the number 4 again. This time it was white and blue and kind of flashing. That 4 somehow looked like the number 5! The 4 WAS a 5 (representing grace and Holy Spirit?) There’s more to this than I currently comprehend. Your thoughts are welcomed!

  • Paul Mills

    Some years back now, Dr. Rev. Lynne Hamilton prophesied over me I was in a season of fours. I have been working on a financial system, to get more people in to their own homes and that is based on fours. Even part of the Trusts name is 4×4. His ways are so much higher than ours.

    • Andrew & Jean Ford

      Thanks Lana for your amazing words. So relevant and affirming.
      We look forward to whenever you visit the UK.
      Hi Paul
      We would love to connect with you.
      The Lord has given us a vision to develop affordable housing in the UK and we have been praying into new financial models.
      Do you have a website?
      Andrew & Jean Ford
      Liverpool, England

  • Paul Herbst (South Africa)

    I bought food yesterday at a fast-food place, and the number of the slip was 444. Today, I just felt an urge to come to Lana’s website and read all about the 444. I have never been on this website before, but Someone was directing me to it. I dont believe in coincidence, but God is telling me something.

  • Ryan TM

    A year later and God is still using this Word you so generously dug open. I’m in a season of intense generational spiritual warfare that stands between me and a certain victory that I have failed to enter into each time it becomes available again. I kept seeing the number 44 and 444 and felt to revisit prophetic Words God has been saying over my life. I came across this page and every detail witnessed like a blueprint to a house I’d only ever explored in the dark. Victory is sure, I believe it. Thanks. Joy to you.

  • Timothy S. Lewis

    Its a great Blessing to have been led here. A few months ago I woke up in the morning and grabbed my cell work phone at 4:44. This was during a time of increased circumstances as well as dreams and fresh Rhema. Every since then, Ive been encountering the 4’s consistently and have take photos just about every time I see them. Then most recently other numbers have been coming to my attention. Specifically 222’s, 333’s, 445, & 555, also 666. Has any heard any teachings on the spiritual significance of Lady Bugs? Just curious. God Bless you and thanks.

    • MA Stephens

      I have lived this for the past couple of years right down to even he lady bugs…. Finally I found some Godly information praise God. Just took a picture this morning of :44 on my a reenn I see this all throughout the day

    • Aly

      I was collecting ladybug nephew died recently.a year earlier I saw him dead.he was 16 and got ran over at the bustop.his YouTube channel had 444 in the name

    • Deborah Martin

      I found this because l also have been seeing 44 and 444 alot also! So l asked my computer what does 44 and 444 mean in the Bible… then this came up! Thank You!

    • Rachel

      Josh I am sure 100% the ladybug thing because there are Mystic reasons and then there are Christian reasons sometimes they tend to be similar by surprise. But I mentioned the ladybugs first because that’s what I saw even before the fours. I’m in tears right now from a reading the above I don’t know how long ago was written or what you wrote if that was long ago too, but I see ladybugs everywhere as if they’re nesting in my home I’ve been seeing them for the 44 & 444’s started. But I did start accepting Jesus back into my life I live just near Salem Massachusetts and my family line can be traced back to some quote unquote witches and so my entire life I have read Palms, tarot cards, pictures of people who have passed and have been able to give there messages to family members who are hurting and much more crystal ball Seer since I was a kid… but because I came from such a Catholic Family this was on my dad’s side I thought I was bad when I started seeing all of that I immediately thought it must have been a witch and from then on I have used as those gifts in that way, inviting in many harmful things/spirits & demons… recently I had my grandfather visit me who my mother and I never have felt we feel a lot of people but we felt he had passed on to somewhere beautiful he was not EarthBound, I could always see him playing his guitar with animals around him somewhere where Jesus was. but I felt him come to me and a day later I felt Jesus come to me to the point I was in tears and I’m in tears now.. I have felt some numbers before 11:11 randomly and then the 66 for me and my fiance which is actually a good number and I am still seeing but this for 4-4-4 or 44 is just out of control. And this is the actual one that got my attention first this post, I went to click on the videos and I actually went back because of the title. I’ve been lighting my Jesus night light that my grandmother gave to me as a kid when I would sleep in her house in was petrified to say the least and he would deliver me then and put me to sleep and I can’t believe I forgotten how easily he would take things away from me pain bad things I mean. I’ve been turning back towards him and praying again and understanding that my gifts of spirit are from the Holy Spirit I have the gift of discernment to see and hear spirits and I should be using that for the right reason and I’ve been going through seasons of really bad pain and trying to drown that out and I’m going to look up this ladybug connection because I’d like to see a Chistian take on it. Thank you for posting your experience because it sounds like what I’ve been going through exactly and if everybody’s lead here for a reason, we must be right we can’t be wrong…

  • Bethwyn Lau

    Thank you Lana. While I read this word the time was 4:44. I love God’s ways.
    Bless you!
    Love from Hope City Church, Melbourne

    • Deborah Martin

      Lana, l wrote you before. I am still seeking 44 and 444 a lot! Only now I am seeing Victory and Breakthrough! Yes, the lies are being exposed and LEAVING and Jesus is setting me free! Thank You from a heart that is full!
      Love, Debbie Martin

    • Fran LePine

      i woke from a dream march 24 at 4:44 am. I was at a fruit truck. I bought the last 2 baskets of raspberries for $4 each. I paid with shiny new gold coins worth $2 each. There was a brilliant blue all shades of blue pot of flowers I wanted to plant in a new garden I was planning. I looked at bottom of pot the sticker said $70. I only had 3 god coins left so I couldn’t buy it. I was sad. Then I went to look at 2 houses to buy. We have a house but wanted a new 1. The first had ceramic tile walls covered in a clear shiny stucco but was smooth. The second had walls that looked nice they were drywall in different pastel colours. Apparently they were partly rotted underneath and my old boss who I can’t think of any reason I would dream of him other than his name is Paul was measuring and determining how much would have to be stripped and replaced. As I was leaving the woman of the house said with great emphasis “I am a 22 year old wife. I thought in my dream what a strange thing to say. Then I woke at 4:44 am.
      I looked up the meaning of the numbers on 444 symbolizes gods appointed time also attonment. 8 means a new Beginning order or creation. I paid $8 for raspberries. 22 means disorder or chaos. And 70 means perfect spiritual order.
      My interpretation:
      The appointed time for a new beginning or to come out of chaos and be transformed into gods perfect Spiritual order.
      Then this morning..the very next morning i looked at my email and I had received a email from my vet to let me know it’s time for my dogs check up. Her name is agape But it said in a straight line:
      It’s time for agapes next appointment 4:44
      My interpretation and I feel confirmation of dream:
      It’s the appointed time for the unconditional love of God to visit!!!????????
      Then I was working and I do payroll and I had to do some separation papers and so I have to type in a bunch of $numbers and one employee had the same number 3 times which is odd. It was 2444.64
      Not sure if the meaning of that yet except more 444s
      Anyone have any thoughts on dream?
      All day the Holy Spirit has been revealing more from the dream. I wanted to plant blue flowers in a new garden. Blue is the colour of prophetic. More but I’m interested if anyone else gets an interpretation?? I would live input from brothers and sisters. I know many of us are getting dreams and interpretation as the lord is pooring out his spirit.

      • Fran LePine

        I love love love the word, Lana of victory and deliverance. I have been in a battle for some time and God lead me through quite the journey for deliverance and I just finally received the victory over a long long painful issue. Praise God!!! and thank you for that affirmation ????????

  • Katja

    I have been up cause intense spiritual warfare generational stuff that Im now fighting in prayer that has tormented and kept me and my family sick for decades and grapped my phone at 4:44 and was prompted by Holy Spirit to google up bible verse 444 and found this! So comforting! This is that rehma word for me now! I have followed your prophetic word for last 8 months but I never read this one. Thank tou for being so faithful to God and keep up the good work for Jesus and God bless all who work in your ministry!
    Lot’s of love in Christ from Finland


    Everytime I’m done street evangelizing different car license plate with 444 is infront of me or pulls infront of me.
    This happened continually, now its 44.

  • James

    This is Awsome…. God’s Handi Work… I have felt alone for years believing I was the only one given this strange encounter of 444, 44, 4… I have on the search of true understanding of this since 1989 or 90…. 17 was added to this from another Christian Brother in 1993… These Numbers are both Biblical and The times are Now… I Love you all and see ya soon with Our Lord And Savior, Our Father, Bye and through His Holy Spirit….. Shalom…..

  • Lehani Visagie

    This word has great meaning to me this morning. I’m turning 44 on 14/02 2020 and God has been speaking to me about 44, 4 and 444. This is my time of vision, victory and breakthrough. In Jesus Name. Something amazing is about to happen in my life in the next 4 weeks as per your other word on Facebook last week. Hallelujah!!!!!

  • Carol Murray

    I have been seeing 444 for the last 6 mos. Since I started seeing 444 I have had 8 blood transfusion (4 on Christmas day) been diagnosed, with cancer, 2 procedures of interventional radiation to stop bleeding, a total hysterectomy, blood clots in my lungs, lost my job, getting radiation & chemo….praising Almighty God! Thanking HIM for His everlasting love! Because I KNOW THAT MY BELOVED FATHER IS WITH ME, COVERING ME, DECREEING HIS LIGHT & ORDER INTO MY CHAOS & DARKNESS, SHINING HIS GLORY THROUGH ME EVERY STEP I TAKE. I am praising God that I found this….all the other info on 444 sounded “out there”!
    Thanks for putting this info on the line.