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By Lana Vawser: Over the past while I have been sitting on a vision the Lord gave me for the United States of America. I saw intercessors and many of God’s people on the front line in the USA and around the world and they were interceding and pushing back the darkness the enemy was bringing into this nation. As they were crying out I saw the Lord commanding hundreds upon hundreds of angels into America. As I watched these angels coming towards earth and this nation I saw that they all had surgical implements in their hands and when I looked at them they reminded me of nurses. I watched as they moved right throughout the United States of America and they began finding BANDAIDS that had been placed over wounds and issues in the nations. As they found these bandaids I could hear them declaring together “It is time for the temporary fixes to be removed and the hand of the Almighty to go to the heart and root of the wounds and release His healing!! It’s time to prepare for the great clean out, the deep heart surgery to make way for life!” I saw these angelic hosts begin to remove these bandaids from issues and wounds caused to the nation. Αs they removed them there was a great shaking all across the nation. I watched as dross, impurity and infection was coming out. My heart was grieving for the nation as I watched this ‘poison’ that had been trapped under the ‘temporary fixes’ for so long, years and decades and I wept. I wept at the pain and wounding caused to the nation by ungodly choices, negative decrees and rulings. I could feel the heart of God so strongly as I watched as the poison and pain was flowing out of these wounds in the nation. His grief and heartache over the woundings was so strong, He was weeping with the nation. Yet there was this hope that I could feel amongst the grief. It was a hope of LIFE! It was a hope of HEALING! I could feel the Holy Spirit the comforter all around me and the nation. I then heard the Lord speak over the nation “As the poison and infection is revealed and released to begin to come out, things will be messy and there will be a great increase in seeing this poison and evil that has been caused to My nation, but as the infection comes out, don’t focus on the puss or the outward signs but focus on what I am doing. I am cleaning things out to release LIFE and HEALING that is about to come forth!!!” “I am doing deep heart surgery in this nation and to bring the depth of healing I need to all the wounds and poisons need to be exposed!” “The exposing of these wounds and poison if you do not have eyes to see and ears to hear what I am doing could cause great fear for many, but as you stay close to My heart, My church, you will see as I see. That LIFE and HEALING is about to come forth. Do not fear!!!!” I saw the revelation and power of contained in Psalm 91 becoming a greater manifested reality and shield for God’s people as they stepped forward. Here’s how I describe Him: He’s the Hope that holds me, and the Stronghold to shelter me, The only God for me, and my Great Confidence.” – Psalm 91:2 (The Passion Translation) “You will never worry about an attack of demonic forces at night, Nor have to fear a spirit of darkness coming against you. Don’t fear a thing! Whether by night or by day, Demonic danger will not trouble you, Nor the powers of evil launched against you. For God will keep you safe and secure, they won’t lay a hand on you!” – Psalms 91:5-6 (The Passion Translation) “The removing of the BANDAIDS will cause the church to awake and take their place! To arise and shine and partner with Me in taking their place in their spheres of influence. The shaking will cause My Church in the United States to be SO AWAKE that there will be a radical sudden movement of LOVE that will explode on the streets and in cities.” I then saw the seven mountains of culture and society and they began to shake, a great shaking was taking place and I heard the mountains crying out “They are waking up! They are coming! The manifested sons and daughters of God, they are waking up! They are coming!!” I watched in the shaking, the Lord bringing such a deep awakening to His people that there was a MAJOR HISTORICAL SHIFT that was about to take place. This season, a season that would be written about in HISTORY where the people of God in the USA started to take their place and influence back. I watched as the seven mountains began to be transformed by LOVE! Warriors of love being awakened to His love, loving others unconditionally, standing and decreeing justice and righteousness loudly and living from a place of deep authority in Jesus to push back the darkness. I watched as the mountains began to be RESHAPED to make way for His Glory! Even amongst darkness all around and a great shaking, the Lord was working deeply on the heart of the nation to bring healing and life! I saw Jesus standing in the heart of the nation of the United States and He was declaring “My Church will NOT be overcome! My Church will NOT be overcome! They will arise and shine!” Instantly I am taken above the nation and I see its heart and the Lord working deeply on it. He was working in partnership with the prayers and obedience of His people. I see Jesus exhorting His people that no matter what they see happen in the coming days, weeks, months and years in the United States to keep interceding! Keep speaking hope, keep speaking life because there was a great birthing and healing happening in the heart of the nation. Suddenly I see into the core of the nations heart, and He is decreeing “I am shaking and making room for the United States to come back to My heart! To come back to its first love!” I then see it… Jesus on the Cross and the empty tomb and resurrection power and light exploding from it! “I will awaken the foundation of the nation!!! In the darkness the Gospel is going to shine brighter than ever and My resurrection POWER AND LIGHT is working deeply on the heart and will explode all across the nation!!!” “I am decreeing, Church come alive! I am decreeing, United States of America, come alive! The greatest days of resurrection power and healing are upon you!” ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE: To subscribe or unsubscribe please click on the link below: SOW: To sow into this ministry please use the link below: FACEBOOK: Sent from my iPhone


  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Confirmation! Hallelujah! The LORD Bless You Ms Lana!
    Saturday I saw 9191 – immediately thought Psalm 91. Tonight, while on lunch break, I read a Testimony in a Joan Hunter book. Years ago her Mother, Ms Frances, had a leg ulcer. For a year the ulcer kept getting bigger, and she just covered it with larger bandaids. One day she went to the Doctor who told her to go to the hospital right away, or it could prove fatal. The Surgeons cleaned out the infection, scraped the area until blood flowed over the area once more. They did this for 12 days. It healed Perfectly! Quote – “God wants to come in with a “Holy-Ghost scalpel” and clean out the infection, clear away all junk, and let the brilliant-red, healing blood of Jesus flow through you…

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Also want to share a dream. I dreamt of walking through the Open Door of a Huge University Auditorium – it looked more like a Grand Concert Hall with plush red velvet seats, gold trim and High ceilings. I had a writing tablet, pens and books in my arms, ready to learn. Only the first two rows, middle section, of this Grand Auditorium were filled with people, but the door was Open and Welcoming, inviting many, many more to come in. The Instructor was on the stage and He was bathed in Beautiful Light from Above, which reflected onto the group of people seated in the two rows. Our LORD is So Very Good, So Very Faithful, and So Loving! Praising our Father in Heaven! Be Blessed Ms Lana and Kevin, Brothers & Sisters! Much Love! <3

  • Becky Cline

    POWERFUL!! YES LORD JESUS!! Was just sharing this very thing, bandaids being removed!!! More Lord!!! Have your way!!

  • Karen Shaw

    I can’t tell you how grateful I am, we are, for Kevin and Lana. I thank God for those who have a heart to stand for and with America. In 2007, God spoke to me and said, I AM RESETTING AMERICA. About two years later when I was watching the news about our new administration at that time and the obvious issues we have as a country, God spoke to me again about this country… He said, I AM RESETTING AMERICA, NOT BESETTING AMERICA. I love that this nation is God’s and He loves this nation. We are in the best and worst of times as a country. We know we are a mess… BUT GOD HOLDS US TIGHT TO HIS HEART AND PROMISES AND ORIGIN. He is resetting America to reflect His heart. This is a beautiful and great nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    “How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 144: 15)
    Read that scripture earlier this morning and got to singing:
    “How blessed are the people
    Whose God is the Lord.
    How blessed are the people.
    How blessed are the people
    Whose God is the Lord.
    How blessed are the people.”
    The song started quiet; and it got louder and louder!!

  • Joy

    You are a bright star of love. Thank you for your encouragement and dedication to God’s word. It is so pleasing to know that God will cleanse the wounds and they will heal in the purity of His love. I will pray for the Lord’s plan to be accomplished!