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We as the body of Christ are in a season now where the Lord is doing something completely new. Uncharted waters are before us and many of us are stepping into and deeper into opportunities, breakthrough, favour and a move of the Spirit in and through our lives that we have not seen before. 
There is an exploration with Him upon as us God’s people in these new realms and territories the Lord is leading us into. Some of our greatest adventures with Him are upon us NOW but the “process” and “steps” forward are so new we must be inclining our ear to His chest to hear what He is saying, our eyes focused on Him, faces like a flint, to see where He is moving and our hearts leaning into Him and His presence to remain sensitive to where He is leading. 
In the whirlwind of acceleration, ground taking, ground breaking breakthrough and move of His Spirit happening now, I saw the enemy attempting to bring a distortion of view/sight into the lives of God’s people in many ways. 
One way I specifically saw the enemy targeting was the area of insecurity. Through the door of insecurity and wounding in the lives of believers he is bringing a great distortion of sight and view. 
The Lord is wanting insecurity and wounding of the soul brought to the cross, wrong mindsets and beliefs repented of, and He is leading us deeper into encounters with His heart of love that are removing their hold on us and seeing the revelation of His love and truth burn in and through us even brighter.
Encounters with the power of God will increase and break the chain of insecurity, fear and wounding through the sweet outpouring of revelation of His love. The honey of His love and presence in these encounters will soothe and heal hurting souls and restore boldness and fearlessness into the hearts of His people where there has been insecurity.
Through these deeper encounters with His love, the Lord is giving His people lenses of CLARITY that see THROUGH the lenses of His love. It is bringing specific insight, revelation, breakthrough and freedom to the lives of His people. Receiving the impartation of clarity released through these revelatory lenses of His love is going to cause a great turning and shifting. A turning and shifting of hearts bringing repentance and restoration in relationships, healings in home and explosions of His power in meetings. 
He is increasing the acceleration in the heavenly shift He is bringing. The shift DEEPER INTO LOVE! 
The enemy is looking for and using any ways we are choosing to look at things, circumstances or people  through any lenses but the lenses of love and how HE sees! 
The enemy is really wanting to bring a greater distortion of sight and view in the body of Christ to hinder what God is doing, to cause disunity or pollute the pure flow of the Spirit He wants to and is releasing. 
Distortion of sight/view and lies have come in full force right now in the body of Christ to attempt to bring chaos, disunity and a hindrance because on the other side of that distortion and those lies, is the manifestation of your next step of destiny in the NEW! 
To step into this, it will require new eyes to see through the lenses of His love which He is releasing to you through encounters. It will require a shift of mindset through revelation deeper into the mind of Christ. 
Even though the uncharted waters before you seem huge, there is fear of the unknown or fear of failure, KNOW that you are moving forward SECURE and CONFIDENT not because of your ability, but because of HIM! HE is with you! His LOVE is making you BRAVE in this season! In order to fly, you have to take the leap! 
The distortion of view is going to break in the encounters with His love, seeing Him release these new lenses of how to navigate and move through that which is before you that is completely NEW! 
You’re about to see even clearer through the lenses of love that will change how you see everything!!  


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