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By Lana Vawser
I felt the Lord speak to me recently that not only are the enemy’s attempts in this onslaught many have been facing now being turned on their head but the very areas that the enemy has released the onslaught against God’s people, will be the very area that will be turned and used AGAINST HIM!!
I saw in the midst of this swirling onslaught many have been facing, in the midst of what looked like an intense dust storm, sight, hearing and mobility greatly affected, I saw Jesus in the midst of the dust storm with His people and He was bringing shaping, moulding, refining, strengthening, protecting and restoring. Even when what He was doing couldn’t be ‘seen’, His presence was so tangible that He was with His people in the midst of the intensity and the storm. The sense surrounded me that He was working amidst it all to then reveal His trump card of victory to the enemy. A work so surprising, so deep in His people, that the enemy didn’t see coming that came “out of the blue, out of left field” and “sideswiped the enemy” where the very intention of the enemy had been to come out of the blue and sideswipe the people of God with his attacks. The very tactics of the enemy were being turned against him.
In the midst of all of the ‘onslaught’ and ‘fogginess’ I could feel a great work of God about to come forth. The interesting thing was, just when many thought the breakthrough was about to break forth, the INTENSITY of the ONSLAUGHT increased and there was almost a second ‘hit’/’knock down’. As this was happening I heard Jesus speaking in the midst of the dust storm and He was saying “Hold on, stand fast, hold your ground, look not at the ‘second hit of intensity’ but look at Me and know there is a DOUBLE PORTION coming forth to you!!”
I then noticed something, I noticed that all of God’s people that were in the dust storm and being hit really hard were all MOVING IN THE PROPHETIC. We can ALL prophesy because we have the same Holy Spirit, and Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14:1-3 that we are to all desire to prophesy for the edification, exhortation and consolation of men (“Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. 2 For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God; for no one understands, but in his spirit he speaks mysteries. 3 But one who prophesies speaks to men for edification and exhortation and consolation”) and right now there is a significant increase in prophetic anointing and revelation that the Lord is releasing. These ones in the dust storm are those who are awakened and activated in all levels of the prophetic (from gifting to prophetic office) and they have been ‘targeted’. As I am wondering why they have been targeted I hear the Lord speak again “I AM RAISING UP PROPHETIC SPECIALISTS..HERE THEY COME!!”
Instantly I see a rumbling earthquake all around, everything is being shaken by the power of God, and I see the enemy begin to tremble. Suddenly, I see a breaking forth of these PROPHETIC SPECIALISTS! They are BOLD, COURAGEOUS WARRIORS who KNOW what it is to live in DEEP INTIMACY with the Lord, and when they get hit hard by the enemy, they press deeper into Jesus. They were arising with a strength and awakening in Jesus that I had not seen before. Such glorious beautiful depth. As I am looking at them I see their eyes and ears so covered with the Glory of God the sense surrounds me that they are so in tune with His heart and revelation that they are flowing in a sensitivity to His Spirit that they had not experienced before. Where the enemy attempted to hinder their sight and hearing, the Lord has added a DOUBLE PORTION of prophetic revelation to them, so rooted in the Word and grounded in Him, it was releasing a “GAME CHANGER” anointing in every area these prophetic words were declared.
As I am looking at these ones in this vision, I hear the words “DIVINE SNIFFERS” and I keep seeing a picture before my eyes in this vision of ‘sniffer dogs’ that are used by police to uncover and detect hidden things. Instantly I hear the Lord say that these PROPHETIC SPECIALISTS are ARISING OUT OF THE DUST right now, this is the moment of breakthrough and they are moving out with SUCH DISCERNMENT and HEIGHTENED SENSES that by the leading and partnering with His Spirit will be UNCOVERING things that are HIDDEN. Things that the enemy is attempting to hide, cause impurity, and steal, kill and destroy in the ‘dark’ and ‘hidden places’. These PROPHETIC SPECIALISTS are moving forward with such sensitivity to PURITY and His LEADING that they will be able to “SMELL” out the impurity, the hands of the enemy, his schemes and assignments, the hidden things before they are ‘visibly seen.’ They will be disarmed and deactivated by the power of the Spirit through them and their prophetic declaration and intercession before they have ANY CHANCE to take hold. These “DIVINE SNIFFERS” I saw had a verse written on their heart and it was Proverbs 25:2 “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.”. They were ones that KNEW what it was to search out the heart of God, His treasures and His secrets. They live from that place and the Lord is now raising them up in greater ways to be able to ‘sniff out’ and ‘detect’ the plans and assaults of the enemy. The beautiful thing is, these “divine sniffers” were not ones who were going out LOOKING for the enemy, they were living from such a deep place of searching out the heart of God and so focused on Him, that wherever they went, they could pick up in a second anything that was not flowing from His heart and His Kingdom.
I watched Jesus commission these ones forth as an army. They were moving out as PROPHETIC SPECIALISTS! Moving out in the SPECIALIST FIELD, the VERY AREA the enemy tried to kill them, steal from them and destroy them, they are now moving out with powerful prophetic words carrying a double portion breaker anointing to set MULTITUDES FREE. Not only were they moving out with prophetic revelation and increased authority to set captives in the body of Christ free, but with a greater anointing and authority to move into cities, nations, government, media, education etc (the seven mountains) and bring a radical shaking as the power and Glory of God was moving powerfully through their lives bringing FREEDOM to KEY PEOPLE in the seven mountains.
Prophetic Specialists ARISE! The enemy has hit you HARD, but I decree over you that this is your BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT and you are moving out ARMED AND DANGEROUS to the enemy from the place of intimacy with Jesus. You will live deeper in the place of intimacy than you ever have, and from that place, halt, uncover and disarm the plans of darkness in significant ways. Double portion prophetic revelation grounded in His Word is being released unto you!!!

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  • Robear

    Thank you Father God, for your Words !!!! Armed and Dangerous !!!
    That;s Me !!! Who I Am !!! Glory to God !!!!! My Breakthrough, Is At
    Hand !!!!! Glory !!!!! I receive it in Jesus name !!!!!

  • Anne Scheepers

    Dear Lana,
    As a little child I was amazed by whirlwinds. I remember trying to ran into these, imagining that inside the dust there is a man steering the wind.
    A few days ago, the Lord brought those memories back and told me that the Holy Spirit was the “man” inside the whirlwind… that He was always there with me even through the toughest windstorms and the dust.
    In 2004 I received a word that,at the right time, God is going to raise me up and He is going to use exactly what I have gone through in life to speak into other’s lives.
    Recently I “stepped” out and thought that things would change…. just to experience a hard hit…..
    Lord, I take this word of Lana and know you have a plan.

  • Meshack/Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    This is so true. I do not have enough words to say how true it is but it is. You are really a witness of heaven and may The Lord God bless you, grow you more and more and use you at this age that we are living in to encourage and support the prophetic.
    God bless

  • Matthew Finnell

    Lana Hawser thank you for your obedience in declaring the words the Lord has spoken to you in private to be shared with his children. I prayed in the spirit and then spoke with English so much of what you recently posted it had to be a true agreement in the spirit. I thank you so much for filling in some very key elements that I did not quite catch in the spirit or speak with an English elements I needed to hear as it were in your written statement thank you for your faithfulness God bless you Lana vawser amen.

  • mackeysback

    These are “SOBERING” Words and “not” to be taken Lightly. Many Living Prophetic words of admonition as “Warnings” are Coming forth Now to get the Whole House of your God in order so “I” don’t find you sleeping “Spiritual” when “I” Come. Give me your soul as your Life so “I” alone can Indwell it so you will both See and Hear taking Heed to yourself as “I” release my POWER into the earth. Love me with “ALL” Your Heart “NOT” keeping your Life which is your own “SOUL” for ones self. Give it Up to me Now and sober up as “I” have not found “My” Works within you complete “Repent” so “I” don’t Come upon you like a Thief “NOT” Knowing the Hour of my Presence Amen

  • Charlene Bontrager

    This Word is ALIVE with Power! Lana, there is a volcano inside many waiting to erupt and it is holy, but it has been so long hidden. I hear the ground around the mouth of that volcano, and it is a rumbling earthquake. These Words call to the volcanos inside us. Holy Spirit, You are Faithful!!

  • Tascha M Smith

    Thank you so much! I recently have been praying Lord where is my shemitah rest? Where is my jubilee? The enemy cannot steal this! This is the law & cannot be altered by the enemy. These 2 years has been so hard for YOUR people why? Please deliver us! We stand strong on your Word & will not be moved with total surrender obedience & purity this is an illegal attack by the enemy. I see now this was an ordained attack. Glory to God now my dream makes sense. I was on a balcony of a high rise & it was sunny & I could see the moon. It was so beautiful but then I said why is the sun shining it is nighttime I then looked at my phone & it was 3:40am I knew this time was significant but at the end of the dream I got everything I was waiting for.

    • Rebecca Sanchez

      Wow, I thought it was just me who has been bombarded for 2 years…. These 2+ years have been so so hard. This opposition refuses to come down or submit to what God has spoken over me. Despite heavy duty intercession, warring in the spirit and multiple prophetic words saying my blessing is coming, it won’t break. This thing (circumstances in my marriage…. Separated from my husband for over 2 years despite God’s promise to restore us) refuses to come down, change, or align to what God has spoken, much like the Egyptians refusing to let the Jews go, and I don’t know why…… 🙁 I’m tired of hearing about breakthrough coming when it never happens. When Lord?? When will my hubby return? Im tired of being alone yet still married.

  • Susan m

    Glory! Lana, the ‘divine sniffers’ (like trained police dogs) is an incredible confirmation from the Lord…as is every other aspect of this ‘power’ word from the Lord’s heart… Praise Jesus! Every word God has been giving you to share this month has been like an arrow in the supernatural realms, striking down and taking out the enemy’s undercover schemes…and literally taking out battalions of darkness! Giving our great God a lot of praise shouts! This is Joel 2 coming to life!
    The prophetic outpouring, which the Lion of Judah is roaring into His seeking, persevering servants, ALLELUIA!!

  • Rhoda

    Dear sister,
    I love you, God bless you!! Yes the atmosphere around me recently has felt electrified and bright, vivid and clear, I believe I am sensing the presence of heavenly company. God has shown me also that the enemy, (even through well meaning believers), will attempt to console but do not come into agreement with the consolation, once you do, this gives the enemy the right and the go ahead to take what ever he is attempting to steel. NO!!
    Esther 9:1 & 25, Is. 43:3 & 4, Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!!
    Psalm 7:15-16
    15 Whoever digs a hole and scoops it out
    falls into the pit they have made.
    16 The trouble they cause recoils on them;
    their violence comes down on their own heads.
    You release, I receive, I prophesy!…

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Sharing Dream. I was walking around a cafeteria/eatery: Heart as place of communion/fellowship with God. People of All nations were talking, sitting, eating (Reading, studying Word, communing). I sat down at a table. Suddenly Queen Elizabeth II enters & sat across from me. Elizabeth is from the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning either “To whom God is the Oath, or My God is Bountiful/Abundance.” Queen: High status, Brought Forward for Such A Time As This.
    Queen Elizabeth gestured for my right hand, handing me small bag tied with Blue Ribbon. Friend Ms Patti & another person received one. Patricia: Noble, Aristocratic, elite. I saw a $100 bill roll inside -100 is Complete Count/Blessing; Whole; Maximum Blessing; $100 is Financial Wholeness

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    And Last Night I dreamt of a Raging Flood.
    Streets blocked & the only way to my destination was to drive a steep embankment where water was rushing, flooding down (believe this is the onslaught that is taking place). Went forward in my Honda Civic, pressing the gas, giving it everything. I drove up, against, & through the water. There was a point I felt I was stuck, did not have enough momentum to make it the last few feet. Suddenly it was like I was lifted, driving on top of the water, & the car raised up over to sit on solid ground.
    At work last evening, I was talking to a coworker, out of nowhere he said, “you are getting hit hard on your floor.” But through it All, GOD is with us! Received a book cover design job! Praise Jesus!!

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” – Isaiah 59:19

  • Laura J

    Thank you so much. U see in visions what I hear in words …it really helps to get confirmation. Pls continue to send me whatever God shows you. I trust that He is speaking to you. Pray for clarity, strength,wisdom,grace.:)

  • Mary Beth Dove

    This made a lot of sense to me and brought confirmation on many levels to dreams and visions. Have been given three months of recovery from surgery to press further into my calling and next steps. Thank you for these words, Lana. This means more than I can say. I believe and receive this! Will you and my brothers and sisters pray for me as I seek the Lord further?
    Jesus will let need to speak my husband and two adopted children now teens he homeschools and always has.
    I have asked Jesus to pay ALL our debt and much more, so I can serve Him for the rest of my life.The Word says the best fruit of my life is in my old age although late 60’s isn’t that old ☺
    Jesus said I will be DELIGHTED with my new “job.” Breakthrough is imminent!

  • Sherry copenhaver

    Absolutely a word in due season from the heart of the father . Reading this at 4:00 in the am in Texas and I could feel the tangible annointing of God on it . I know this was a word for me . Bless bless bless u and all that encompasses you and yours and may God contunue to speak through u . Thank u sooo much

  • Amanda

    My coworker got worried because I was so pale, she went and got another nurse, who came with oxygen and tried to get my vitals, but could not get a BP. As I sat in a wheelchair and they worried about sending me to the ER I said no, I’m ok, this will pass. I refused to go, because I started feeling better. I’m not sure what this was lol about or what it meant, but was directed to Romans 8.