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I had a vision while sitting with the Lord where I saw the enemy with what looked like a machine gun, and he would fire shots at God's people, and lately it had been "one after the other".. many facing relentless hits.

As this firing was taking place, what was coming out of the gun was a fiery dart and there were countless hits against God's people. At first many of God's people were getting hit, wounded and knocked to the ground. The enemy kept firing and I then heard Jesus' loud, beautiful voice of love and authority and He spoke "WORSHIP!!!!", "WORSHIP!!!!", "WORSHIP"… "ASSERT YOUR AUTHORITY IN ME THROUGH WORSHIP!!!"

Many of God's people that were being hit were on the front lines and I saw them begin to lift their hands in the midst of the firing and they were worshipping Jesus. Their mouths were full of praise that they overcome in Him, that they are ALREADY overcomers, ALREADY victorious. As the are worshipping and in their worship declaring promises of Scripture, I see these fiery darts being released and the atmosphere all around beginning to shift and change. These fiery darts, halfway through their flight towards God's people became what looked like "ping pong balls". Light in weight and easily blown out of their line of destination. Some would just drop to the floor mid flight, others would make it to God's people and hit them, but there was no strength in them, no 'punch', just bounced right off them.

Jesus then spoke again "I am teaching you My people to WAR IN WORSHIP!!!! I am moving you to a HIGHER place in Me. A higher vantage point. A higher place of resting in Me, where you live so deeply in worship and so awakened to your authority in Me, that you are shifting atmospheres and the attacks on you are BOUNCING OFF and having NO EFFECT!!!!! This is happening NOW!!!! Don't be consumed by what your natural eyes see!!! Just keep your eyes on Me, lift up your eyes above what is going on around you and WORSHIP and watch My Spirit MAKE A WAY into the BRAND NEW DAY of VICTORY!!!! Victory that is already yours, but is going to manifest in NEW ways!!!"

I watched as many of God's people from those on the frontlines to those hiding in caves, all across the body of Christ be strengthened and moving deeper into the victory that is already their in Christ. Where many had been hit so hard with fear and the firing of the enemy, they were being set free in an INSTANT from those chains and going up higher than they had ever been.

Jesus then spoke again "A whole new level is before you. The enemy has been relentless in his firing against you because a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF FIRE IS UPON YOU!!! The fire of My love, the fire of My presence in you and through you!! You are now transitioning into this new level."


In this vision, I see Jesus standing with God's people and I look into His eyes and I see in His eyes that He has taken NOTE of EVERY hit that His people have taken, every opposition and injustice. In His eyes, I can see His perfect love burning, I can see vindication, restoration, payback burning in His eyes for every injustice done to His people.

He opens His mouth, looking TOWARDS EVERY AREA that His people had been hit with great opposition and injustice and He spoke "I AM MATCHING EVERY OPPOSITION WITH OPPORTUNITY." As He spoke these words FIRE was released from His mouth. I watched as the fire went into every area of the lives of God's people where this opposition had taken root, from finances, to family, to relationships, to ministries, to health, to physical parts of the body and His fire fell. I watched as it was burning away ALL RESIDUE of these attacks. The fire of His love, the fire of His presence was releasing healing, vindication, restoration and payback. A deep healing on many levels was taking place. I watched as His fire was bringing a sealing, a healing, a cleansing and purification, I saw DOORS of opportunities opening all around. They were suddenly appearing out of nowhere and in great acceleration. For every opposition, for every injustice, I saw a door of opportunity opening to God's people. Not only was the 'divine matching' taking place, but the doors when opened, held a double portion in them.

The enemy is going to be so sorry he messed with you as Jesus is awakening you, strengthening you and restoring and vindicating you. Not only is He matching opposition for opportunity, He is releasing upon you a DOUBLE PORTION in these opportunities. NOTHING you have walked through in these oppositions, all the pain, all the heartache, all the weariness, all the constant battles and hits in the relentless firing, the Lord is turning FOR YOUR GOOD!! NOTHING will be wasted but ALL ADDED UNTO YOU!!!!! You will be restored and carrying SO MUCH MORE than before!


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  • Deborah Lobo

    O Father! Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord! Abba ,I can never thank You enough. Your Glory Father!!
    Thank you Lana, I was just so weary today, thank you for your reviving word, I love you Princess and I thank you for being so loving, caring n faithful. God bless you.

  • Hercules Krüger

    amazing, amazing, amazing • i praise and worship Abba Father for this stunning word • i am interceding for you as prophetess and recognise you as a spiritual co-prophet
    Jesus love

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    AMEN!! HALLELUJAH!! I recieve it in jesus name HALLELUJAH JESUS!! AMEN??????????????????????

  • Solo

    Im bessed with the prophecy you send its allways on time like God is only speaking abt me. Ihave a dream which is worring me were should i share it for you to help me

    • Kevin

      Hi Solo!
      We honestly seek the help of friends with some of our dreams and cannot offer much wisdom I’m afraid. I hope you can find some wisdom for yours.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Today, in the morning, I got to experience what you wrote about today! I went for groceries on the weekend, instead of a weekday; so I saw a different crowd than usual. Even one of the workers remarked that I was confusing her; she now was thinking it was later in the afternoon nearer to the time for her to go home from work. That’s when I’m usually there.
    It all started yesterday. I was at the counter at Burger King and read the large white print telling the well known motto of Burger King: “….THE WAY YOU WANT IT.” First off the bat, “THE WAY” to me was Jesus ’cause Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life!
    The server was making what I asked for the burger, and a song was on: “Down on the corner, out on the street. Billy and poor boys are singing, bring a nickel tap your feet.”(learned it in grade 8 Music class!) We were both singing it, and then while eating she and another worker were kind of rocking with the music as they worked!! I love it when people enjoy their work!
    Went to sit down, and there the motto was again on a lovely narrow vertical banner, “THE WAY” was the first phrase at the top, and the the rest of the motto. Then again, I saw Jesus as the Way, right on top and foremost of all!!! Sat down and ate, and when it came time to leave, it’s Lord, is there something you want to say or do here?
    A worker from behind the counter started hanging out in front of the counter, so I spoke to him about “THE WAY” displayed on the counter and the banner as Jesus is the Way! I asked him if he’d find and get the worker that served me, and I got to tell her the same thing! She and the two girls are Christians and the Lord wanted to say to them: “Salvation is coming to this Burger King. You girls keep dancing(like they were initially).”
    Oh, while eating the burger, I started seeing Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones(Ezeliel 37) in the valley and the Lord commanding him to prophesy to the bones. It was real quick. I felt in the spirit so connected to the vast army that had come together by the declared words Ezekiel had spoken as the Lord had told him to!! I felt like the vast army that had come together have the same thing. Today I was seeing what that same thing was: the same breath breathed on them!! “Also He says to me, “Prophesy to the breath, prophesy, son of man, and say to the breath, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain, that they may live.”‘” So I prophesied as He commanded me, and breath came into them, and they lived, and stood upon their feet, an exceedingly great army.” (Ezekiel 37: 9, 10)
    So, this morning while grocery shopping the Holy Spirit was telling me stuff that I’m glad that it was Him saying it to my heart. It was the bare truth, sometimes hard to take, but Holy Spirit knows all things. We have a Father in Heaven! Holy is His name. His kingdom come and His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” He had told me audibly in that very same town of Morrisburg, just before waking up in the mid 80’s: “It is written down in glory and it shall come to pass.” Back then, it was what is the it? The it is what is written down in glory!!! Hahaha!
    “Trust in the Lord forever, for in Yah the Lord is everlasting strength.” Amen.
    Shalom, shalom!

  • David

    Thank you so much Lana for your powerful ministry. I am leaving this marked as unread in my mail box so I can re-read it everyday. Bless you mightily!

  • Bo

    This he is doing. Yesterday was nothing short of a miracle taking what would have caused me great pain to doing more than I could before physically. All glory to God! He is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We serve an awesome God and thank you Lana for putting out these words. May God continue to bless you and this ministry and may the bride of Christ be strengthened from this site.

  • Ian Brearley

    Love your stuff, Lana. It rings true because it lines up with what the Scripture teaches us about Father God, and it lines up with my experience of worshipping Father God myself. People think He is a big egotist for wanting people to worship Him, but it’s FOR OUR OWN GOOD that we get our eyes off ourselves and our little puddle, and onto Him and His Kingdom and His Assignment in the earth. I go for the FAMILY BUSINESS of the family I have been called into – getting people saved and built-up into a living temple to bring praise and honour to our warrior King.

  • Sfrisby

    That’s what these past two weeks have felt like. Giants of fear, fiery darts of fear and confusing dreams which should be clear and not scary. Attack from those closest to me and a promise from the father. I am waiting for breakthrough and deep healing!!! Praying and I’ve been one feeling like I’ve missed it, or failed. But deep down I am weary and tired and waiting on him!!! You are pinpoint on what I’ve been sending and going through personally!! Lord break the torment, been so hard and fighting to enter into those streams of rest. Just is relentless. Lord help!

  • Charlene Bontrager

    This is so helpful. I am eating the life here. Oh how I want that the devil will be so sorry for messing with me because of what Jesus Yeshua is doing in me!!

  • Charlene Bontrager

    This is so helpful. I eat the live Words. Oh how I want to be in that place where the devil is so sorry he messed with me. I realize that means Worship in War. Thank you!