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Over the past few days I keep hearing the Lord saying that He is imparting a new part of His heart. When I asked the Lord what part of His heart He is releasing, I felt Him say "I am releasing the all consuming part of My heart."

The part of His heart that desires in such radical love to consume His people (like fire) and completely take over. The passionate, hungry, fiery part of God's heart for us is being released, that is igniting hunger, passion and fire in our heart for radical abandonment to Him. This part of His heart is being released to those who are positioned for is to see a yieldedness in us for ONLY HIM and pruning off anything else in our hearts that could be trying to steal our affection for Him. This all consuming impartation of His heart, I saw a line being drawn all across the body of Christ and written on the line was "ALL OR NOTHING."

I felt Him say that in this impartation of the "all consuming" part of His heart we are being prepared and positioned for revival.

I saw the Lord's eyes roaming across the body of Christ in such expectancy and longing for the heart cry of "PERMISSION" from His people. The "all or nothing" heart cry.

He is focusing on "permission". His fire and power is falling on "permission". Our hearts cry of "YES" to Him, radical surrender of whatever He wants to do and use our lives for is the very platform for greater encounters with His fire and power of His Spirit.

This "all consuming" part of His heart is releasing an outworking of Song of Songs 4:16 in our lives.

"Then may Your awakening breath blow upon my life until I am FULLY Yours. Breathe upon me with Your Spirit-winds. Stir up the sweet spice of Your life within me. Spare nothing as You make me Your fruit-filled garden. Hold nothing back until I release Your fragrance. Come walk with me as You walked." – Song of Songs 4:16

He is breathing on us with His awakening breath. As He breathes this impartation on us, it is stirring the waters of our hearts and lives to bring us to a place where we are FULLY HIS. The fire is burning away any impurities of heart, we are being completely immersed in the fire, His glorious fire, as we position ourselves through our YES and we are coming FULLY ALIVE. A deep pruning in the fire is taking place releasing fresh waves of the fear of God into the hearts of believers, preparing us for the greatest revival we have yet seen.

His winds are stirring up the sweet spice of His life within us. As HE SPARED NOTHING, as JESUS HELD NOTHING BACK, He is leading us through this impartation of His heart to a place of sparing nothing and holding nothing back. A new radical surrender, a yeildedness and abandonment. There is a cost to stepping up to the line in the sand, but the glorious joy of knowing and encountering Him far outweighs the cost. In losing your life, you will find it.

The eyes of the Lord are looking for PERMISSION, a new level of surrender and yieldedness is being required in the fire, but it's to bring you and I to a greater place of being fully alive in Him, completely immersed in Him leading us to the perfect platform for His fire to fall upon as as "living sacrifices".

There is such a "weight" on our "YES" right now. Destiny moments meet our YES in the radical abandoned "all or nothing" heart cry that is released to Him, that will see the "all consuming" part of His heart released.

"I am imparting a new part of My heart". There is a clarion call for radical abandonment and to dive into new depths of intimacy, upon us.

Come on people of God, let's JUMP IN with OUR YES to Him!


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  • Robyn White

    Hi Lana,
    That is amazing! When I was first saved 19 years ago, I was at an evangelist’s social outreach meeting in Canberra for women.
    A believer came up to me after my tearful salvation at the meeting and said to me that she felt the Lord say to me that He wanted me to be a Living Sacrifice to Him. At the time, my life was in a crisis and I had been sorely tested to take my own life.
    At the time, I was very touched that He had conveyed His will for me to live in Him as a new creation in Christ Jesus, and not kill myself off physically. Much healing later and some big crossroads in my walk with the Lord have taken place where what has felt like huge letting go of my will as His will be done. And now this.
    Wow. I am greatly challenged by this word and numb struck for the moment. Overwhelmed. Awestruck. At the crossroad of decision.
    Thankyou Lana for your intimate obedience in conveying His heart to us.
    Deeply touched.

  • Juanica

    I just prayed this as I was washing in this morning for God to consume me with his love and make me into the bold & courageous woman he created me to be, then I read this word & it’s confirmation. I’m shifting, the season is before me. I say YES and AMEN!

  • Rose

    My deepest point of failure was when I was overwhelmed by the pain of life (15-16 years old)…and His Spirit came…and I said, “No.” No to more pain.
    This has been my deepest regret.
    Somehow, in mystery, the LORD finally met me and healed my Now-Deepest-Fear that I had the power to reject Him.
    NOW…somehow, He is going to help me die. He is going to help me die to me, so that I can live fully in the fire of His Love.
    I want to weep now.
    I am yielding. Where else can I go? He alone has the WORD that brings me into Life.

  • Rose

    It just occurred to me: I am 55 years old, nearly 56. 40 years have passed: my wilderness walk.
    I am now free to go into the promised land. I’ve already been warned that I’m going to feel like a grasshopper among those who appear to be Giants. But, I already know not to believe what I see, but to believe what He says: the Land is promised to…me. To us.
    Let’s lay hold of our inheritance.

  • Rae Graber

    I meant to send this response to your Angels of Overflow post but got a bit delayed, but this morning when I read your words about God imparting a part of His heart, I felt the word I got the other day was connected. It is a bit long, but I pray it is a blessing as it so beautifully dovetails with what you have been seeing. What prompted me to post it to today’s message is your emphasized word PERMISSION. When I read PERMISSION I saw and heard PERSIMMON instead.
    In the area that I live, persimmons grow and there is actually a persimmon farm on the street that runs parallel to ours. The fruits are right now ripening and the trees are full of bright orange globes. When I googled the biblical significance of “persimmon” I found this interesting bit of information. The Greek name of the tree is “diospyros” which means “God’s Fire”.
    A week or two ago, I saw a burning bush that was not consumed and I thought of Moses on the mountain of God. When I saw the burning bush I was reminded of the Tree of Life and how after the fall, Man was removed from the Garden less they reach out and eat of the Tree of Life and live forever in their fallen state. God posted cherubim and a “flaming sword” that turned in every direction to guard the way to the Tree of Life.
    However, when Christ came, access to the Tree of Life was again made available to us. Jesus is the Tree of Life. More specifically He is the Fruit of the Tree of Life which is the Tree of Life in edible form. Not only is the Fruit the edible portion, it contains the Seed which is the Reproducing power.
    48 I am the bread of life.49 Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead. 50 This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that one may eat of it and not die. 51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.” John 6:48-51
    Whoever eats from the Tree of Life will not die, but live forever. Whoever eats the bread of Heaven will not die, but live forever. The Tree of Life and the Bread of Life are Jesus.
    When Jesus died, God tore the curtain to the Holy of Holies from top to bottom, as a Father would rend their garment to express deep, deep sorrow. When that curtain was torn, God’s Spirit was released and made a transition from the old Temple to the new Temple. Jesus opened the way and then sent the Holy Spirit to indwell human hearts, the new Holy of Holies, not made with human hands. This is the Tabernacle of David resurrected from its ruins prophesied in Amos 9:11 and then spoken of again in Hebrews 9:11. Interesting that both references are 9:11! 911 represents tearing down and BUILDING UP or RESURRECTION!
    That Spirit, the same Spirit that supernaturally produced Christ in Mary’s womb, now lives inside of every believer. The Seed of God’s Spirit lives in us to reproduce Christ in us the hope of glory. As that indestructible life lives and moves within us, we are transformed from glory to glory. As the “old man” of corruption falls away, the “new creature” arises and we too begin to grow and glow as burning bushes that are not consumed by this world’s troubles because we are CONSUMED with God’s Love and His Indestructible Life. We become as the Tree of Life, producing the good fruit, the golden globes, of eternal glory.
    Matthew 7:17 – Even so, every good tree bears good fruit…
    May we give God PERMISSION to transform us into PERSIMMONS for His glory.

    • Robyn White

      Thankyou so much for that insight. Just love it. Have copied it and passed it on to some friends in Christ!

  • Chelsea

    Amen, amen! Holy Spirit has been speaking the same things to me: let fire do what it does- consume, be all in, and we give you permission! Yes, a thousand times yes to Jesus. He is setting the stage for something big and all consuming.

  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    O’ Lord God, I am so sorry for I acknowledge that I haven’t being a 100% to You, Lord please forgive me, and help me to forgive myself and heal from all inner wounds, emotional, spiritual, and mentally; Lord deliver me from my own self, sometimes I feel and I confessed to You now that I feel like my very worst enemy is myself, my low self steam, insecurities, and please heal and deliver my soul bathe me in the Holy blood of Jesus, and take what is left of me, I know dear and sweet Redeemer You are more than able to do it so, and I surrender all to You my Precious Savior!!!

  • Ann Moir

    I am challenged by yet another call to increased vulnerability and abandonment to God, this theme keeps coming up. SoS 4:16 is my prayer for today. In that vulnerability I am extending my ‘withered hand’, my withered hopes, dreams and desires to Him. I choose to stop protecting them and withdrawing from anything that seems to require that vulnerability. I seek a deeper and truer relationship with God and myself! I grant Him full permission.
    My heart cry is ‘YES!’

  • Julia Huckabee

    Dear Lana,
    Living Grace here. Julia and today I experienced something never before so strong….the Ruach spirit landed so heavy I had to lay down on my bed! I was trying to look it up and found YOU my friend on here! Wow what an amazing Lord. I do think, and I do feel on the edge of my seat for I am not sure what is coming up next but our hearts are being prepared for something much bigger than ourselves! Thank you Lord for your Love and thank you for Lana!!!