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I had a dream this week, where the Lord showed me very clearly about an increase of His favour that He is releasing upon His people in this season, but He is specifically looking for hearts and lives of humility that His favour will land upon. I watched in this dream as this increase in favour was moving in intentionality looking for the ‘landing pad’ of humility. As I have sat with the Lord and pondered this dream in my heart, I felt the Lord speak to me that the shaking that has been happening across the body of Christ has increased and the Spirit of God is moving swiftly in hearts and lives that are laid down to Him and giving Him permission, He is actually performing a deep preparation in the heart surgery for an increase in favour that is about to manifest. Many have been plauged with the lie over and over this year of “you have missed it” or “you have done something wrong” because the shaking has continued. Do not partner with that lie. These lies are coming with great confusion and stealing clarity, and that is not the loving conviction of the Lord. That is the enemy attempting to steal your destiny. Alignments are so important right now, this is a crucial strategic season. Stay aligned ONLY with the truth of His Word, ESPECIALLY with the declaration of your mouth. I felt His whisper as I leant my ear upon His heart, and I heard Him say “I am growing deep roots of humility in My people in the place of surrender upon which a significant increase of My favour will land upon.” What struck me is there is NO STRIVING in humility! It’s in the place of ENCOUNTER and SEEING HIM, DEEPER INTIMACY that He is BIRTHING HUMILITY! Be positional in your humility by living a life of surrender. Keep being a laid down lover of Jesus, seeking His heart and let Him birth the fruit of humility in your heart and life as you give Him your “YES”. Do not despise the process. The Lord is dealing deeply with the heart, to establish and grow deeper roots of humility, perseverance and strength in this season, upon which a significant increase of His favour is about to land upon. The Lord is preparing you to carry more. The Lord is preparing you for an extension of your tent pegs and a greater divine ripple effect of influence. Do not rush this process. Allow PERFECT LOVE to have it’s PERFECT WORK in your heart, soul and life right now. As His ‘working and growing’ of deeper roots is accomplished, His winds of favour are about to carry you to where you have never imagined and opened doors beyond your dreams, but you must allow this process and the maturing to take place so you will be able to remain and carry what He is releasing. SOME FRUIT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE The Lord is birthing purity in the body of Christ and especially in the prophets and prophetic words in this season. He is doing a deep cleaning in the body of Christ so that we can “Arise and Shine” declaring the messages of His heart with great purity and no mixture. In worship recently I heard Him speak: “To release the PURE FLOW, you MUST GO LOW!!!!! There are many ‘man made’ flows in this season but the pure flow will begin to be recognised far and wide by its distinct flavour which is being birthed from hearts and lives of humilty. It will become very apparent in this season of acceleration who has been with Me and birthed in the secret place. The flavour of ‘fruit’ in lives and ministries is about to change in the body of Christ from any flavour of manufactured striving to the fruit of purity. There is a birthing of pure fruit being released in this season from the LOW and LOWER places of humility.” AS FAVOUR FALLS ON HUMILITY, FRUIT WILL EXPLODE I had a vision where I saw the favour of God falling upon the hearts and fruit of the humble and it was like a match being released on petrol. There was a HUGE explosion. I watched as the fruit EXPLODED in quantity and quality. I saw beautiful fruit exploding like if you threw a tomato on a wall, and pieces of the fruit flew everywhere. I almost cringed that the fruit was destroyed, but then His presence intensified and I heard Him speak: “As my favour falls, fruit is going to explode and it will spread FAR AND WIDE. The taste and divine flavour of My presence, My love and goodness is about to spread FURTHER than EVER and many will TASTE of My goodness from afar through the lives of My people. My people will be so surprised in this season how far influence will extend, how far I will take what I have placed in their hands as they steward it with purity. Many will come from afar with testimony upon testimony of My goodness and the ‘tasting’ of how good I am in the release of greater fruits of purity in giftings manifested.” People of God, let’s go lower! Let’s set our hearts towards Him to go EVEN DEEPER STILL! Yes, there is great acceleration happening right now, YES there is greater exposive breakthroughs, YES there is a greater wave of increase of the favour of God about to be released as we allow Him to do His perfect work in us, but in ALL of the wonderful opportunities, breakthroughs and acceleration, let’s go deeper into the secret place of intimacy with our Beloved. Let us behold His beauty, look into His eyes of fire that burn with love for us and be even more consumed by Him and from that place EVERYTHING is going to change. It’s time to go even lower still! ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE: To subscribe or unsubscribe please click on the link below: SOW: To sow into this ministry please use the link below:


  • Deborah Lobo

    Amen n Amen! Yes Lord, take us deeper, draw us closer Father, Your Glory Lord! God bless you Lana, thank you Princess.

  • Toris

    Praise God! You heard from the Lord and it speaks specifically to me and my family and church for sure! LANA I just had a serious bout where the enemy told me I “missed God” just on Tuesday evening while I was studying the word of all times!. Then just yesterday I was telling my husband about it. And that Tuesday night before I lay down I asked the Lord did I disappoint Him bc it was was such a heavy thing the enemy was trying to bring over me bc I “felt” I had missed something in God’s plan for my life that He wanted me to do. At that brief moment I allowed my emotions, “feelings” to get involved. I finally fell off to sleep and woke at 4am to the song “It is well” with my soul being sung in my spirit and mind. Then I next heard a lady teaching on a podcast as I moved around the house and her subject was this very thing…that I haven’t missed God. The Lord really encouraged me in my sleep. Then as I read your prophetic post, I was reminded by Holy Spirit of the dream I had on Monday…my husband and I were travelling in our car With our girls through various land scenery (which I so enjoy), over hills, grassy fields, country roads and cities. An angry bad cop got behind us following us for a distance looking for something to pull us over for. He found nothing except that we had lots of fruit shaped air freshner hanging in our car from the ceiling and mirror car and it made him angrier. He said it was a distraction to other drivers although we knew it wasn’t. He just wanted a reason to write a ticket and us have to pay unncessary money. I and my husband instantly knew the spiritual meaning of this dream and your post from the Lord confirmed. I know this is long and you don’t know me but just wanted you to know the Lord is using you so beautifully in many places you do by physically go…even right in our little city of ROME Ga! God bless you my sister in the Lord!

  • Elsabie

    Good morning to you all. This email post serves as deep confirmation of what the Lord spoke to me and instructe me especially the last few weeks or even more. I know that He spoke to me about this preparation time in which He is purifying and changing our hearts. Preparing us to stay in line with His will and desires and to be able to listen carefully what and how things should be done. In the waiting He is changing us all. He is pruning and watering the garden of our souls to be able to bare much fruit, fruit that will last and stand the test of times. He woke me up a week before with only two words ringing in my ears: “GO DEEPER”. You just confirmed this instruction and encouragement of the Lord to seek Him more and more in this days. You also confirmed the Isaiah 60 part where we are encouraged to ARISE AND SHINE! This is the TIME!!! Dough Addison confirmed this in an email just this week as well. On the 1 day of January 2016, Father gave me this scripture in Isaiah 54, where it was written that we must enlarge the place of our tents, that we will be enlarged, our territory will be larger because of His presence and His character and fruit that increases in those of us that truly allow Him to work us through the whole process which He may find appropiate for His goal in and through us. In the end, it is ALL ABOUT HIM, even though we may benefit by it, IT IS ALL ABOUT HIS GLORY FILLING THE EARTH! We shall all be a reflection of His image, His LOVE, His character. He is after us for a divine purpose. Being TREES BARING MUCH FRUIT for a hungry dying world. The influence He is ready to trust us with, will not be for personal glory, it will be to enhance HIS KINGDOM!!!!

  • Brian Modra

    I recommend watching the Passion of Christ (again) and taking communion – before reading this by Lana Vawser. As it happens I did, and its a powerful and true word. Thanks.

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    God is awesome! He gave 2cor.4:7, which as I began to ponder….led me right back to your post here!! Wow Thank you jesus! I humbly submitt my all, my everything, I bow down before you. Amen

  • Jeremy

    “The Lord is preparing you to carry more. The Lord is preparing you for an extension of your tent pegs and a greater divine ripple effect of influence.” ? We do not need to be perfect works before God can bless us. Have you seen Trump? Rough around the edges but still prospers. If there is anymore preparing some of us are just gonna die given our ages.

  • Marilee Alm

    Hello, This week I watched the Holy Ghost movie for the third time and I think I got the message finally: When we believe we hear the Lord’s voice we need to step out and take a risk. they were radically obedient in making this movie (Darren Wilson).
    So today I am at the park and there is a man mowing. The Lord says, “Go up to him and say, I am coming soon!!” We had a great conversation and at the end again the Lord said, “Pray for Him” Which I did.
    I have had in the past an irrrational discouragement about ministry having an emphasis on what I was going to do. Now I realize that Jesus is the focla point and spreading His presence. Not converting someone to a religion, but simply letting God show up and touch the person.
    I will be praying for Andy and his girlfriend Megan. I want to see them in eternity with the Lord!

  • Lisa Huckstep

    Hi Lana
    I just wanted to encourage you, to say that your faithfulness in waiting on the Lord is powerful in the lives of those who “receive” the fruit of it. Just when i think you couldn’t be more accurate, you release another
    re-sound! I started having symptoms of heart arythmia (palpitations) at end of last year. A week after the first episode i woke praying create within me a pure heart O Lord. Surprised at what came out of my mouth, i sat up, took bible in hand and immediately opening it on Matthew 5:8 The pure in heart will see God! I have the Joyce Meyer Amplified which has devotionals included. The heading to the devotional for this verse is PURE HEARTED AND POWERFUL referencing Psalm 51:6 and the cross ref to Matthew 5:8 is psalm 24:3-4. This word you have just posted on Favour and Fruit is struggle is taking the time to come into intimacy. Yet it is the longing of my heart! Yet pivotal, why is it so hard. Hes right here. I WILL pull on Grace and endeavour to yeild. Another interesting point relating to this post of yours is that we have been in Auckland 20years and preparing to sell and move with the prospects of buying into the Avocado or Kiwifruit market – Fruit!?

  • Yahna

    Lana, this spoke to me and reminded me of the book Hinds Feet on High Places. My heart leapt as I read this, confirmation flooding my spirit. He has already started the increase with me. I found a job providing me with highewith increase of pay, working with special needs children, picking them up with my bus, bring them to school and taking them home again in the afternoon. I drove bus 11 years ago, and loved the children on my bus. Many times I prayed for them on my way back to the bus lot. Thank you for this word. It has a special place in my heart.

  • Marilee Alm

    Today the Lord is showin me that when I “know” something, a truth or a revelation God has given me, it is easy to deliver this in a pride or in a tone that shows I know more that the other person. This is especially difficult with family b/c I think, “They should have gotten this by now!” The Lord is humbling me and helping me to allow humility to be burthed within me. Wow, What a concept!! Lord you are sooooooo good!!

  • Marilee Alm

    Today the Lord is showin me that when I “know” something, a truth or a revelation God has given me, it is easy to deliver this in a pride or in a tone that shows I know more that the other person. This is especially difficult with family b/c I think, “They should have gotten this by now!” The Lord is humbling me and helping me to allow humility to be birthed within me. Wow, What a concept!! Lord you are sooooooo good!!

  • LaDonna Andrews

    I am encouraged by your Words from the Lord. Right now it is warfare to type this because I am real dizzy. Will be homeless and jobless in 3 weeks if God does not intervene on my behalf. I am fighting worry and fret. When I saw your Word on facebook it gave me hope.

  • Mark Sankey

    At each message posted, I want to respond because it resounds in my heart. Having heard the message from the Father’s heart for years, we have entered a time of rapid maturing. As Lana has shared it is never about the outward results, the manifestations as we say, it is about pressing into Him. To know Him, has been the cry of his heart from before the foundations of the earth. recently I had time with a mature brother in Pennsylvania. He mentioned the sequence in Song of Songs. First, the bride says My Beloved is mine and I am His. Then, I am my Beloveds and He is mine. Finally, this brother mentioned the third time when she says, I am my Beloveds. I will not tell you what follows that; go search it out. Jesus prayer of John 17 is being fulfilled in our day. This brother and His wife are now in Australia. I sit here in Maryland. But we together are knowing what it is to sit with Him in the heavenlies; in His very presence. And we are learning to remain in that place of rest. He will rest in His love; He rejoices over us with singing.