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While I was in the USA the Lord spoke to me about the visitation of a REVIVAL ANGEL that is being released across the earth that is marking the season we are in. We are in a season of revival and it is beginning to build and sweep across the earth. The Lord was certainly highlighting the magnitude of the revival that will be seen on a global scale, yet I felt a real emphasis from the Lord on the body of Christ and individuals. As I sat with the Lord pondering what He spoke about this angel of revival, I was surrounded by the need for reviving, refreshment and rejuvenation within the body of Christ. As I sat with the Lord He spoke to me about encounters with the angel/s of revival that is going to increase more and more in this season, where the Lord is going to send these angelic hosts to minister to the people of God. "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" (Hebrews 1:14) We do not worship angels, we worship Jesus, but we must recognise that angels are ministering spirits that are sent to us. As I saw this angel of revival that had been sent to the earth, there were many, many other angels who were accompanying him and they all had clocks in their hands. When I looked at the clocks all of them were at the same time "midnight". As they came into the lives of believers they all sang in one accord "It's time! It's time! It's time! It's time for the GREAT REVIVE! It's time! It's time! It's time for the GREAT REVIVE!" These ministering angels were moving through the body of Christ, and I could hear Jesus giving them command. I could hear the Lord giving them commands that were Scriptures on refreshment, on breakthrough, on restoration and the angels were moving according to the command of the Word of God. This revival angel and other angelic hosts were looking for the declaration from the people of God that was in line with the Word, His Word. As God's people declared the Word of God over their lives and circumstances, there was a great increase of the angelic activity in their lives. I saw the Word of God creating pathways in the lives of believers that the angelic hosts were travelling upon and some of these pathways were SO deep, like they had been dug and dug and dug and dug over and over and over again without seeing any 'manifestation in the natural' yet, but it was making room for a great move. The angelic hosts moved through these pathways and some looked like trenches and as they walked through they began to release and minister as Jesus spoke and these pathways and trenches were being filled with WATER. Rivers of refreshment, rivers of cleansing, rivers of rejuvination were being released to God's people. Many of God's people were going from feeling so dry to instantly refreshed. Feeling so weary, to a shift bringing a great awakening. Where there had been no water, there was weariness and dryness, where it had felt like there was a long drought there was now FLOODS of living water. As the water flowed, I saw the angelic hosts that were holding the clocks place these clocks into the rivers of living water and suddenly there was a supernatural acceleration of time taking place in the lives of believers. From long delays, long waits, to SUDDENLIES! As the rivers of refreshing, restoration and rejuvenation was taking place I saw the huge revival angel step into the water and He was holding what looked like a fireball in His hand and He released it into the water. Suddenly, water and fire flowed in the same place. Rivers of fire and rivers of water. In the natural, IMPOSSIBLE I thought.. and instantly I felt the Lord say "In this season of great revival and awakening, you will see more and more IMPOSSIBILITIES BOW!!!! The DEFYING of the natural.. the INCREASE of the SUPER natural. INCREASE, UPON INCREASE of SIGNS AND WONDERS testifying to My goodness, My love, My power and My authority. " The reviving, refreshing and rejuvenation that is happening in the body of Christ is awakening the Bride and seeing His goodness and love explode in such pure, organic, extended ways into cities, streets and nations with great momentum. Salvations, signs and wonders all around. As the fire and water flooded through into the hearts and lives of believers I saw an insatiable hunger spreading across the body of Christ. A hunger for Him knowing He satisfies but the more we taste of Him, the hungrier we get. The hunger is never satisfied because there is SO MUCH MORE of Him, His nature and love to be discovered. A whole new world of DISCOVERING HIM is opening up! I sat with the Lord soaking in His words, delighting in His heart, and then He spoke again: "Do you know what both water and fire do, Lana? They both bring a CLEANSING. I am PURIFYING and CLEANSING My Bride IN this revival. My people are being washed with the Word and marked by fire. The fire of My love, My purifying fire! My people are about to burn with My fire and passion for My name like never before." This is the time of revival! It is time! The Lord is bringing revival into your life personally, into your heart, into your soul, ANY area that needs revival, the Lord is bringing revival in this season. He has assigned the angel of revival to the earth and to YOUR LIFE personally. His ministering angels are entering into your life to bring refreshment, restoration and rejuvenation. A great cleansing is taking place in the body of Christ right now. You will be refreshed in supernatural ways. You are being revived, you are coming alive! The body of Christ is coming alive in Jesus, in purity, in life, in love, in UNITY. Welcome the angelic activity in your life through your declaration of His Word. "It is time! It is time! It is time for the GREAT REVIVE!!"


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  • Linda Hansen

    Once again the Lord has ministered to me mightily through you Lana. The gift of prophecy & anointing in & on your life has been so powerful and timely in my life. It has helped me to stay the course in this season of my life. It is amazing & wonderful each time the Holy Spirit gives me a words of encouragement & love through your words. You are a gift to the body of Christ! Bless you.

  • Luisa

    In reading this post, I am blessed to perceive and receive the message from God’s messenger. I sense such a spirit of obedience to her Father’s heart cries to be expressed and declared openly to all who will hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Everytime I read this blog I am impressed by the accuracy, the heavy anointing of God’s voice and expression on every part of the message. It is convicting, it is inspiring and it is truly a gift from God. For those of us who do not take the time to seek God’s face or pursue the intimacy, Lana is sowing seeds for more revelation to be released into her life and her bloodline by sharing with us the fruit of her labor, which is really her delight in gleaning from his presence and laying close to his bosom to hear his heartbeat. Thank you Lana for your obedience and for sharing with us.

  • elly

    When Isaiah was before the Lord in his vision, he was immediately grieved to the very depths of his soul because he was instantly aware of his own personal sin before a holy God Most High. God is about to take the blinders off many many eyes and many people will find themselves confronted by the ugliness of sins they did not realize were there. It will pierce hearts deeply as each of us see how our sins have hurt Jesus and the other people in our lives.
    While conviction of sins brings healing, the pain of it all will be tough — for both the people who experience it and the people who work to bring suppirt to those going through the pain. It is hard to submit humbly to Jesus as He helps us climb out of our individual pits that we have dug for ourselves because of our sins. Revival is a glorious GLORIOUS thing but the pain to come as we as a Church collectively face the coming purification is a sobering thought.
    Satan will work hard to try to derail many. All of the teachers, encouragers, helpers, etc. who God has been training steadily over the years prior to this moment will find that THIS is the reason they have endured so much as they quietly have kept pressing on to obtain the prize Paul describes. Jesus is our goal and those who have suffered much as they have let God refine them will find their moment is NOW. God needs them to nurture and strengthen the coming harvest.
    We are at the precipice of God’s Final Awakening. The first domino is about to be pushed over and Satan will NOT be able to stop God’s plan to purify His Church…but he, in his all-consuming hate, will do everything to try. Jesus wants to transform His Bride into the Warrior she needs to be for what I call the “Final Push” — the last great outreach of the Gospel to the ends of the earth before Our Glorious Lord returns. God wants to leave NO one behind. He loves EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.
    While I, personally, am filled with joy over what is coming, I have a super heavy heart for the coming pain. I believe it is important to keep a careful watch on events so that we can spread as much love as possible during the transition. Love builds and rebuilds, fortifies and heals. The ONLY way we can have enough love to do what God needs us to do is to never let our eyes stray from Jesus. He will makes sure His loves fills us if we trust Him and His direction for each of our individual lives. As the Darkness continues to grow, God’s power will be *always* larger. It will be — and already is as we start to see it happen now!! — awe-inspiring! We are so blessed!!!!!

  • Keri Gordon

    Lana, You have been speaking directly to our little church in Freemont, Indian. Many of the congregation is from Coldwater, Michigan. Our church is called Jamestown. Your prophetic words have been exactly in line with what God is showing us and sending out through our worship leader. I just want to thank you and encourage you for being obedient with His word.

  • Mark

    Good Day to you Lana, and thank you for your obedience to the Word of Faith at this hour, for as you are already aware this is the LAST HOUR, some call it the ingathering of souls into the Kingdom of God. I also have witnessed this in the Spirit and the seriousness of the hour we live in. It all will be focused on the Cross and what Christ accomplished for us there, For He has a PARDON in one hand and a SWORD in the other, as have been done to me so I freely give what God has and is continually working in me calling the church back to God through repentance and accepting His Pardon of Forgiveness. Refuse this Pardon from Heaven and the consequences will be His Sword. h Yes, I receive the word God has given and I am well motivated now. Thank you my dear sister.

    • elly

      Isn’t it so fun how God has been warning and preparing SO MANY of us for this moment?! When we share with one another, it *truly* feels like we are all in that one big, Life-Giving River together! So cool!! ♡


    This message was passed onto me by a friend, thank you the word is timely.Much of this message has been prophesied over our church Cross Roads Ministries in Australia.