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The past few days the Lord keeps highlighting compasses to me in the spirit. I had a vision where I saw many of God’s people seeking Him for direction and wisdom on which door to walk through, wisdom on decisions for the future. 
I saw Jesus walk up to each one and hand them a beautiful gold, sparkling heavenly compass and it only had ONE DIRECTION on it. TRUE NORTH!!! 
I noticed that no matter which way the people of God stepped, whether to the left or to the right or there were attempts to steal their focus off Him, there was like this heavenly magnetic pull that pulled the people of God back to focus… HIM!!!! 
As God’s people kept their eyes on Him, no matter how many doors, opportunities or circumstances pressed them on either side, as they fixed their gaze on Him, as their eyes locked, I looked deep into His eyes and I saw WISDOM. In His eyes I saw a corridor of many doors representing decisions needing to be made and the Lord was HIGHLIGHTING the ‘next step, the next doors’ to walk through. Wisdom and answers were being found in fixing eyes with His. 
I was suddenly surrounded by this sense of SUPRISE and then the Lord spoke. “Many are going to be surprised by the doors I lead them through in this season. Doors that were completely unexpected but these doors are going to BREAK limitations and ceilings off My people and bring them to a greater level of soaring in Me. New levels of freedom, manifested freedom that is already theirs, will suddenly bloom as they move through these doors and even though they are unexpected doors, there are TIDAL WAVES of peace that will overwhelm My people. The peace that surpasses all understanding and from these unexpected doors, even when it may not make earthly sense, it is the wisdom of My heart, it will bring UPGRADE AND INCREASE in the manifestation of dreams and destiny with great favour.”
New directions await bringing greater heavenly alignment, new networks, new connections, new opportunities completely unexpected but saturated in the wisdom and peace of God, leading His people to new levels of dream and destiny BREAKTHROUGH! 
Do not stress or be anxious over the decision. Fix your eyes on His, wisdom will be seen and as you step through the door He is leading you to, limitations and ceilings that have kept you bound for years will SUDDENLY BREAK and you will SOAR HIGHER by the empowerment and leading of His Spirit than ever before. 
“Your ears shall hear a voice behind you saying “This is the way, walk in it” when you turn to the left or to the right (Isaiah 30:21)


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