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The enemy is causing a “flare up” of issues in the lives of many believers right now, but that’s because as you continue to stand and go deeper in Him, Jesus is coming with His mighty hand and UPROOTING the enemy in your life! The Lord knows how hard and long the battle has been. He knows you are weary! He is fighting for you! The area that has been your greatest battle, the area that has refused to bow IS COMING OUT!!!! It is literally about to be broken open by the hand of God to release your greatest triumph, testimony, victory song and breakthrough yet!
The giant that has raised its ugly head up this week, you are going to stand on its head in Jesus name and not only that, you will overcome and be propelled higher and further forward!

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  • Saskia Schutte

    Amen!! Amen …. I truly agree, he stuck out his head of doubt and fear last night in my life. My son and I are standing in faith for past 13years for a HUGE miracle. Last night the day after his 17th birthday we just started to quarrel, then we ended up screaming and fighting … we were in the car at that stage. He jumped out of the moving verchile. He is fine, by The GRace of GOd. Smached knee … but the emotional turmoil … Now I know … why it happen, it just came out of the blue ….us fighting. I will preserver in faith. And WE will SEE the miracle working Power of God Move on our behalf. HIS WHOLENESS in Jesus Name. Blessings Saskia from South Africa

  • Tara Ross

    I know that the enemy is after God’s kids because last Sunday after church at lunch I got some food stuck in my throat and if if was not for God’s intervention I could have died, and I am not the only believer who has gone thru this, but 2 others had the same thing happen to them also.
    Satan is trying to take out God’s kids. Praise God that He is above our enemy and will defeat him in the end.
    Praise our Great God !!!!

  • Aida

    This whole weekend is a major satanic witchcraft weekend (on a global scale). Tomorrowland (occultic event) from 22-24 July, sweeps the masses into Lucifarian initiation and worship. It coincides with the first Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem on Friday; the Bohemian Grove rituals by leaders on Saturday and CERN portal openings to gods of Destruction and Death (Shiva & Kali). Google all this, the facts speak for itself.
    This coming Saturday in JHB in the Dome the “Tomorrowland” occultic event wants to open up the underworld gates over SA and the world and many other evil things. NOW IS THE TIME FOR INTENSE INTERCESSION. PLEASE INCLUDE THIS IN YOUR WARFARE PRAYERS AND LOCK SHIELDS ??????

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    AMEN GLORY BE TO GOD!!!☺Thank you jesus????????????Thank you jesus!! Yes!!???

  • Deborah Lobo

    Amen n Amen!!!! Thank you Jesus!! Love You Lord ??
    Lana, God bless you and thank you so much. I’ll keep reading this post to stay encouraged.

  • Heidi

    Thanks for your faithfulness in hearing the Lord and sharing Lana. Your words have meant a lot to me over the past couple of years.

  • Cyndi M Figueroa

    Jesus there are no words !
    Lana !!! This entire week starting on Sunday NIGHT the enemy has been busy but thanks be to Jesus Christ our king for going before us !
    Continue with your obedience to Jesus Christ ! You don’t understand how this has blessed me ?????

  • Stephanie

    AMEN!! What a miracle this message is for me this morning. I literally have been so afraid that I’ll miss the breakthrough and my destiny because of this area internally in my heart that has refused to bow andnincan literally feel the pain of this root that hasn’t come out. I was pressing and shoving and trying so hard last night and felt so much shame for striving that I cried out in so much exhaustion from this 6 year battle that I’m so tired and can barely do it anymore. So much shame from issues the enemy has brought up through dreams and shame that stem from this internal area that refuses to bow down. This is literally for me!!! And I take it with so much thankfulness to gods mercy that is so so sweet!! Thank you lord Jesus!!!

  • wk

    Tks Lana. You are always such a beautiful blessing to me. This word was just for me. I’ve been going through such a long battle. This word is so refreshing.

  • Robear

    Hello Lana, Wow, this is truly an amazing prophetic words, spoken for my Now situation. Yes the enemies, I have encountered this week has been been dealing with. I refuse to bow to his demands, in the name of Jesus !!!!!!!
    Glory to God !! The battle is the Lord’s ! I have the Victory !!! I am highly favored of the Lord !!! I’m Coming Out !!!! I decree it, in Jesus name !!!
    Awesome, this is so awesome to hear, Breakthrough in the natural, and in the spiritual realm for me. Thank you my Daddy, for fighting for me. !!

  • Theresa

    Yes, this ‘wave’ came – and I asked the Lord what is this? I needed to hear from Him on what was happening. He asked me to meditate on Joshua 14… the division of the land after crossing over, Caleb had to war (still) to enter into his inheritance; the Lord kept him youthful; ready to enter in what was promised. Joshua (too) was dwelling ‘in his inheritance’ but the others had to go out to places unknown and separate and disperse as Father God designates. That was accepted in drawing ‘lots’. He keeps saying stay close to Him and told me that this time is to learn His strategies…also giving me little ‘winks’ of His promise to me .to let me know His heart
    He is doing deep heart work in His people who are listening. <3

  • Theresa

    …continuing with Joshua 14; I sense the numbers and the ‘lots’ have more meaning but I have not had this opened up to me yet Those particular points and points in other chapter, I sense a parallel. I’ve asked the Lord to go deeper with me in these things. These are part of the strategies and knowledge He wants us to be aware of going forward as well as the LOVE – as I go deeper, He shows me even more than I ever saw in scripture.
    I am seeing things I never saw before.

  • Judith

    Thank you Daddy God Jesus Holy Spirit for you my life and my love ones lives have been so hard for so long I have had to live a man Father as well for my love ones even in the church’s I had to go to my Lord send me to pray for having to do battle against the error and warfare healing covering Pastor etc some come against me in prayer group 34 women 3 prayed against me spit venom snake poison at me hit my mouth 2 Monday night prays and the leader let them this hurt me cause his 3 grandchildren the mom and dad on dope did not want them om Jezebel spirit took over my son and his families llives she and xhusband the Dad used him blinded my son him he send children back to grandparents I can’t see them now 3 years they and i hurt so

  • Judith

    Your word Daddy God shows you have deeply touched me for when I pray I see what he shows you it has encouraged me so but now they don’t care about backing me up in prayers I have not been taken seriously by Pastor as well so remember they want to shut the Prophets well we need help I walk alone now in Church keep us in prayer thank you again for your all

  • margaret Lee

    Dear Lana,
    I am your intercessor and I love you and adore you for your anointing and unselfish love to share visions with us! I will pray for safe journey for you to the West Coast. My home town San Jose is only 1 hour drive from San Francisco. Recently I have been receiving tons of visions from the Holy Spirit about soon coming calamities to the West Coast . Please ask God for mercy and grace for the West Coast, especially San Francisco since tsunami/earthquake will happen in near future (most likely in the month of October)
    God bless!
    Love, Margaret

  • Melinda

    I saw where there are marriages needing deliverance and God has called me to pray for marriages. I declare unity, harmony and peace to every marriage that is struggling in the name of Jesus. I bind up the enemy from every marriage that God has joined together for God says that what He has joined together let no man put usunder in Jesus name, amen and amen.

  • ASR Martins

    Hi Lana/Kevin
    I enjoy your posts so much! Absolutely from the heart of God! I even share a lot of these posts on my own websites on a daily basis and I use it as quotations in my books quite often. Thank you so much for the good work you both do for the Lord and for the body of Christ.
    Just one thing though, You and Kevin make use of this phrase quite often: “Jesus/God is fighting for you” which might might cause misunderstandings. Please check out this post:
    Can you please tell me what you think of that?

  • heartpeace

    Thank You Father God! Yes! Literally Lana. This exact thing happened in my life last week. Traumatic memories unearthed via a customer with strong mental issues. Since I’ve experienced terror at the hands of a mentally unstable young man before, it caused internal anxiety to rise up within me. BUT GOD. HE continued to whisper to my heart, “I will not let him harm you”. We are in training! What we learn today, we will take with us tomorrow as we face a similar challenges. As Lana said, “We are overcoming, moving onward and upward!!” Bless you, in the power and might of our Lord Jesus Christ !!

  • Charlene Bontrager

    Testimony of Praise: Two relationships with family members mended. Wisdom coming in waves! Revelation pouring! Old being washed away. He is GOD Jehovah Forever!!!