Prophetic Words


I saw a specific attack being released against many in the body of Christ in the area of “hope”. The enemy coming against many to steal and crush hope.
I saw the enemy bringing curveballs into the lives of the people of God to shatter their hope. As these curveballs were being sent against many of the people of God, I saw these ones standing on a baseball playing field and Jesus was standing behind them as they BOTH held the bat.
They were in position and they were ready. As these curveballs began to come towards them with one swift hit these balls went higher and further out than they imagined it could go.
As I saw the balls going higher and higher into the sky I saw angels catching these curveballs and they blew upon these curveballs and threw these balls back to the people of God. AS these balls were released from these angelic hosts they began to explode open and I saw it raining and the rain was coloured all the colours of the rainbow over the people of God and as it began to fall upon them, it turned to liquid gold.
I sensed the Lord saying a few things out of this encounter:
Do not be discouraged by curveballs that are coming your way. Be in position with Him. Continue to abide in Him and as they come to you, then declare that which He is speaking. Declare His Word, for He is training His people in faith and demonstrating the power of declaration in His Word.
The enemy is releasing this attack on hope because the Lord is turning these curveballs into blessings. What the enemy is sending to steal your hope as you stand in Him, He is turning and bringing the MANIFESTATION RAIN of His promises over your life where you will not only see the promises of God burst forth in the areas these curveballs were sent but MORE than was sent to distract you.
Many of these curveballs are being sent to distract and defer the people of God from the vision and assignments the Lord has placed before them, so it is crucial that the people of God keep their focus and their echo. I heard the Lord saying it is important that the people of God are living in ECHO. Echoing what His Word says, and what He is proclaiming. Do not move from that place of echo.
Do not look at the curveballs being sent your way, for they are sent as a distraction and to crush and steal your hope. Guard your hope by staying deep in the Word, and having your mind focused solely upon Jesus and His promises.
I also saw this liquid gold being released over many of the people of God and instantly knew this was an anointing to move in greater excellence and ease. That as the people of God abide in Him and live in His echo, He is bringing about a heavenly multiplication. That what the people of God place their hands upon that He is breathing on, He is going to cause to double and triple. What would be the normal outcome and process in the “natural realm” is being bypassed and a great multiplication is taking place.
Stay in position with Him and stay deep in His Word. Continue to echo what He is saying and you will see natural processes bypassed. A great multiplication come into your life. The maths of heaven displayed in your life where great favour and increase will abound.
These curveballs are simply to knock you out of the place of contending and moving into this place of multiplication. You are being trained and stretched, your faith muscles built.
There is no need to fear!
There is an invitation to move into multiplication where 2+2 will not equal 4, but SO MUCH MORE!
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  • [email protected]

    Goodmorning Lana! Praise the Lord for this word! Was just sharing with my husband yesterday that I need to keep my HOPE in the Lord concerning his bussiness. He has been struggling with the bussiness and it has been really challenging. In saying that I know that the Lord is with him. He is spiritually not at the same place as me and I am praying for him to trust the Lord. When I got this word on hope, I know that the Lord is encouraging me to continue TRUSTING HIM and that the breakthrough is coming, although in the natural is is difficult. I thank the Lord for speaking through you and am greatly encouraged! Bye for now. God bless. Glenda Steele here from South Africa Richards Bay.
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  • Elsie Bouwman

    Oh this is delightful. Just over an hour ago, I had heard in my heart the word “echo” and didn’t know exactly why. Now I know!! Thank You for revealing it here Lord. Thank you for the SO MUCH MORE!!