Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Last night I had a dream that had many layers to it but I felt the Lord wanted me to release part of the prophetic word contained in this dream.
In the dream I began to boldly prophesying “GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!!!!”.
Instantly the sense surrounded me of the encouragement of God to those who feel like they have been overlooked, those who feel like they have been forgotten by the Lord and those who feel like they have not been seeing the fruit of the labours.
I want to prophesy over you today that the Lord has not forgotten you. I prophesy over you in the name of Jesus Christ that your best days are upon you and the Lord is setting the stage for your greatest days of breakthrough, divine connections, networking, suddenly moments and fruitfulness.
Many of you have been feeling like your land has been dry, you have sowed for SO long and you have not seen the fruit of your sacrifices and the seeds of obedience, but friends, the Lord has NOT forgotten you.
In the dream after I prophesied about not being forgotten, the presence of God so strongly in the room, I opened my mouth and decreed:
“You are NOW moving into your greatest days of seeing the GREATEST DEMONSTRATIONS of the FAITHFULNESS OF GOD that you have ever seen before.”
Where the enemy has attempted to keep you in darkness, where the enemy has whispered to give up on your promises or give up hope on the breakthrough, the Lord is BREATHING HOPE on your breakthrough. He is breathing LIFE on your dry bones. He is breathing LIFE on the PROMISES that even YOU have FORGOTTEN.
The Lord is calling many of you out of the caves of HIDING. Where you have felt forgotten and like nothing is ever going to shift, the Lord is TURNING THE LIGHTS ON. He is turning the LIGHTS ON YOUR PROMISES by His faithfulness and His truth. He is bringing you back into the light. No longer will you be tormented and crushed by the heavy feeling that the Lord has forgotten you, the EXACT OPPOSITE is about to be demonstrated.
The Lord is about to show you how He is PRESENT with you, how He is FOR YOU and how He has NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and about to release to you blessings in acceleration and increase bigger than you have even imagined. (Ephesians 3:20, Amos 9:13-15)
I also saw MANY who are feeling overlooked in being used by the Lord. Many who have been feeling like their giftings or their destiny has been lost or forgotten, I prophesy over you right now in the name of Jesus that SUDDEN POSITIONING is coming upon you by the hand of God. Many that have been overlooked, God is going to now position in this season at the forefront to CARRY a fresh move of His Spirit.
I also saw those like David who have been “out in the field”, stewarding with purity, integrity and obedience what the Lord has called them to, and worshipping the Lord and investing into their relationship with God… I prophesy over you in the name of Jesus, the Lord is now calling for you and you are about to be anointed and appointed for a great move of the Spirit of God. Now is your time. The call may feel greater than you can carry, the assignment may feel larger than you imagined, but the Lord has been preparing you in the field for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.
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  • Maria Ramos

    Amen!!!? I Receive it in Jesus Name!? Thank you so Much for Shareing the Word Merry Christmas Pastor Lana May God Continue to Bless you in A Mighty way!???

  • Anna

    Oh my word!!! Yesterday at 2pm central time in the US, I got a word for a guy that I plan to share with him today. I heard the same word ” you are not forgotten. You are not over looked”
    Wow!!! Yes Jesus!!!! We say Yes!!!!!

  • Lauretta Graham

    Yes ma’am this word speaks to me from the Lord. I Expect the Expected from the Lord with Tangible Manifestations in Jesus name.

  • Nahomie Riche

    Thank you Lana. Still in The fire. I wish it was over. The LORD has been encouraging me but I still wish it was just time for things to be over. I’m so tired of the pain ( literally, I look like death) and the harassment from the enemy, Satan. I know The LORD is doing His good work but I’m so tired of it. I just want it to be over. Love The LORD, I just wish it was over now. I still hold on to HIS Words by the many different ways HE has spoken, I had written them down. I was hoping to be done before this year is over to be in the new place HE has prepared for me… Anyways GOD bless you and Merry Christmas thank you again for the wonderful service that you do unto The Lord. I was very happy to recieve another prophectic Word from you. It helps keep me going.

    • Jenni Mertz

      Dear Nahomie,
      I am sorry you have been in such a long season of loss and hard. I can hear the weary and yet I bless you for choosing Jesus and hope in it. May you know the peace and nearness of Jesus and ministry of Holy Spirit right now. The tender way of Father touching your heart and tears that bring healing to your deeps that have no words right now. You are loved in this place and don’t need to strive to receive His love. I am praying for you right now and know your heart will be touched because of who God is and His ways of moving toward us always.

  • Marion Male

    Thanks so much Lana. What a blessing your words where today… After 35 years on the mission field was feeling just like all you said in your message…. I am so encouraged that the best is yet to come and God is faithful to His Word. Thank you.

  • Joseph d angione

    Great I receive this in the name of Jesus praise God forevermore thank you and I love you more than you could well imagine

  • Susan

    Thankyou Lana for being a stream of refreshing encouragement. Gods bless you and your family this Christmas and abundantly in 2018.

  • Tim

    Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord, Lana. I have never commented here before, and seldom ever comment anywhere, but the last few days have been inspired to do so.
    I was led to your ministry through another highly spiritual website, and always look forward to reading what you hear from the Lord. I knew when you quoted the Lord’s Word to Zerubabbel through the prophet Zechariah (not by power, nor by strength, but by My Spirit!) that you are the “real deal”!
    The very last paragraph in this message is what inspired me to write, specifically being “out in the field” and “INVESTING into their relationship with the Lord”. Immediately I thought of my own understanding of late, about “buying gold from the Lord, refined in His fire” (Revelation 3:18). Like you, I feel we are on the verge of a breakthrough – my pastor says she feels it is “our season”!
    God bless you, and “be strong” (more of the Lord’s Words to Zerubbabel).

  • Evangelist Cotia

    Truly there is no doubt that the Lord has revealed this to Lana surely everything that she has spoken here about God has not forgotten you is truly a sentiment to exactly what my husband and I are going through. Also the words she spoke is another confirmation regarding “Suddenly” glory to God. I thank and praise the Lord for using Lana to speak these prophetic words over the body of Christ. We needed to hear these words it’s been almost 7 long years of constant diabolical attacks against us from every end by people who live close to us in our neighborhood who’s hatred is so deep they did everything they could to harm us and to destroy our name and character because they are haters of God and haters of His people. We are trusting in the Lord to deliver us from their plots,plans, pits and attacks that God exposes them and remove them out of our neighborhood they are demon possessed they thrive of doing wickedness they do not want to change or stop. God is good, we will fulfill what God has called us to do in the ministry.. God bless Lana and her whole family

  • SylviaJune Montpellier & DL,

    Thank YOU Lana. I have been weeping,weeping, feeling so alone, no family around me at all, several yrs now,,again living in a shoe box so small no room to move around in for 3 yrs now,,a 23ft Motor home , has been my home on wheels,,$12.000. a month is all I had for income, its been so difficult to survive on nothing,, 3 always represents GOD to Me,, He gave me Great Faith to endure through it all,, I have a prayer language & I continually use it, In Jesus Name I stand firm and will not be shaken, but every leaf has been shaken off my Tree of life,,but I will not be discouraged, Lana you confirmed God has Not forgotten me,,In Jesus Name I Trust God in everything, & Thank Him for my Breakthrough Now is the Season for my every need to be met, He gave me a green light to go look for a 5th wheel camper its a 40ft brand new Sandpiper, lots of room my new home on wheels, to be delivered 2nd of Jan, 2018, God ownes every thing so it will be paid in full, Yes & Amen Thank you Lord for your Faithfulness to me always, I’m a strong Intercessor, and deep in the prophetic & I see God sending me through out the Nations ministering His Love to all His people encouraging them.. Continually Be Blessed Lana in your prophetic words for many of us are experiencing Break through, Now this very same self moment,. In the mighty Name of Jesus, Lovingly in Christ’s Love Sylviajune,,

  • Deborah L Craig

    Thank You Lana’ God Bless You & your family. Thank you for this message so needed to remind me Gods promises are true & coming soon’ Hallelujah hallelujah!!!

  • LTA

    I love to hear those words…. It has been so long, at least 25yrs.. of attacks, loosing possessions, interfering relatives taking my place with my grown kids…. telling horrble lies on me, the church telling my daughter to cut me off…. cause of my emails!!! another church has these lonely women elders who think my girls are open game for them to
    adopt like, call, buy $200. worth of stuff for them…etc… turning them against me with hearing complaints on me…. i don’t see or know some of my grandkids… my older son has tried to get married, many times but his job , marine stuff, oil field, flying small plane etc… takes him out and then the church told several different girls at different times to not marry him, it lust and not God… HORRIBLE>>.. the church has done evil stuff against our family…. a lot of leadership has the 3 houses, lots of money, many friends/social life,fame, planes etc and they don’t understand and judge… lots of separations with my mate of 43 yrs.. a death of son in law, other people coming in and influencing and taking away my other kids… i have been dumped, on holidays i am not allowed in their gathering cause another guy i call wolf is cheating, lies, hates me etc… to my girls, papa listens to him and dumps me… it has just got worse… where the justice, where is the giving me my positions back, my son his marriage… i am on section 8 housing… i used my retirement to help my girls… i limited psychically… and psychologist told my girls to dump me… they did. one daughter told me she went thru 2 sessions and has learned to let go of me, move on with out me….. they better off….. he hooked up to a criminal… police record… this is all wrong…. but i am not honored or heard not allowed to see grandkids…. all i hear is hang on for 25 years…. a lot lost… no i can’t make up not being at my girls births with thier kids.. that is past… it done…over…. lost.
    the restoration is not real to say i will get to go back in time and me that birth mom with my girls..i was not allowed at any of their showers, hospitals, i was told stay away. and the pastor did a court session with me , 5 of his church and 1 of me…had my other daughter read my old emails out loud in the room and said how bad i was… this is YOUR church…. wake up…

  • Heidi Lynn Borden

    This is a very good word that I needed to hear! Thank you so much for your obedience in sharing and lifting up your brothers and sisters in the Lord! Many many blessings to you now and in the coming New Year! In Jesus mighty name!! In His love and grace… Heidi Lynn… Wildflower Christian Films….