Prophetic Words


I saw a lying spirit coming against many in the body of Christ. This lying spirit was not only bringing incredible attacks of the mind, irrational thoughts but it was also bringing with it false accusations. I saw this spirit causing whirlwinds around and upon the people of God to stir up fear, foreboding, despair, confusion and disorientation. Many have been hit by this spirit out of nowhere, suddenly come upon them. This spirit is attacking many with lies upon lies and false accusations because you are stepping into the manifested truth of His promises before you.
I felt the Lord saying "Gird yourself with My truth. I am Your shield and protector. Keep pressing in, hiding in Me, and we will move forward together. You are moving into some moments of TRUTH BREAKTHROUGH! Where you shall see the power of My Word SUDDENLY shatter strongholds, SUDDENLY bring healing, SUDDENLY bring freedom and SUDDENLY bring increase and restoration. In the midst of this battle, your faith is being tested, but you are being strengthened as you press into Me. You are learning how to WAR and how to war FROM the place of VICTORY. The lying spirit is telling you OPPOSITE to what I am doing. Where the enemy is attempting to sow seeds of lies, is the platform for your TRUTH BREAKTHROUGH!!!! Get the "soil" of your heart ready for a seed of My truth that will change EVERYTHING. Keep truth before you, for your pathway of vindication, breakthrough, healing, provision, recompense, redemption and freedom is before you as you are carried into it by the POWER of My Word. Your "YES" and "AMEN" is aligning you with My heart and My Word to bring about some of the greatest demonstrations of the power of My Word before you."
Stare that lying spirit in the face and declare His truth. Do not give this spirit your "YES". Gird yourself with His truth and KNOW that you are TRAMPLING on the HEAD of this lying spirit, this serpent of death, to step HIGHER and FURTHER into LIFE in Him, step deeper into whirlwinds of heavenly suddenly’s and new realms of TRUTH BREAKTHROUGH.
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  • Lidia Hidalgo

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    | | | Yes Lord, my God and my Father who is in heaven, Lord I believe, receive and agree in spirit and in truth this word whichYou are sending to me to be alert, to be awaken, to call unto Your help, and Your angelical hosts to re-inforce the borders of our lives, for me and my son, my daughter, grandaughters, and grandsons, as well as my daughter inlaw, and my son inlaw, Lord God in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, reinforce the walls of protection, walls of fire Lord God intensified the heat against the dards of the enemy, reinforce Lord God their Shield of protection, ancamp Your Angelical Hosts all around each and everyone of them, Lord God our Heavenly Father be with my family and rebuke the whiles of the devil down in el Salvador, Lord God deffit the enemies plan, frustrade his plans, Lord God dimolishe all the strongholds, principalities, Lord God bring them down break the back of the devil in the name of Jesus, Father my God, my hope, You are with my family there to fight for them, there in El Salvador, Lord shield them and never leave them nor forsake them Father God You are the Father that my chidren never had, please Dear deffender of the poors stay near to my blood, my family, my decendants Lord God please stay near don’t let Your guard down Divine and Heavenly “ABBA” You are our Father and our only Family we have that we can really count on You Lord God, In the Holy Name of Jesus! Amen! Lord and Heavenly Father of us all our lives my family and mine we are all in Your Blessed hands I give You Father God full charge over my children’s and grandchildrens, I trust them all in Your Blessed hands, thank You in Jesus’s Name, Amen!
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