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I have been feeling the Lord saying “fire and favour” on families. The Lord is doing a DEEP work right now in the family unit. His Spirit is moving powerfully and bringing healing, restoration and freedom to families.
Last year, I had an encounter with the Lord where I saw the fire of God falling on houses and restoring family unit’s and Jesus walking through houses bringing healing. When I felt the Lord begin to speak again on “fire and favour” on families, I asked Him for greater clarity.
I then heard the words “Now is the time for the DOUBLE PORTION”. There has been breakthrough’s that have begun in family unit’s that began last year for many, but suddenly now there is a momentum in the Spirit that is happening in an acceleratory way. Where ground has begun to break, double portions are going to begin to manifest. Where there has been shame and dishonour in families, as the people of God have not given up and remained positioned, the Lord is doing a sudden work in families.
Many have felt like they were at the end of their rope with contending, praying and believing for breakthrough, healing and restoration of family, but I want to encourage you, not only is there breakthrough and healing in the atmosphere but it’s time for a double portion of fire and favour of the Lord in family units. Don’t stop crying out to the Lord. His heart is for family. His heart is for restoration and healing. Keep your heart in check before the Lord in the area of forgiveness and love. He is bringing healing to your heart!!
The fire of God is falling in exponential ways to bring a cleansing, a purifying, a strengthening, a refining and a sharpening. Passion is being reignited. As the people of God are crying out for their family units, where hurt, pain and issues have become so overwhelming and the focus of Jesus has been lost, He is taking His place again. He is taking His place again as the centre. Revival is breaking out in families. It’s time for a mass revival of the family unit on a corporate scale.
Marriages are being and going to be restored suddenly. I saw “honeymoon” periods being restored in marriages. Do not give up seeking the Lord for your marriage. The Lord is bringing increase and strengthening to many good, strong marriages, and He is bringing healing, refreshing restoration and freedom to the marriages that have been struggling and broken as His people cry out.
I also saw many children holding keys. Many children are about to have encounters with the Lord that are going to be given keys to release healing, restoration, healing and impartations into families. Listen to what your children are hearing from the Lord, listen to the encounters that they are having, allow them to pray for you, for the Lord is using the children to bring significant impartations, atmospheric shifts and ‘game changers’.
Favour is being released on family units that is going to release financial pressures, releasing heavy burdens and crippling circumstances. I saw the favour the Lord is releasing on family units bringing a “breath of fresh air and refreshing” over those family units that are being stressed, stretched and pressed on every side. The Lord is releasing surprise moves of His favour that is going to bring an ‘ease’ upon many family units.
Don’t give up contending for your family unit, for your marriages etc. The Lord is doing a deep, sudden work in the family unit and revival is and will increasingly break out in the family unit.
The Lord is doing this accelerated work in the family unit not only to bring breakthrough and healing to His people, but to move His people further forward and out into society as an example of how to do marriage and family well. The testimonies that come out of this season of seeing the Lord bring healing, refreshing, revival, strengthening and increase is going to see MANY broken families in society come into the Kingdom BECAUSE of your testimony.
Fire and favour is falling on the family unit! Keep crying out.. He not only hears.. He is moving on your behalf.


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  • Julie

    Just in the nick of time. I have been going through hell with my adult son and am getting really weary and tired of his games and rebellion. I have — for years — fasted, prayed, forgiven and given him more aid than he ever deserved and I’m about to throw in the towel and tell him to get lost.
    Pray for me. I need this word.

  • Weary

    As always God’s word through you is always a word in season.I and so many others long to be part of what he says he is doing but past history of believing and being disappointed time after time has really taken a toll as this word says. I struggle trying to keep on believing that God will honour my stand as my marriage has been finished for 18years in society’s eyes. I meant the vows I spoke before God&will continue to stand. I must draw a line in the sand and say thus far and no further for my family and our future generation. It has been so difficult for too many of us in the waiting and the knocks but even though I may not have done things brilliantly I am still standing for what I believe is possible. Can’t imagine what the result might have been without God carrying the greatest part of the load.My fault for not giving it all to him. Struggling that he will do this amazing thing for all others (which is wonderful)but isn’t seeing or hearing my crys for a family on fire for him. (Being truthful). Please God no more missing out!

    • Kristine

      Beautiful word though sometimes God draws a line and says no more…you are dying and I came so you could live. I will rebuild you elsewhere and you will still be a family. My family.

  • patricia sperandio

    WOW! What an uplifting word! I’m believing for a miracle to happen in my family! Thank You Lana!

  • Nana Attob

    Yes Family Family Family. The enemy has destroyed my family and my marriage. But I haven’t stopped petitioning the Lord for restoration. It’s been very painful, but I still believe the God of unity and restoration. I keep holding on, pressing in for the long-awaited breakthrough. Come Lord, Come.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Yesterday, while making supper, I heard in my heart “Song of Solomon” and started crying. Was sensing the love that He had when He looked at her through the lattice. Noted today was that my dreams for all my life, people have been distant. They didn’t converse with me, and I didn’t have interaction with them. Saturday, I finally had a dream where there was short conversation with the people in the dream, even prayer and crying together. Last night too, the people were in a room in our house close to me in proximity, and let me know their emotions and what they were doing. I sense that the Lord has felt distance from so many, and there is a coming closer to Him like never before!!Just before waking, I saw the word RESTORE again, and He reminded me, “I will RESTOR the years that the chewing worm, the canker worm, the palmer worm and the locusts have eaten.” Thank You Lord, thank You, that this is what You will do, RESTORE THE YEARS.

  • J

    YES, Praise the LORD!!! HE knew I would be reading and needing THIS today! The breakthrough that began last year started in me. The Lord is daily teaching me how to love my wife and my children the way that HE does. HE is giving me eyes to see them as HE does.
    LORD do a sudden work in my family! Continue what you started in me and finish your work in my family. Fire of God; fall on me in exponential ways to bring cleansing, purifying, strengthening, refining and sharpening. I will NOT give up contending for my family and my marriage! Lord, do a deep, sudden work in my family. Revive our love for you and for each other. Thank you Lord for your MANY blessing and I declare that complete healing and restoration in my family is on its way, even as I speak! In JESUS precious name I pray, AMEN!!!


    Glory to you Father Almight One, Thank you, believing for my family, Restoration as you have spoken it to be,bring forth
    your deliverance Power, into the families, set the captives
    free, asking for unity, in the famliies, set my brother free in Jesus name. Amen and Thank you.

  • Sarah Jane

    The weekend marked the 5th anniversary of my husband packing a suitcase and leaving our three daughters and me after 28 years of marriage. He had met someone else and wanted me to renounce my faith because I was a Christian “fanatic”. I couldn’t do that and so he left leaving us all broken hearted and there then ensued traumatic years of hideous divorce. I thought that my life was destroyed but God has restored all and more.,I thought I could never “move on” or truly heart forgive and although I went through the motions to forgive and say the right things, my heart had not truly forgiven.. Recently before our youngest daughters wedding The Lord said that if I truly forgave that He would give me His supernatural power .. So at the wedding I shook hands and embraced my ex husbands wife…as I turned around the table at the front of the ceremony spontaneously crashed to the floor smashing all the glass candle holders. It was a dramatic breaking in the natural realm of that supernatural stronghold of the unforgiven .. Powerful. It was our granddaughters first birthday on Sunday 10th and so we would all be together as a family again. That morning the Lord spoke again .. From the story of the king who was told to smash the arrows on the ground but only tapped them and so lost half his blessing. I realised that was what I had done too as I hadn’t engaged in befriending my ex husbands wife but only greeted her. That afternoon we all sat side by side on our daughters sofa at the birthday party .. Embraced and talked. That was exactly 5 years on and only God could have done this… I am totally free now and so amazed. God is no respecter of person … What he’s done for me He will do for you too .. Don’t block what the. Holy Spirit can do and cooperate in obedience to allow His supernatural power to do only what He can .. Am praying for all the broken families and people above who have commented.. I have the faith to stand in the gap for your breakthrough too. Be encouraged sisters & brothers.

  • lute naborisi

    the deep work in my family is happening right now and quick thank Father for his great faithfuklness and you confirm through the word – the children are activating keys of restoration that has been given to them. Lets lift Jesus Higher He reigns and rules with glorious power and might that supercedes everything. Amen.

  • Dibale

    My Lord and Saviour..Indeed you are our Father your love for us your children is so real..thank you for caring for redeeming us from the pit..for restoring our children to yourself.. for increasing their passion for you and your word..we look forward to more breakthroughs in every aspect of our lives in Jesus’ name.

  • The Dane

    Thank you so much Lana for your obedience and ministry. I have been encouraged so many times by your profetic word and experienced it as “spot on.”God bless you.

  • Carol Wentzel

    Thank you Abba Father for this word. Thank you Holy Spirit for manifesting this word in me and my family’s lives. Thank yoy Jesus for making it all possible.
    I am preesing in and keeping my eye firmly fixed on the goal.
    The Lord bless you and your ministry as you continue to do what you see our Father doing and say what you hear ourFather saying.

  • CC

    This is encouraging and a confirmation of many other words I have received. Please agree with me in prayer that my family would be completely healed and free from a grave in justice and abuse against us. The Lord has done so much! Praise!

  • Beverley Estes

    Please have the LORD walk through my home for healing and through my friends Home Katherina Larson She is very sick and the Dr. only to know to call it Cancer and want to give her Chemotherapy that her blood test show for her it will kill her as she has a very low tolerance to Chemotherapy. I have prayed for her for 40 days and read Ps 91 also each day.The 40 days is long past and I still pray for her and she come to my house and wants prayer. We do every thing God shows us to do and she gets a little better then her family accuser her for not getting chemotherapy. Then she get worse. I encourage her by saying God will witness to them when HE heals you. That is how Jesus did it. HE healed and then they came to HIM. She is getting discouraged and wanting to give up. Now I have yeast something and not sure I should see her until it is gone as I do not want to give her something else. Her arm is swollen 4x’s the size of her other arm. It has huge scabs on it as well as her neck. Please have God walk through her house and mine to show me how HE see who I am and am I doing OK in HIS eyes and heart. I have prayed for other and God has healed them. One man had only 6 mo. to live. Then after prayer 3 weeks later he called me and the Dr. gave him a clear bill of health. Blessings Beverley

  • Judith G Waguespack

    One Monday Prayer night at Church only 3 of us showed up it was ordered of Daddy God The Holy Spirit fell upon me Had me pray for this Delievance couple who are part of the prayer group He sealed their marriage made them one as in John 17 and then Daddy God spoke through me and said that they were going to lay hands on married couples and they were going to go home and lay hands on their children and these children were going to be the ones The Lord God was going to use to bring Revival this is were Revival was going to start through the children your message is confirming what Daddy God Said this was last year around October 2015 all the praise Honor and Glory be unto Him

  • Norma Williams

    Thank you. This is very encouraging. My husband left almost 7 months ago. Weve been married 13 years and have two children. Im trusting God for full restoration. Please pray for us. Thank you! . I will not give up!