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By Lana Vawser 


I heard the Lord say “Fear is going to break, IN the secret place.” 

The enemy is attempting to keep many of you from the secret place because of assaults of fear and lies that have come against you from the enemy when you have been in that place, seeking God. A spirit of confusion, deception and witchcraft is operating to attempt to sabotage or hinder your destiny and intimacy with Jesus. 

Don’t stay busy to avoid going deep again or allow fear to keep you from going deeper into the secret place with Jesus, because it’s THERE that the fear IS going to break once and for all. 

The enemy knows that, and that’s why he’s doing all he can to keep you from the deeper garden place, chamber of intimacy with Jesus.


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  • Susan M

    Thank You Jesus, no more divination, but only DIVINE DELIGHT in the garden and in the secret place with You, Glorious King! We rest in the shadow and power and love of the Most High, Alleluia!!!!! OVERFLOW BLESSINGS, dear Lana and Kevin…Shalom…agape…

  • Jacquie Moore

    That is certainly an answer to my prayers. Praise God for knowledge and you being lead by the Spirit

  • Lois

    Thank you…the struggle to pray has been so extremely difficult…thank You Lord Jesus, please come to my rescue.
    God Bless you Woman of God!

  • Zion Hadarah

    In the secret place of His beautiful presence, I have been transformed and made new. In His beautiful presence… that deep peace, stillness, wonderful contentment and satisfaction… it is here that every cell in my body is transformed. Deep pain has been overcome by learning to constantly remain in the secret place of His presence. The Word says the enemy perishes in the presence of God, and fullness of joy is found in His presence. This is real and true! In the secret place of His presence destinies are released and freedom found. Intimacy with God is cultivated and an unbreakable bond formed. In the secret place of His presence, everything changes. Every single day, get into His deep presence, transformation happens, joy unspeakable!!!!

  • :)

    I just wanted to tuck a brief note here. A couple of mornings ago, I awoke to find myself talking to Jesus, and His Presence gently and purposefully drawing near until our hearts were able to knit…
    The last number of years have included a story of spiritual mystery, involving human spirit and demonic intervention…and “secret garden” themes…
    That’s why I winced when you used the secret garden theme (although I understand the purity you meant in it…)
    My heart, as a result of experiences I cannot even really understand, began to even fear the LORD drawing near. The other-worldliness of my experiences – together with the fact that everything was happening on a deeper level than my conscious mind could perceive –

  • :)

    – became the context of my “test.” I began to rely on the LORD even while my heart was “cold”…and I waited on His deliverance…until it came. It has been coming incrementally. He is tenderly drawing me near, knowing full well the level of trauma I have experienced.
    The LORD has never really explained the myriad of experiences I’ve passed through…and this doesn’t really trouble me. He knows that I am the little lamb who desires to continue to linger in His loving care… He knows it all…and I’m content with that. He knows my frame: “He knows [I] am but dust.”
    Bless you for your faithful and loving posts/videos…(they comfort me.)