Prophetic Words


The enemy has been and is attacking the very area God is breathing upon in your life. So be encouraged that great increase and fruitfulness is being released in that part of your life. Prepare the ground for the increase He is releasing by actively standing against the enemy. Sow seeds of His Words of truth and intentionally engage with the territory by dreaming BIG over that land of your life, no matter the lies of the enemy. Know the angels of breakthrough are landing in that land. Like in Daniel 10 where the angel was delayed because of battle, I see angels and an angel of breakthrough is now landing and activating a major tipping point of outpouring of His Spirit in this area and releasing MAJOR increase and fruitfulness. You will rest and enjoy the fruits of increase in the land.



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  • Robearh

    Hallelujah !! Higher Praises lifed up unto thee Almighty God, for I indeed Receive thy Words, this day. Wonderful, Awesome it is as I continue to Stand with you. Shalom !

  • Meshack Baloyi

    The Lord has spoken who is He that he should lie nor need to repent, every word that comes out of his mouth shall come to pass. Amen.

  • Waz

    Um he sure is attacking that area….. relentlessly! Ruthlessly! Cruelty! Devastatingly! Evily!
    I’ve been through some very tough times in my life. Times that would test most comfortable Christians sanity.
    But I’ve never seen anything like the onslaught I’ve had over these last two & a half years. It’s all out warefare from every direction.
    I have learned some very deep wisdom through these things. One is that just as Jesus has a body & we are the eyes, hands, feet etc to accomplish his will here on earth so Satan has a body here on earth too. The people who have given themselves over to him are HIS, eyes, hands, feet, mouths, etc to accomplish HIS will in this realm.
    The light is getting lighter but the dark is getting so much darker. & Satans body is absolutely hating & attacking the body of Christ. Witchcraft is playing a very big part.
    I absolutely believe the messages you have been posting as they are just way too specific to my life fr it to be anything but God, but ….. ooooh the grief & dark night of the sole. To the point where I’ve felt too week to stand up on my feet.
    The false accusations, “ lawfare” the hate from people that I’ve been a blessing to, the treachery, the darkness.
    I’ve obeyed God’s instructions in how to handle these things but am still waiting for him to deliver on his promise of what he is going to do about it. That is very discouraging to have to wait so long but I still believe…. by hangining onto the hem of God. But your words are a balm & comfort to my broken heart dear woman. God bless you.

  • L.M.

    Amen Lord. I was just thinking about Daniel, and this Word came. Thank you Lord for your comfort and confirmation.
    Blessings to you Lana. ?➕??

  • Sandra

    Amen Lord Jesus! Our family is taking back the territory and ask the Lord to download the ability to dream BIG!
    Thank you Lana! Blessings to you and your family!

  • ALC

    Yes! I receive the Word of the Lord. We see the promise land of milk and honey. We are still believing and standing in Faith for the breakthrough. The enemy has been relentless but we will not give up on what we know is true and coming from the Lord himself. It’s been a battle but we stand in the place of victory! Amen

  • Jack wheeler

    Thank you for the gift you share with so many of us. I have endured over 10 years of almost evert imaginable trial to hinder and stop my forward progress in my walk with the Lord. The Father has you in the right place in the right time for such a time as this. I have shared many of those timely words with all of my friends. Just know you are a blessing to the body. You encourage me with every word. Keep it up. I hope to meet you sometime in the future. I live in the desert southwest California . I pray that God increases your gift even more.

  • Debbie

    This is so timely for me, so spot on for me. Thank you for sharing this. God is so good to us. Bless you all

  • Patricia

    I THANK THE LORD for you and your gift. Your timely messages to HIS people. Blessings to you sister, Blessings.

  • Anne Scheepers

    AMEN!!! Please pray for South Africa and that this word will go into fulfillment here.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    ENCOURAGEMENT! At The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses God’s Word is Established. Within a couple of minutes, this JUST Happened …
    Just read, “Wait For It!!” on LinkedIn … right at that moment, an email came in from Elijah List, “Why God Loves It When We ‘Wait’ on Him!” by Robert Hotchkin … AND I was listening to a FoxNews video called, “Dan Bongino: You can’t have a country without borders”! Mr Dan said, “who have waited patiently” … All at Once! All of this after I had a dream a couple of nights ago that we are under Beautiful Open Heavens, and Angels are being dispatched to help us get to our Destiny. In a second dream, it was a Beautiful day and I was on a Bus – we came to a stop as the road had to be cleared of obstacles. I asked the driver what do we do … The driver said, “we need to wait”. I wasn’t going to post this, but as the three confirmations came in just a moment ago, and I had thought of the bus driver dream, I Know that I Know this is Father God bringing Hope and Encouragement to His people. Wait For it! It’s Coming! When Father God Establishes it, It Can’t be Stopped. Much L<3ve!

  • Jane Carlson

    Thank you for helping me focus on the breakthrough in the Daniel Dilemma…keep fighting! The angels hosts of “breakthrough” are coming through in response to my crying out to God! He hears and answers.

  • Laura Yum

    Amen! I receive this message.
    What you have been writing has been on point and aligning with my season. It’s been a very troubling season, but my Lord has been faithful and true, and seeing these prophetic words adds extra confirmation to what He is doing in my life. Bless you Lana!!! Thank you for listening to His voice and encouraging the body!!



  • Tashena Hughes

    Parts of this word has came to pass. The Golden State Killer from the 1970s-1980s was just found after over 40 years of searching. He has been taken into custody at the age of 72, an ex cop, killed 12 people and raped 45 women that they know of. Glory to God and I just found out about this killer minutes before reading this word on YouTube. Glory to God for bringing justice to those families after so many years of fear and heartache.