Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
“Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.” – Matthew 18:18
I had an encounter with Jesus recently and I saw Him placing a mantle upon many prophets in this season to “UNLOCK”. This was a significant shift that was taking place over many prophets, such an increase of prophetic anointing, vision and mantle that was going to bring radical increase of “unlockings” all across the body of Christ and the world.
The Lord was not only releasing these new mantles He was handing out new keys. As I looked at these keys, I knew straight away that these keys were not given lightly. These keys were weighty. These keys carried greater anointing and authority to bring about a great ‘unlocking’. I was surrounded by the sense of deep preparation that these prophets have gone through to carry these keys and to receive this mantle. These prophets have been deep in the fire and found Jesus. They have been in the darkness of battle and hit on every side but remained faithful to Jesus in obedience and anchored upon His Word. They have learned to live by every Word that flows from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4) rather than any other reality. They have committed to a life of chasing after His heart, and releasing in purity and obedience that which He is speaking. They have learnt to not live by man’s agenda or approval but by the agenda and approval of God. There is a deep place of humility that these prophets have found in their recognition of His awe and wonder – they have seen the King of Glory and are not moving in any realm of self-promotion or striving, but the deep place of beauty and intimacy of ministering to Him alone.
These prophets have been through incredible battles lately. The Lord showed me that many of these prophets have been battling such intense warfare and darkness behind closed doors, but have refused to move from what He has said, and cling to Him tighter than ever. They have been facing battles with the enemy, where he is attempting to keep them from what God is unlocking in their lives, but they have found a place of victory even before they see the physical manifestation of breakthrough. They have found a deeper place of victory in the Word of God and what the Lord is speaking. What the enemy meant for their harm, He is turning for their good. The Lord showed me the vision and discernment of these prophets is sky-rocketing and the enemy doesn’t like it. The Lord is using the very tactics and lies of the enemy to teach these prophets greater strategies to unlock, overcome and see these tactics for what they are – lies and smoke screens and mirrors. The Lord is turning the very tactics of the enemy, upon him by not only releasing major vindication, favour and the justice of God upon their lives, but radical increase and double portions being added to them, and taking them to a higher level of heavenly strategy to overcome. The Lord showed me many of these prophets have been in what feels like a ‘boxing match’ with the enemy screaming and throwing punches and even though they feel the effect of the lies of the enemy, they were not harmed by the ‘punches’. The Lord was showing these prophets the “empty threats” of the enemy and leading them into a greater season of unlocking of revelation of the Word of God. The season upon these prophets is actually one of greater increase, favour, anointing and breakthrough and the enemy was fighting that hard, trying to keep them “locked” in fear and captivity to lies and circumstances, but the rhema
Word of God was bringing the breaker to release a great unlocking of blessing and increase in their lives.
In all they have endured and are enduring the Lord has been working deeply, even amongst the enemies tactics and attacks, to prepare these prophets in greater strength, humility and strategy to carry these new mantles and keys.
The Lord showed me that the prophetic utterance, the decrees, the revelation that is being released upon these prophets now is going to release monumental unlocking in the body of Christ, cities and nations. The Lord showed me that such deep revelation is being given to these ones from the Word and flowing from His heart, that they are partnering with the Holy Spirit to UNLOCK what has been “held” or “locked” for such a time as this.
Specific breakthrough, revelation, alignments, blessings and outpourings of God that have been held for this season by the hand of the Lord.
These mantles and keys were engraved with Amos 3:7:
“Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
Such significant increase of revelation of the plans of God are now being released to His servants the prophets, that have been held for this new era, for this new season, and the Lord is having them now decree and release prophetic decrees/words that are carrying such increased anointing and power to UNLOCK that will herald and bring forth some of the greatest moves of the Spirit of God in the body of Christ and the world.
The Lord showed me that many of these prophetic words and keys of strategy of His heart to unlock, are carrying a SUDDENLY anointing. Some of these prophetic words that are being released and will be released through the prophets will bring SUDDEN shifts. There will be visible signs and wonders in the natural of the “UNLOCKING” that has suddenly taken place. There is going to be an even greater demonstration of the power of the voice of God, the Word of God to unlock as the prophetic decree of God goes forth. Signs and wonders will follow these words, the favour of the Lord will drench these prophetic words and bring forth the plans of God SUDDENLY into the body of Christ and in the earth.
Some of these prophetic words are going to bring a shaking, a shaking to man’s agenda and a shaking to anything that is not rooted in what God is building and break off any other agenda but the agenda of His heart, but these prophetic words being sent forth like fire tipped arrows from His heart, are going to break through, prepare and make way for the King of Glory to step in… in His way. Some of these prophetic words are going to bring forth the manifestation of a great rearranging, but it is for increase, it is for His Glory to come, it is to carry the harvest, it is for the extension of the Kingdom, but man’s agenda cannot take precedence over the plans of God. Even in the shaking there will be such a glorious demonstration of His power, His perfect way, His heart and His Glory! The King of Glory stepping in, in power!
The Lord showed me that these prophets would be releasing prophetic words and decrees that will bring a great “unlocking” of what the enemy has stolen and held captive. What the enemy thought he could lock away from God’s people through his thieving. This is the season where that is being given back and more. (Proverbs 6:31) This is a season of gathering the spoils and gathering the plunder. There has been great warfare for many where the enemy has continued to attack and bring delay, but the Lord is releasing His decrees that are bringing forth a great unlocking, and it is an unlocking of acceleration and increase.
There is going to be an increase in prophetic revelation and decree through the prophets operating in this “unlocking mantle” that is going to activate a greater tipping point shift of restoration, repayment and recompense. There has been incredible battle for many of these prophets in their own lives over the restoration, repayment and recompense but the shift is taking place right now, where these prophets are gathering their spoils and increase in greater ways and will be releasing greater prophetic revelation from the heart of God and His Word that will activate a breaker anointing to UNLOCK what has been held back by the enemy in the body of Christ.
I also saw an increase of the “unlocking mantle” upon the prophets and I saw the prophets that had eyes like EAGLES and OWLS. They had the EYES of higher hindsight and insight and also had a significant increase in eyes to see in the dark, and see the strategy of the enemy and call it forth to bring it to naught even before the enemy has a chance to bring it forth, like Elisha who heard the plans of the King in his bedroom. (2 Kings 6:12)
The enemy has come against the vision of the prophets strongly, bringing a haze, or confusion, a foreboding, a fear, and twisting of what is really happening in the spirit through his smoke and mirror lies and deception. That is why it is crucial right now that the prophets are deep in the Word as well as the body of Christ. The Lord is exposing the lies, bringing truth and lifting His people to a higher reality – His reality – what He speaks.
I saw the Lord in visions and dreams taking these prophets above cities and nations of the world and they were carrying the keys the Lord had given them. I saw their eyes burning on fire, the fire of His presence, the fire of His sight, the fire of His sense of love, and they were looking with the eyes of EAGLES and the eyes of OWLS. They were uncovering the plans of the enemy and UNLOCKING the strategy of God through prophetic decrees and intercession and I watched as the TREASURE OF THE CITIES were being unlocked. The things the enemy and his demonic forces were guarding and trying to keep God’s people from seeing or releasing, the Lord was uncovering and releasing such significant revelation, that as they decreed the TREASURE of God placed within the cities and nations, there was a great UNLOCKING in the natural that was taking place. Not only were places guarded and taken by the enemy for such a long time, being unlocked and his ground being lost, but suddenly I heard the Lord say “THE SONGS OF CITIES AND NATIONS ARE BEING RESTORED.”
They were the SONGS that the Lord has sung over the city, over the nation that the enemy has worked so hard to hide and cover with static, lies, darkness and evil, suddenly through these prophets and their decree of what they see through His eyes and heart of love, the SONGS OF DESTINY that he has placed within them, His dreams, were suddenly being sung LOUDER than ever.
Many wells, treasures and heavenly portals will be opened up over cities and nations in greater ways in this season through many prophets operating in the greater increase of these “mantles to unlock” and keys given to them by the Lord.
I felt as this increase is taking place and as the “mantle to unlock” is increasing, I felt a warning from the Lord for these prophets. I felt the Lord’s heart to encourage these ones to guard what the Lord has given you and what He gives you (revelation, insight, favour, opportunity etc) with great wisdom. It is imperative in this increase and this new realm of “unlocking” to be using the wisdom and discernment of God. To be continually asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom in sight, release, stewardship and guarding the revelation that He is giving. To not rush, but rest, seek, ask, knock, inquire of the Lord in the stewardship of the revelation He is releasing. For the unlocking is going to come in different wants to what some expect.”Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” – Matthew 7:6
I felt strongly that the Lord wants to increase the wisdom upon the prophets to steward the revelation that He is giving. The Lord will be releasing such significant insight and secrets of His heart to bring about this great unlocking, it must be steward with wisdom, released in the right avenues and shared in the right ways.
“And if anyone longs to be wise, ask God for wisdom and He will give it!” – James 1:5 (The Passion Translation)
I heard the Lord say:
“I am unlocking to bring forth increase and My justice!”
The prophetic words and decrees through these prophets in this season is to release the Lord’s heart and manifestation of INCREASE and to bring forth the justice of God.
“Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him! People of Zion, who live in Jerusalem, you will weep no more. How gracious he will be when you cry for help! As soon as he hears, he will answer you.” – Isaiah 30:18-19
“When the justice of God is served, the lovers of God celebrate and rejoice; but the wicked begin to panic.” – Proverbs 21:15 (The Passion Translation)
This great shift that will be released through many prophets in this season carrying the “unlocking mantle” and the keys that Jesus gave them, will not only see the Lord release significant increase upon the body of Christ, cities and nations, but also their own lives.
I saw the Lord tipping the scales and He is bringing forth His justice in many ways for the people of God and the prophets right now. There is going to be great joy in the unlocking and great joy in the justice of God being demonstrated.
To those that will carry these mantles and keys, do not give up! Continue to stand your ground and hold His hand, for He is moving you into a greater realm of insight, revelation and clarity to partner with Him to see a mighty UNLOCKING take place in significant ways through the prophetic words He gives you to release. You’re going higher!


  • Natalie

    Oh praise God. As I read this, I had just woken up from intense warfare through this night. I decree that the Lord is releasing the Dragonslayer Anointing in this new season.

  • Dominique

    Lord Jesus thank you for this amazing word thank you that this is a confirmation Lord thank you for my Mantle coming out of your throne room. I bless your Holy wonderful name I take this word by FAITH in the name of Jesus for myself my husband my daughter and my family and friends?

  • Nahomie Riche

    Yes Lord Yes. Thank you Lana for delivering this is my life your talking about- I speak for myself. I know there are others that have gone and is going through through similiar things and i cant wait to meet them when the time is right and by the alignment of The Lord. I had prayed and asked The Father to reveal those things to you about the sufferings for people like me in The Lord, to have comfort in trying times. Im still in the Wilderness going through what i have to but i know my time is almost over. Theres so much that you have written that speaks to my life esp those battles with evil spirits, devils. It has been like a boxing match, screams and all.That really spoke to me. I also greatly appreciated you writing about the severity of it all too because it has been and its comforting to have a fellow believer understand what your going through. The Lord had purposely isolated me from most people esp believers besides a few voices He allows to speak into my life. None of these voices i know personally and is near me they are all online. Your one of those voices. I know there is great Glory that will come from these sufferings that these prophets are going through and has undergone. I do think they are others that are going through similiar sufferings and transformation but are not prophets, however are called to bring a certain GLORY of God on earth. I know who I am personally in Christ, The Lord told me, but i didnt always know as i had shared before in past comments.Thank you sharing this, The Lord has encouraged me alot by your ministry. Thank you for allowing The Lord to use you as a vessel to share His Words, it’s so needed. God bless you.

  • Maaike Callan

    Blessings for this Word which strongly witnesses to my spirit! Yes, I (& many others) know what it is like to walk this walk.
    Praise God that He will complete what He has ordained & begun in each one!
    Also, please see Prophet Veronika West’s FB page post from 4/7. Urgent Prayer for Austrailia Now!!! Holy Spirit, fuel & burden the intercessors!

  • Maaike Callan

    Lord & King Jesus,
    We decree Psalm 91 as a blanket over the country and people of Austrailia! We uphold Your Mighty Victory and Purposed Destiny at this time for this people. We release a gigantic move of the Fear of the Lord and true repentance, along with the sweet and holy drawing power of the Holy Spirit of the Risen Jesus. Blood of the Lamb, Miraculous, Prevail!!! Glory, Manifest!!! Supernatural from Jesus, rain down to God’s glory and honor.
    Remember your Servant Lana…she has obediently and so faithfully sewn Life among the nations! Now let Life be multiplied back to her family, people and nation, your Beloved Austrailia!!! We Worship You alone, King Jesus…’The earth is the Lord’s, the fulness thereof; the world and ALL who dwell in it.’ Ps 24:1

  • vgfree

    Thank you for your words! They are always so encouraging. It is funny, but the Lord lets me know when you are putting out a new word for me. He prompts me to search my email. Sometimes it isn’t there yet, but it always comes at some point that day.
    Thank you for hearing him and sharing what He says! Bless you with this new life coming to your family. I am so happy for you all!

  • Derrick L

    My heart and spirit is overwhelmed by the choice of words the Lord, gave her. So deep and personal! Yet reach the heart’s of so many allover!!!!! Bless your name Jesus! Lord, do something special for Lana! Thankyou!!!

  • Adriana

    This is a confirmation completely about the new mantles, eagles eyes and soar .
    Has benn a big warfare.
    Thank you so much for your obedience and thanks God for let me see this message!
    Blessings beyond expectations!

  • Neville Sealy

    Awesome Word for me at this very minute having done ALL to stand… barely standing in Gods Promises! Everything that could come against me has with the light at the end of the tunnel “looking like” an oncoming Train!!! Bless you for these Words of encouragement.

    • Thomas NoDoubt

      Neville, so appropriate for you to use the analogy of a dark tunnel with that ‘light’ at the end of it. Years ago, I had an ongoing vision that lasted for probably 9 months to maybe a year. In this vision, I started out in a dark place, so dark I could see nothing. I was afraid to move for fear of (falling over the edge of a cliff or ?whatever?) so I sat down. After many days, I began hearing or sensing within my ‘spirit’ to trust that inner guidance to follow where He was guiding me to walk, so I got up and began to walk, not able to see any light but trusting within my being that the guiding of this spirit would lead me without me being hurt. [i have to say that this time of the first few steps were very timid and I was almost feeling with my feet in front of me before trusting to make those first few steps ]. After a period of time doing this, I started to place more confidence in this inner guiding of the spirit within me and began to step out with more confidence and started walking more boldly. A period of time went by like this until, one day I think I am seeing a light at the end of this dark tunnel., but I cannot be sure though. I keep walking and Day by day, I think that light might be not just truly a light but it may be, it might just be growing??? I start walking faster and faster toward that light and day by day I slowly am convinced that, ‘Yes, That Is A Light And Yes It Is Growing!’ Now, I find myself running to meet this light. And then, the thought or ‘imagination’ of the heart begins to question, ‘I see a light at the end of the tunnel/hope it’s not a train’ thoughts start to make me wonder…
      Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; (2Cor.10:5) …(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)(v.4).
      My point and that of the Holy Spirit in training me that year of being ‘lost in that darkness’ is this: God causes ALL THINGS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD…to Who? and for What?
      …to those called and for His purposes!!! He has called you, He has called me, He has called us! His purposes are for good and not for evil…. (which means) that light can NOT be a train unless that train is going to carry the provisions of …… ALL THE SUBSTANCE OF HIS HOUSE!!!
      Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;
      But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give……. all the substance of his house.
      But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul. (Proverbs 6:30 – 32 )

  • Trevor

    Hi Lana,
    Powerful word. It just came alive to me all the way through and related some experience I have had lately.
    Thank you and blessings.

  • Licinda Stevens

    “bring forth the manifestation of a great rearranging, but it is for increase, it is for His Glory to come, it is to carry the harvest, it is for the extension of the Kingdom, but man’s agenda cannot take precedence over the plans of God”. Hallelujah!!!!Yes, yes, yes, yes, Lord!

  • Neville Sealy

    Got this from the Lord this morning: WORD OF THE LORD (13/4/18): I Say to My People Called by My Name (Christ-ian): “Lead out those who have eyes but are blind, who have ears but are deaf. I will Go before you and I will Level the mountains. I will Break Down gates of bronze and Cut Through bars of iron. I will Give you the treasures of darkness and riches stored in secret places so that you may know that I Am The Lord who Calls you by name. The kings of the earth and rulers gather against Me but I Scoff at them – Rebuking them in My Anger and Terrifying them in My Wrath! I Say to them to give up and not hold back those they hold captive.” (Isaiah 43:6-8/Isaiah 45:2/Psalm 2:3-5)

  • Waz

    The other night whilst sleeping, I was jolted awake by God announcing over me “ THE BREAKER ANOINTING!
    THE BREAKER ANOINTING! He kept repeating it quite loudly & strongly & there was a download of info that came with it.
    After much soul agonising & seeking God re of some of the people that God has raised up to be his tools in dealing with me & the injustices & false accusations & repercussions viciously thrown at me & obeying him by not defending myself even though I could have easily & waiting for him to do it as promised He woke me the other night with that breaker announcement & this revelation….
    What the world calls “ psychopaths” God calls REPROBATES!. Romans 1. & they have sinned so much so continually that they are irredeemable because they have utterly rejected God.
    I know that this is not mentioned in church anymore. I know that it’s very harsh, but upon study the NT KJV makes this ubundantly clear. Heb 4-8. I believe that God showed me that the dividing is happening now. Just as people turn completely over to God so there are a people & even whole institutions including certain churches giving themselves wholly over to Satan. They are irredeemable. They have become reprobate.
    They have chosen this & God has given them up.
    They will be the greatest foe in sharing & getting others saved.
    Just as Christ is gathering his bride, Satan is gathering bride too. As God refines his bride in the fire & ridding her of anything unholy — Satan is refining his bride of anything good left in them that they may be wholly evil to be joined to him.
    Jesus bride is a pure virgin – Satan’s bride is an evil corrupt whore.
    God is delivering a breakers anointing To help break up hard ground. The hard ground of people’s hearts & circumstances. I can’t emphasise this enough as it was so emphasised to me.
    The sword of the Spirit that IS the Word of God is breaking up the hard ground of deception in people’s hearts so that he can plant good seed for the harvest. Those who reject his breaker anointing, the sword of the Spirit, Gods chastisement & dealings but prefer their sugar coated deceptions which harden the heart & make their sin acceptable in their own minds will eventually fall into the reprobate category… by their own choice.
    This is Goods justice! Whatever you sow you shall reap.
    God will have to turn them over as they have shown themselves to not be his because they would not accept chastisement or the breaking of hard ground for the good seed to be sown.
    They are barstards & illigitimate, reprobate fit only for the fire.
    There’s still more I’m praying into this as its gone completely against what I have believed all my life but I’m not going to argue with God. I do want more enlightenment from him about this though. It certainly made me sit up & pay attention…. something that the church really should do to.
    I’d complete forgotten that I’d read this in the last two words by Lana but after his decree over me he prompted me to go back & reread. Hence this post. It wasn’t something I’d noticed in either posts as I’d focussed on other things in them but there it was. THE BREAKER ANOINTING!
    I’d never heard of it before.
    It will be very interesting to see how it plays out.
    But Lana I can testify beyond a doubt that God is decreeing this breaker anointing. Coz he did it over me & I never expected that.