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By Lana Vawser​
Again today as I sat with the Lord, I felt the Lord saying that many in the body of Christ are feeling like they are being TAKEN DOWN by circumstances and the enemy right now, but THAT IS A LIE! 
There is SO MUCH swirling in the atmosphere right now screaming “TAKE DOWN”, but the Lord is DECREEING “TAKE OFF”.
This moment many are facing right now, as hard, as tumultuous, as turbulent, as intense as it is, I felt the Lord saying this is a VERY STRATEGIC MOMENT to STICK TO WHAT HE HAS SAID.
I saw things that Jesus had opened up for many of God’s people, new doors, opportunities, dreams, things He is asking them to do, but since this swirling horrific onslaught, many are feeling to BACK AWAY and not move forward. Don’t let the TAKE DOWN cause you to back away because what you are about to step into is STRATEGIC and will bring LIFE CHANGING BREAKTHROUGH!!! Stick to what Jesus has said and what He has told you to do.
Now is the time to REALLY focus on the FOLLOW THROUGH!!!!
He is going to turn to TAKE DOWN SUDDENLY to a TAKE OFF. It’s about to SUDDENLY BREAK!!!! A take off into a greater manifestation of the breakthrough freedom that is yours and the plans He has for you.  Things that have held you down and tried to take you down, SUDDENLY BROKEN and you gaining the VICTORY over them. This is a HUGE VICTORY MOMENT over what the enemy is doing to TAKE YOU DOWN, you are about to BREAK FREE and TAKE OFF.
JOY and PEACE will be restored and to even more than ever before.
Stand firm!!!! A new day really IS breaking forth, even if you do not see it yet, it’s always darkest before the dawn.


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  • Sarah

    Lana, thankyou so much for your faithfulness in seeking God and sharing these words. I cannot emphasise enough the accuracy of your words at the moment. Thankyou. They are a source of huge encouragement, persoective, hope and victory.

  • Anand Kumar

    Ms. Lana, praising God for divinely speaking restoring me thru your Prophetic messages. I am from Karnataka-India. Thank you so much for reaching me with God’s voice. It was exactly what was needed for my situation. From the New year promise till date. I am so thankful to the HolySpirit for connecting to you. Please keep praying for me, my wife Avlin & our 3 children (Gideon-17yrs, Gabriel-14yrs & Nelly 12yrs). We are in the ministry & facing many challenges. Thank you for being such a great blessing. God bless you & your family richly in every area.

  • Soritha

    Dear lara
    THANK YOU you words wich is spot on has curried may S.A. WIsh has gone through much THHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
    we apprichate every word

  • Vivian Flanagan

    In times of confusion, we know who the author is, the enemy, its so good to be encouraged in the Lord God by his holyspirt, his word the author and finisher of our faith, who has overcame the world , and so we are more than overcomers in Chist Jesus, praise the Lord!
    Thank God for his word and his holyspirt to remind us of who he is and who we are in Christ Jesus our Lord and savor. Thanks Lana for being faithful in encouraging the body of Christ to Love and trust the truth..
    May God richly Bless you and yours, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news.: )

  • Rose

    Well, I’ve closed down the old and I’m prepping for the new.
    Am beginning to see need for greater church covering. Am pressing in and in great need…
    At 1:00 a.m. on January 4, The LORD woke me up to give me a song to help me up off of a face-plant: The Afters, “Battles”

  • Lyllie

    Amen, thank You Lord God, and Heavenly Father, “ABBA” Lord You are so gracious, merciful, compassionate to each and everyone of us, longing, crying for, more of You, less of me, rise up Lord God, in me, and shine Your light, truth, and righteousness, Jesus is not about me, Is about You, You Lord God, grounded me, so that I may be rooter deep, profound in You, Hallelujah, Glory be all unto You, Precious Savior, blessed Redeemer, Amen!