Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser I heard the Holy Spirit whisper “Don’t listen to the snake, he is trying to steal your stake.”
The Lord showed me the enemy slithering around like a snake, so crafty and deceptive and whispering lies to many in the body of Christ. Whispering lies of foreboding, whispering lies of “what if”, whispering lies of “this or that is going to happen to you”. The enemy is slithering around whispering lies concerning the goodness of God, and I saw the enemy also specifically targeting people with fear, regarding the protection of God. The enemy is attempting to bring doubt and fear into the hearts of many believers right now and for some with greater intensity. The enemy is attacking the revelation of God’s goodness and kindness and he is wanting to hinder you, silence you, and keep you blind to the authority that you have in Christ.
The Holy Spirit showed me, that the enemy is coming and he is whispering these lies, because of the STAKE that many of you have placed in the ground. You have been following the prompting of the Holy Spirit to place the STAKE’S in the ground to mark out and occupy the territory that the Lord has said is yours.
The Lord showed me that many of you HAVE occupied new ground. You HAVE moved into the new land, you HAVE crossed over and you HAVE begun to possess what the Lord has been speaking to you about, and the enemy KNOWS that. He knows that the stakes in the ground are your claim of ownership given to you by the Holy Spirit and you have met your land of increase.
You have begun to move with the Holy Spirit putting in place the blueprint of heaven, and marking out and building that which He has shown you, and suddenly there is opposition from the whispering father of lies.
Friends, take heart! For the land that you have entered into is the most fruitful land of harvest you have entered into before. The enemy is looking for ways to come in and to hinder, delay and steal the harvest, but he will NOT prevail.
Do not even engage with his whispers. Be present! Be alert! Be engaged with the truth of heaven and the whispers from the Father. For where the enemy is whispering to steal, kill and destroy especially with fear, the Lord showed me that every ENGAGEMENT with His truth are DROPPING SEEDS in the Spirit in your new land that are are going to SUDDENLY blossom into great harvest with DOUBLE PORTIONS being reaped.
Be INTENTIONAL to SOW TRUTH. Every time the enemy whispers his lies, don’t listen, SOW TRUTH. KNOW that you have entered your land. You have entered the new level of increase God has for you, and you have moved into the new blueprint of heaven that you are going to see greater favour from the hand of God, unlike you have experienced before. Be intentional and ENGAGE with the Word of God. ASK the Holy Spirit what His truth is and what HE is saying and then ALIGN with it. Decree it, sing it, pray it.
“Put on truth as a belt to strengthen you to stand in triumph.” – Ephesians 6:14 (The Passion Translation)
“In every battle, take faith as your wrap-around shield, for it is able to extinguish the blazing arrows coming at you from the Evil One! Embrace the power of salvation’s full deliverance, like a helmet to protect your thoughts from lies. And take the mighty razor-sharp Spirit-sword of the spoken Word of God.” – Ephesians 6:16-18 (The Passion Translation)
In your engagement with truth, you are partnering with the Holy Spirit, preparing the ground, and positioning yourself to continue to walk in greater breakthrough.
The enemy is lying to you. What he is whispering are smoke and mirrors, lies, lies, lies!
Don’t listen to the snake, He is trying to steal your stake, but he won’t prevail as you continue to stand in truth and your new land will not be filled with destruction, but God’s desire and heart for your land will explode.
New vision.

“He is the one who brings peace to your borders, feeding you with the most excellent of fare.” – Psalm 147:14 (The Passion Translation)
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  • GOD Roots

    This Word is not personslly for me but there are some things I could relate to. I have experienced the most painful aweful lies attacks of Satan to keep me from gaining territory for my hometown and surrounding lands. Its very much like you prophesied Lana. Satan tried everything that he could to keep me from interceding and declaring THE LORDS Word concerning those areas. I feel like THE LORD has plans for my hometown to be one of HIS Hubs for HIS Coming Great Move. The lieng threats of Satan were awful and other attacks I wish I could say I was exempted from pain from the enemy but wasnt. Anyways the fruit from it will far outweigh sufferings. Praise His Holy Name

  • PMay

    Thank you for this word. Perfectly spot on as if you are telling my story. Oh Lord I will march forward, no turnng back. Let the word of truth be my song and declaration everyday!

  • La Quetta D Clipps

    I am screaming to the Heavens THANK YOU FOR THIS ON TIME WORD!!! God has given me a HUGE UNDERTAKING and I am being taunted by satan in EVERY way that you spoke about in your writing. I was in prayer and crying out to God and expressing my fear. He lead me to my email and your writing was waiting to encourage me to move FORWARD!!! To go in and TAKE THE LAND! Thank you for allowing God to minister to me through your anointed writing. I pray many more blessings to you, your family and your ministry!

  • SJ

    Thanks Lana you are such a blessing. May God increase your revelation and give you more and more words than you could ever imagine because of your faithfulness I believe you will see an even bigger increase Bless u sister xooxox

  • Kerry Mischka

    Thank you for this word this morning. This is exactly what is happening to me. During my prayers this morning the Holy Spirit has revealed to me that the enemy is seeking to sift me and totally rob me of faith. I covet your prayers for the Lords favor and His strength. In Christ- Kerry Mischka

  • Susan M

    Greater is He who is in us than he that is in this world. The enemy is a liar and defeated foe, glory to God! We expose and route out all of his snaky lies and snares and robbery in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, ALLELUIA. Lana, this word is right on ? target, and we shall stand together unwavering as the holy redeemed people of the Living God, taking authority over ALL assaults of the enemy! The enemy is under our feet, God’s finished work in Jesus declares it, Amen! We are MORE than conquerors!! Praise Jesus!

  • Susan M

    Lana, this word stirred me deeply. God’s people have been through intense combat with the enemy throughout the earth, yet I hear Isaiah 40:1 trumpeting over the people of the Lord from heaven, ‘Comfort, comfort My people…declare to her that her warfare has ended.’ The enemy’s lies are silenced and obliterated by the Word and by the unfailing love and promises and victory of our great God! I think of how you have often shared how the exact OPPOSITE is true of whatever the enemy is shrieking. Amen, Alleluia!!! THE LORD’S GLORIOUS INHERITANCE IS UPON US—-SO MUCH GREATER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE! May we take hold and possess the gates, and enter into ALL the Lord has for us —-His deliverance is HERE!!! ?????

  • Charlene from TN

    RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON. Thank you so much for this Word release. I am stronger than I was this morning as I begin to release the PERFECT WORD, the TRUTH into this Land that has been offered to us at great cost that has been paid by HIM!!!

  • Ford

    Thank you, Lana, for this very encouraging Word from our Heavenly Father. Monday morning I was feeling defeated by the enemy and was losing faith for our family financial/employment situation. I prayed to our Heavenly Father and said that I needed His strength because I am so weak. On my morning walk, it was breezy and cold. Still feeling weak and fearful, out of know where, a warm breeze hit me. I thought it was my imagination because there was no way that could happen. I continued on my walk and it happened again! I then knew that it was God comforting me. Praise the Lord! Amen and Amen.

    • Ford

      After reading this Word this morning and praying, the Lord just extended my husband’s employment contract! Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

  • Naomi

    I resonated exactly with this today in feeling attacked by dread and gloom. And I was so uplifted by this word, up out of the pit. And I thank God for his love and compassion to me through such as your ministry. Thankyou! I feel I have a sister fighting for me!

  • Lucy Houghton

    Thank you for sharing this Lana, it resonates powerfully, last week during an Intercession meeting (we happened to have a sword with us) the Lord showed me that the sword needed to be put into the ground, like a stake. We claimed the territory & region where we live for the Lord & sensed atmosphere’s changing & the sea being parted, revival being whispered! On a personal level by Friday the enemies whisper of oppression was really loud, thank you for just that encouragement to keep listening to the Lord’s whisper & what He is releasing as the battle has been fierce. Bless you in Jesus Name!

  • Sophia from TN

    So on point! The enemy strives to disturb us with foolish lies, feeble attempts to steal joy, and attack the faith of the saints. But his attacks place me back on my face in the Lord’s presence. We will finish Strong with Fruitfulness, Increase, New Vision, walking in Integrity, in the Salvation of the blood of Jesus with Hope running over, not deferred! F.I.N.I.S.H. Amen…

  • Richard Barker

    Wow and thank you Lord, and Lana. Have re-posted on Richard’s Watch (with full accreditation) with this introductory endorsement:
    ‘As well as RJ Dawson’s timely article in the previous post, I’m thankful for confirmation from the Lord of my recent activity investigating modern-day inquisitors. Purporting to act under Biblical warrant, implicit in the Protestant doctrine of ‘Sola scriptura’ as their ‘be-all and end-all” rationale, nevertheless I personally received a specific scripture from the Lord about them (Luke 6:23) – and which is confirmed in the last word (ie through Lana) below!
    ‘Examination of the heresy-hunters’ website and especially the arrogantly self-righteous replies to readers querying any article – as well as the logo and their justification of it – suggested the slithering serpent is at work seducing them into being accomplices of the Accuser of the Brethren!  Therefore, take careful heed of what Lana brings below…’

  • Montoya Williams

    Hello everyone, I had a dream yesterday about a demon whispering and slithering. Please pay close attention to who’s talking to you. Be careful of who you trust.

  • Dr. Judy Llaird

    I have no words to express at this time how important and significant this timely word is to me.From the bottom of my heart thank you for your obedience.

  • Evangelist Cotia

    Glory to God in the highest! once again the Lord is revealing things in the Spirit to Lana I am so grateful to God for using her in such a Mighty Way. What she has shared today about the enemy coming to the people of God like snake’s whispering lies and trying to bring doubt to God’s people. I have been having dreams of snakes for the past few years,and within months consecutively. The dreams of snakes are of various sizes and all colors. Some in hiding even above my head but each time I could detect the snakes coming after me. In all of my dreams every time the snakes are trying to get to me from every way even coming after me while I am trying to escape out the front door of what ever house I was visiting. These snakes tried with all their strength to get to me to bite me but each time I am able to get away from these snakes.In every dream. I had to make many detours throughout the house or where I am trying to escape while my heart is racing fast. A few days ago I had another dream of brown snakes this time it was not multicolored snakes these snakes were all brown and the same size and color design these snakes were coming in front of me behind me and on both sides of me, This time amazingly! these snakes did not come after me I was going after the snakes on every turn. I would stop their heads and they would die I felt no fear or hesitancy to go after these snakes. Praise the name of Jesus now I have a better understanding as to why I was having these dreams. God bless you Lana keep up the good work for Jesus amen!

  • Merea

    Thank you so much for being a vessel for this word. I was literally just having a mental attack that was confusing me, and this word gave me faith to stand.

    • Joan Laurie

      Surely satan is as a roaring lion prowling around seeking whom he may devour. He also can make himself into an angel of light when he deceives even the elect. But he also is a slithering, slimy snake who has been a liar since the beginning of time & because he is the great deceiver we see his work all over Washington, DC as well as in our society. America has been such a disappointment to him & without His intervention we will not make it as a Nation. I believe God has given us some time to get our lives, our Country & our churches in order. I believe that God has placed Donald Trump
      in the White House as our President to expose sin in high places, & that is what is happening, God is helping Trump drain the swamps & the evil in our gov’t. We need to pray that we will draw closer to our Lord as you prophesy, be aware of His plan for us, pray that the church will wake up & be more like our Lord Jesus to a dying world in sin, who desperately need salvation through His blood. Keep up your prophesy ministry as it is a wonderful opportunity for you to share what the Lord is speaking today. God continue to bless you & your wonderful ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • SanLil

    Thank you sister Lana & Jesus for these words. I receive over my life…true true that I have noticed the enemy’s attacks over my life. True also that God has taken me on a new path of his…I can felt the fear that the enemy was trying to plant in my heart and doubt too. Am decreeing success over the project God has entrusted to me & my prayer partner & he is showing me blue, green bird etc.. last night I have seen in vision the black serpent too now I grasp the meaning through you. Be blessed Lana, you remain in my prayers. I was following your words on Z3news, its been a while now that they are talking more about crypto fund :-[ I thank God for giving you that site. As for me am sharing his messages via watsapp. Best of luck for 2018 in Jesus name, our Saviour & Redeemer.God bless your way.

  • Nahomie Riche

    I had a lot of attacks like this in past, the foreboding, lieing, fear attacks of Satan. I wish I could say they came without pain but that wouldn’t be true. The pain that accompanied those lieing fear attacks was awful and great. I got so many death threats from Satan, what he would do to me if i continue to pray for my city and surrounding lands and if i continue to declare The Word of The LORD concerning those areas. I’ve been attack with much sickness and pain. I’ve been close to death many times.My street is not normal street, it’s a spiritual war ground. There’s been a lot of satanic people purposely placed there the last few years to take me out. I was made aware of this by The LORD towards the end of 2016 so I had no clue prior to that that it was happening. The LORD hid it from me it was all His plan to prepare me for what He has for me in The future. Not all the attacks from Satan was because of The intercessory work The LORD led me to do but also the call of God on my life. But I wanted to share that story because I remember The threats, the pain, the fear, overwhelming fear Satan had attacked me with when I wanted to pray or declare Words of The LORD. It was so bad against my mind and body those attacks I was struggling to want to continue. My heart wanted to, but the attacks was so severe and i felt so weak. The LORD gave me strength by His Spirit and His Word to fight through those attacks and to do what I felt HE wanted me to do. Sometimes I was doing it with tears running down my could feel how Satan wanted to keep the people in bondage. The LORD touched my heart during those times and gave me strength. Satan can not do whatever he wants to us eventhough he may say so and we do need to fight against those lies. All works of Satan has to go by THE HEAVENLY FATHER first. Satan is not on THE THRONE ,THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY IS! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME. And I do believe it’s not always hoing to ‘ve like that, that those times are to shape us and make us. Praise His Holy Name

    • Nahomie Riche

      Yes I do believe it’s not always hoing to be like that when dealing with Satan but there are Seasons THE LORD brings us through of warfare to shape us and make us. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME.

  • Debbie

    Thank you so much for sharing this word. I take it and I declare it over my life that in Christ I am more than a conqueror. I will declare God’s truth over every aspect of my life.

  • Sarah

    Wow!! So awesome. I was struggling today with so many lies and was feeling discouraged and hopeless. Now it has shifted and I am encouraged to speak and agree with truth. Thank you sister, I appreciate and value your faithfulness and devotion to the body. Bless you and your family above and beyond all you can think or imagine.

  • Sarah Wheeler

    Thank you Lana, The devil has been working on my insecurities and reminding me of them all of the time. I know this is a battle and I am fighting back with the word of God.


    what I saw was a road people were driving down the road huge rocks were rolling towards the cars the rocks were bigger than cars but they couldn’t hit the cars ,,, as I was praying matt 7 ;13 came to me enter though the narrow gate because wide is the road that leads to destruction AMEN…………..T

  • Christina

    “…putting in place the blueprint of heaven…”
    Makes me think of Isaiah 51:16 – “And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of my hand, that I may PLANT THE HEAVENS, and lay the foundations of the earth…” (KJV)

  • jesh stg

    The discernment of the Holy Sprit is right on – thank you! this is God’s timely intervention for us to not be intimidated by a crisis and let go of our stake. Because our stake in the land of our crease is so unusual, I need to be vigilant of God’s truth, and not let seeming safety and security keep the upper hand. God wants us to move in His liberty and His blueprint.