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By Lana Vawser
Over the past few days the Lord has been highlighting “prophetic acts” to me. Prophetic acts that he will either have His people perform or circumstances that happen around them that He will use as metaphors filled with divine messages of what He’s saying and doing.
The Lord is going to be asking many of His people to ‘do things’ as prophetic acts of faith, investment into what He’s saying, and as a declaration of trust in what He has said is going to come to pass.
In these “prophetic acts”, a BREAKER is going to be released for your breakthrough that is not only going to smash through the opposition standing before you and around you, but release resurrection life into your heart/soul and circumstances.
Don’t doubt the power of the prophetic acts that he is asking you to do. Step out in faith and obedience to what He’s asking you to do and watch and see the FLOOD OF BREAKTHROUGH that is going to flow through a prophetic act.
There is a divine RESET that will be activated through these prophetic acts that will see a restoration and restart of things that look impossible and look ‘shut down’, He is rebooting things with His resurrection life to BRING LIFE.. and the RESET is SET to INCREASE. You will have MORE than before. Rest in Him, a divine RESET will take place and this RESET will see a smooth, unhindered flow into sudden breakthrough.

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  • Deborah Lobo

    Amen. Please let Your will be known to me Father. Be it unto me according to Your Word Papa. Your Glory Father. Thank you Jesus??
    Lana, I can never thank you enough. God bless you and your family mightily. Thank you Princess??

  • Rhoda

    God gave me two scriptures this morning and I asked for outside confirmation because the command was drastic; this was it. Yes LORD I will do it.
    Thank you again sister.
    Lots of love to you and yours.
    God is so amazing!!! I’m so excited!!
    xo :)))

  • Judith

    it has already happened in my life a great prophet of God prophecy pastor came from the September 2nd till the 17th and the last day step back when he got to me and he said Abraham Moses Lazarus Darcus he started naming them in the Bible and he said the Lord told me to step back he was going to do this himself in you. daddy God breathed his breath in me over and over over reset put resurrection life in me for all he wants me to do for Him Glory

  • Steph

    Thank you Lana for God’s word regarding doing things as a prophetic act. We just purchased a new vehicle about three weeks ago. I had been hearing from God for some years now that we would be traveling around to different places. An opportunity arose to buy this new vehicle and so we took it. I have also felt reminded just very recently of something else that God has been showing me. After reading ‘Don’t doubt the power of a prophetic act’, I’ll now be looking to make another (smaller) purchase.

  • SharonS

    I read your prophetic acts article this morning & it spoke loud & clear to me; because earlier this week I felt strongly led to burn (using my backyard grill), the things being held against me in court, today, from many years ago, & was victimized then from the same party/persons. I lit several matches & it didn’t phase it, do I doused it with lighter fluid, threw a match in that direction & flames shot up & I declared over it what God said. Then I went in & made up the beds of family that hasn’t been here since April, & I drew a prophetic picture with declarations; fully expecting. I have done this long ago & totally forgot about it until I saw your article. It really is an act of faith & produces results. Praise God & Thank you!

  • Peter and Tessa Harvey

    Thanks Lana. We have had our house in Sorell, Tasmania on the market since mid-February. A number of viewings but still not sold. We are trusting the Lord for His perfect timing for the house to sell, and for the Lord to lead us to the property He has prepared for us to purchase and move to. “Our times are in His hands”. Last week, my wife, Tessa, felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to pack one box as a step of faith, believing for the house to sell – as a prophetic act. Thanks so much for your sensitivity to the Lord. God Bless you and your family! 1 Corinthians 15:57,58

  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Bless the Lord oh my soul let all that is within me praise the Lord.
    I wait upon the Lord for His touch, reset and breakthrough in my life and my family and my church. I praise you Lord for you are so faithful and I stand on your Word spoken by your servant ‘s prophetic words. Thank You Lord.Amen.

  • Tatenda Dune

    Thank you Lana for your faithfulness. I needed to read this prophesy today as I was doubting what the Lord has been saying to me since Saturday. Thank you for tje encouragement.

  • Rose

    A conversation with God continues through finding “pictures”…most often through charity shops. I titled the last picture, “Open Heaven”… On Sept. 15, I confessed to Him that I couldn’t imagine what picture I could possibly be drawn to next! As I rifled through the stack, my frontal cortex was suddenly hit by intense color: passion. The price for the picture was higher than stewardship permitted me to pay. He reminded me of the unexpected funds He had supplied just that morning. I felt ignited…yet agitated. I prefer to hold passion at a distance: I didn’t want that wall breached. Like an artist, I rifled thru cushions, stirring dim wisps of passion in me, yet settling on two satisfying “grounding” toned arm cushions.

  • Rose

    Once home, I hung the picture. Persimmon, oranges, reds, greens, yellows and white, pulsating tones that communicated the artist’s awareness of glory surrounding flowers…I was convinced there were hidden things happening. Yes! Almost imperceptible, I saw the gate post, the gate ring…and the gate! So subtle, yet, once seen, so plain… But there were strange markings – like that of a child – effectively ruining the mood! How could the artist, with such sublime intention, choose to ruin the rush of passion tones with stark white zig-zag markings? I still don’t understand.
    The gate. Unlatched. I plainly need to press open the gate.
    Now, what on earth “gate” is it I need to push?!
    He told me, “play!” …and so, I do…

  • Lyllie

    Amen, praise You Jesus, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, yes Lord, here I am, reset, my mind, reset my mentality, change the hard drive, and reprogramed Divine Jesus, Glorious Jesus, Amazing Jesus, Hallelujah!!!