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I have had the Christmas song “Do you see what I see?” going over and over in my heart and yesterday I felt the Lord releasing an invitation to His people right now in the midst of battle, in the midst of the giants all around “Do you see what I see?”, “Do you hear what I hear?”.
This invitation from heaven was so strong, it felt like such a change in altitude. A significant, definite shift of “coming up higher”, to a new level of hearing and sight.
He is calling His people up to a higher place of discernment, altitude and insight. He is calling His people to a deeper place of “come away”. The upgrade that is going to be released in the “coming away” is going to be of exponential proportions. In the “coming away”, I saw waterfalls of downloads. Encounters that are deep and drowning out the noise of all the giants around. 
Where the enemy has come and attempted to “sift” the people of God, the Lord has brought a turning and there is a divine threshing floor experience taking place and you are not to be discouraged by it, but KNOW that it is taking you to a HIGHER POINT. It’s bringing you to a point of greater “increase”. Where it may look like the Lord is calling you a few steps back, it’s actually a positioning to propel you further forward than ever before.
Where things feel like they have been “thrown up into the air” and many have felt unsure of how things are going to land or play out, the Lord is bringing a divine separation. He is removing the chaff and leaving only the good grain.
I saw the Lord opening up a whole new area of His heart, a whole new level of hearing what is on His heart, but in order to enter in, there was a sacrifice.
What He is asking you to do is going to require a calibration of hearing and sight to hear and see with the eyes and ears of the Spirit.Where He is asking for sacrifice, His fire is going to fall. Where He is asking for obedience that may not make natural sense, He is adding greater revelation and insight.
In your “coming away” the Lord is going to ADD to you. He is going to increase your senses, your spiritual giftings, add greater discernment to you and He is going to release greater favour upon you.Do not be afraid of the “letting go”, for it is making room for the “adding to”.
The invitation into greater upgrade of sight and hearing is going to cost something. There is a sacrifice involved. There is a laying down of things to gain greater focus, to gain greater clarity. But remember in the sacrifice of what He is asking you for, in the place of ‘letting go’, He is adding to you. The enemy would scream “SUBTRACTION” at you, but the Lord is declaring a whole new level of “MULTIPLICATION!!!!”
Get ready to enter a whole new realm of hearing and seeing!!!


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