Prophetic Words


During worship I saw waves coming towards many of the people of God and they were tsunami sized waves. These waves were coming to swallow the people of God and drown them. I looked closer and in the waves was the word “DESPAIR”.
I watched as many of the people of God were focused upon the word in the waves and the sizes of the waves. I knew these waves represented various things in their lives that while focused upon was bringing great despair and the despair would eventually engulf them.
As I looked around in this vision I then looked on top of the tsunami size waves and I saw Him, the beautiful Jesus. Perfect peace was just flooding from Him and the smile upon His face was one of the most powerful messages I have felt “Everything is okay, I am here” the assurance of His presence brought me to tears and my heart swell with such joy. Even when the waves seemed so big, faith was rising up, knowing that HE IS BIGGER STILL. In the midst of something so intimidating and so threatening there was such peace and comfort in Him.
I saw Him walking upon the waves and beckoning His people “Come up here”. As the people of God lifted their heads and lifted their eyes to Him, I saw them place on foot in the water to walk to Him while His voice of love and comfort assured them.. “Do not be afraid”. As they took their first steps I saw the waves turn to stairs and they climbed up to Him.
Immediately I knew that in these circumstances that threatened so much despair and heartache, coming to steal life, when heads were lifted above the waves and eyes on Jesus, these very circumstances were being turned to be used to lead the people of God into some of their greatest encounters with Jesus.
As Jesus had spoken and invited the people of God to “Come up here” I knew they were being invited into the place of perfect peace… IN HIM! An invitation into encounters with Jesus amidst the waves bringing perfect peace. Teaching the people of God to walk on water, to walk in deep peace when peace is not around them.
I saw Jesus take the hand of His people, one at a time, with joyful expectancy in His heart.. “I want to show you something”…
I then saw the people of God standing on these waves with Jesus and I could see all the nations of the world below them. “These nations NEED YOU and what I have placed upon you, and they need to know WHO YOU ARE. These nations are crying out for you to be revealed. You must learn how to walk above your circumstances and not under them, in the authority I have given unto you. Your revealing is happening as you live in this place with Me. In perfect peace, in deep intimacy with Me, living ABOVE your circumstances.”
I then saw Him look to the heavens and command “ENTER”.. suddenly hundreds of angelic hosts were coming from the heavens and in their hands they carried burning coals. They flew down to each one of the people of God and they spoke “open your mouths”. They then placed a burning coal upon the lips and tongues of the people of God and I watched as this glorious purifying fire engulfed their mouths and spread to their minds. I felt that the Lord was burning away things that were not of Him, preparing them to speak. Once the fire had been released from the coal I then saw these coals turn to scrolls and Jesus turn to His people and say “EAT”.
Upon these scrolls were revelatory truths of who they are in Him and who He is. There was an accelerated impartation happening as they ate and an accelerated alignment taking place.
Once they had all eaten, the countenance of the people of God changed to what they were created to be… GLORIOUS! Shining His Glory SO brightly. Heaven had met earth in their hearts with revelation of Him and who they are in Him.
I then saw Jesus lovingly and excitedly turn to His people and say …”NOW… SPEAK”. The people of God began to move face to face with the very things that had intimidated them… these huge waves that threatened such despair and they began to DECLARE… I saw promise after promise after promise from His Word fly out of their mouths and as they spoke I saw this seed in their hearts and core begin to swell and grow and grow the more they declared.
Faith was arising and seeds to see IMPOSSIBILITIES DEFEATED were arising. Impossibility mindsets and heart beliefs were bowing to WHO HE IS! The revelation of Him exploding in their hearts was birthing a passion and hunger to see IMPOSSIBILITIES BOW to the name of JESUS.
Suddenly the waves began to part. The waters parted and the people of God were making their way through as I saw these promises of God out of His Word going before them and the Spirit carrying His Word and darkness and impossibilities could not stand.
The people of God were moving in what they were created to move in!
I felt that these circumstances in their lives, the Lord was USING to train them, prepare them and equip them. Faith was arising and had been birthed on a whole new level.
The people of God began to move into their day to day lives, and to the nations holding tight to His hand the Word of God in their hearts and as His Word and rhema was declared, I saw PATHS being carved throughout nations all over the world and these paths were being carved to released REVIVAL. Paths of REVIVAL were being carved.
Everyone has a part to play. Every person in the body of Christ has a role, has a task.. to SHINE and proclaim His GLORIOUS GOODNESS and this was happening on a grander scale as the people of God were moving to a place of living ABOVE their circumstances and not under them. Moving in a deeper realm of revelation of who He is and who they are.
Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, know that He is with you and He is inviting you into a deeper encounter with Him.
He is teaching you to live ABOVE your circumstances and the power of declaring His Word. His Word will not return void!
With Him, you will walk on water!
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  • markahrens92

    I SO want to believe this, but it seems that the harder I pray and try to believe, the more obstacles are put in my way. And now it seems like all my desires and dreams are being declined by The Lord. I am facing such overwhelming disappointment right now. A confusion of enormous weight has fallen upon me and I no longer have the strength to resist being crushed. It seems like the promises and words I have received are so far removed from possibility that I can’t help but despair. I hate it, but I no longer know what to do. Do I hope against hope? Do I give in and start living the reality of my life and give up the hope I have been trying to nurture? I don’t know anymore.