Prophetic Words


Lana Vawser
I had a dream 2 nights ago where I heard the Lord say “Over the next 30 days…. UPGRADE!!!!” and in the dream the atmosphere was full of the sense of upgrade in many areas, there were two particular areas that He highlighted.
1. Anointing’s
2. Favour
The Lord is shifting the gears right now in the body of Christ. There is a major shift taking place. I hear thunder rumbling in the spirit and it’s the thunder of alignment. It’s the thunder of positioning.
This word is specifically for those who have been in an incredible battle over the last while and have really been fighting for their lives, to continue to stand and to continue to move in the anointing and realm God has called them to. The fire has been hot, the battle has been raging and there has been a feeling of being “stuck” because of the giants that have been coming against them.
Many of you are fighting the biggest giants of your life and you have chosen to continue to stand, but the feeling of being “stuck” has really been strong.
This word is for you! The Lord has seen how you have continued to fight. The Lord has seen how you have continued to be faithful in your anointing, faithful to what He has called you to, faithful to pour out amidst the fire you are facing, and the Lord is now decreeing over you that in the next 30 days, there will be great UPGRADE in your anointing and the favour He has placed over your life.
You are going to look back over the next 30 days and you are not going to believe what God has done it’s going to be so glorious. Where He has positioned you, the increase that you have received in anointing and favour, is going to be the most significant than you have ever seen.
You are ready! You are ready! You are ready! I heard the Lord saying: “The storm you have been in hasn’t DISQUALIFIED YOU, it has QUALIFIED YOU!!!”
Many of you as you have been walking through this incredibly hard storm, yet remaining faithful to Him, still loving Him, still leaning in, still loving, still giving your yes, still pouring out, still fighting with resolve to keep standing, even in the moments where you feel like you have crumbled, you have GOT BACK UP AGAIN. IN the storm as you have stood, pressed in, cried out, praised His name, decreed His Word, continued to hold His hand, He has done a deep work in you to PREPARE YOU for this INCREASE. It’s not about earning anything, we cannot earn anything, He gives freely, but your POSITIONING in the storm has QUALIFIED YOU for increase.
“And don’t allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you have planted is coming. Take advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing to others, especially to our brothers and sisters in the family of faith.” – Galatians 6:9 (The Passion Translation)
Over the next 30 days, you are going to see SIGNIFICANT UPGRADE!!! The increase of anointing over your life is going to bring such a significant EASE in ministering and operating in your anointing. He is going to open up a whole new realm of operating in your anointing that is going to be SO FUN! There is going to be SO MUCH JOY and EASE in operating in your anointing.
His tangible presence and manifestations of His presence as you move into this increase in your anointing is going to be like nothing you have seen before. A whole new world of how God is going to “show up” in the area He has anointed you in, is going to leave you in awe of His power, His love, His kindness, His tenderness and His miracle working power!
In this increase of anointing that the Lord is releasing, in these upgrades, in these new ways that you are going to see God move through you, these new “flavours”/expressions and manifestations of the Lord through you, is going to see FAVOUR fall on them significantly.
Don’t be afraid of this increase, don’t be afraid of the upgrade, for God is opening up MORE for you and through you. Go with His love and KNOW that there is going to be great ease and this increase of anointing is going to see you flow with Him with greater sensitivity and ease than you ever have.
That incredible feeling of the “divine set up”, the “right place at the right time” is going to be a common experience and feeling over the next 30 days as you see the manifestation of the THUNDERING OF GOD in the spirit, positioning you in greater realms of influence and favour to see His Kingdom extended and His power released. He’s going to show up in these new places in new and fresh ways.
You will be completely astonished at the doors He is about to open for you, the connections He is about to establish for you, the provision He is about to release to you, the realms He is going to have you walk in.
I kept hearing the word “WOW” over and over and over again. That is going to be the word flowing from your mouths. “WOW”
Definition of WOW: expressing astonishment or admiration (
You are going to be so surprised, amazed, blown away and so awed by what God is about to do THROUGH YOU! This increase of anointing is going to leave you in a DEEPER PLACE OF WONDER AND AWE of WHO HE IS.
The words flowing from your mouths will be “WOW, WOW, WOW!!!”
Praise in awe and wonder of how amazing, how kind, how powerful, how loving, how incredible Jesus is!
“You will know JOY again!!!”
Through this UPGRADE, this increase of anointing and favour, the restoration of JOY in what He has called you to will be released.
Where the storm, the trials, the battle has come against your joy and weariness in moving in your calling has settled in, that is about to change. You are about to know JOY from this point on. The sense surrounding me when the Lord spoke that was that the season has changed where you will now experience AGAIN the JOY and honour of partnering with HIM in what He’s doing in the earth and what He is releasing THROUGH YOU.
The Lord is releasing an invitation through this prophetic word to agree with Him, to stand in faith in alignment with what He is doing and what He is saying…
“Over the next 30 days.. UPGRADES”


  • Natalie

    Dear Lana,
    Thank you for this prophetic Word. I completely agree with this Word and I stand in faith to receive this, in Yeshuas name Amen.
    Bless you dear sister. I commit to pray this next 30 days for you, your husband and family and your ministry and may the Almighty Father strengthen me to do this by His Spirit.
    Much love in our Lord.
    Natalie x <

  • jerrie

    Oh my Lana…The Lord is really blessing you for having g a heart for others to hear his message for alot of us. I found you on z3news…Last year almost about this time.e last year. For sending reason since marcor April the things you have shared…I suppose because as you brought out in this post and in the few before this.
    I’ve been one of those becoming weary tired stressed. Real sick for three and half years. And all of a sudden I had that breakthrough. I started soaring in the spirit for three days
    I was soaring so much so fast in the spirit …I even had to tell the Lord I needed a break..Lol. I had gotten to that part of the peach . That hard place where I was becoming convinced I caused the Lord to leave. And after reading your dream or vision of the peach. It brought clarity to me what was going on. Having said that I started feeling better each morning I was feeling better physically. IV had increase of energy. Get this in May 11th when I started soaring in the spirit. I was in awe..I felt like I was experiencing heaven on earth. I was sitting in my recliner and actually felt in my spirit jumping up and down as I was praying and singing hallelujah.
    I actually started sing songs to the Lord…I was just watching a Christian station program for shut-ins..And and I first heard as it just got started ..It was a group of small children singing a beautiful song. The next song …was this beautiful oriental woman sing a pretty song. And you know how in alott of songs they have a repeated phrases….I start quicking asking the Lord “oh Lord help me remember these words in this song and after she sang…I started to try and sing what I could recall…And this is what The Lord had me recall. It goes…He walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me I am his own and the Love we share as we tarry there is none like ever been known. I have been singing since. I am healing and I’m souch awe. ..
    Then if I can share
    .I read about the month of June you posted. And I experienced the very first day of June some blessings. But not the feeling to where I had to pinch my self to see if it was for real. And June was starting to end And I was wondering why I had not experienced it yet…Well…I can only tell you that this is all of the Lord’s doing. Opening doors to get my rent and bills paid . My mother passed away and I received half of her inhertancee. My neice who they raised she left her the other half. But my portion she put in a trust with my cousin…Who is an attorney…I was feeling upset as to why my mother had my portion put in a trust. After speaking with my cousin ..He explained it was to keep me from losing my benefits…SSI
    So when the house sold .
    I wanted to third it with my daughter’s and being I was so sick I didn’t know if I was going to live that much longer. And they were struggling as most Americans have been financially. So I wanted to share a third of what the house sold for..Well I ended up getting penalized for giving money away. They stopped my benefits back in March 2016 and and August 2017 ends the penalty phase. But won’t even get first check until Oct. I just found this out June 22nd. From a phone appt. I had with SS office. I found myself almost giving up. Even I have two daughters. It is not an option I felt. That they could let me live with them…Because of their own health issues….
    It was About Wednesday morning last week I became aware of my thoughts..I realized the enemy was working on me. I spoke out that it is not an option for me to give up. I just knew the Lord hadn’t got me through all these months this whole past year and I UST kept talking to The Lord letting him know everything from feeling afraid and all
    So come next day…A friend of mine she is 77 and I am 60 young :)…We live in these aptments for 55 and up. I moved in five years ago into this brand newly opened apts. We speak almost daily. We just became friends a few months back. I knew of her…But ran into her one evening and she was sitting alone in the lobby. There was a group in finding ng room who were playing bingo. I had walked into lobby to check mail box.i looked at her and smiled and said hello
    And she asked if I could help her get her necklace off. I could tell she’d been struggling to get it unfastened so I helped her…Started a conversation
    And she made it known she don’t feel she had anyone here as a friend. I said “I’ll be your friend. And that started our friendship. We both knew immidiately the Lord brought us together. She was raised in Church of Christ even received baptism. So I was excited to have someone to share things of the Lord with one another.
    I so apologies for ize there is is so much to say
    And I’m trying to get this finished so not to be so long..But excited to share these things with you.
    So this day she said Betty is her name
    That her Granddaughter was coming and taking me to her church which is one of those mega church’s. We were told to make a statement request on this computer. She asked if I’d like her to fill in the request form..She did then was told it goes to a board meeting and it would take at least a week. And so I felt discouraged because every month I get an eviction notice and I had to have them and late fees that occured in the office by 8:30 wed morning…since ..Office closes for July 4th.I wake up to a new day on Friday. Getting a call early that Betty said she had good news and that her Granddaughter is on her way and we’d meet at the office.
    She had contacted the Multiple Sclerosis society. They were sending out that night a check that covered rent and late fees. And she told me they had hep to get me through August. That they’d do all they could to help me keep my place and not end up homeless.
    Friday the very last day
    ..It happened…I pinched myself and knew it was “Supernaturlly for REAL !!” And July has already started off with a WOW. I ran into Betty in the Lobby ..Her Granddaughter was on the way to take her to Walmart
    And it was weighing on my mind that it would be nice if I could find a way to get to the store. Food Stamps that has helped me stay fed through this time and they come on the 1st. So I hadn’t said anything to Betty. But her granddaughter comes in and said are you ready grandma…And she turned and tapped my arm And invited me to go with them. She treated us to a Mexican restraunt and I planned on getting groceries enough for the week. She started asking me do you need this and do you need that. I had just ran of Toilet paper
    I had been using baking soda..To do laundry…Cuz I can get that on FS card..I’d use venegar do cleaning. ..she spent almost $40.00 to help my needs. And Betty just shared with me that her granddaughter who is about 26 yrs of age and just been baptized almost four months ago. And to see her helping and blessing me. Just inspires me to see a youngone doing kingdom work..
    .Just a Month and half ago. ACCoG got me home healthcare I was desperately needing. It came at a very tryingtime of being so sick. I was crying out so much to the Lord. I needed his help and it was like he sent an angel to me. Things are being restored ..The Love the Lord has been showing me and I can just go on an on what’s been happening since my breakthrough. I never knew about breakthrough until hear you speaking about it and then it happened to me.
    I can as well as many others can agree that hearing what he reveals to you and you in turn share.. Is he Love ……
    Wow…Can’t wait to share what the WOWS will be in thirty days. Because I got a really big Wow ..All this past week.
    Love and God Bless…
    Your sister in…Christ !

  • Amy Layne Litzelman

    I woke June 26 (my 53rd birthday) with a renewed expectation but have been battling to silence discouragement. I’ve never been to your site but just felt a nudge… God is so good. Thank you for sharing this!! Agreeing. Receiving.

  • Rebecca Matthews

    This word has me so encouraged. I have been speaking it out everyday since you posted it. There is so much here! Thank you xo

  • Elder Coylette

    Wow! Wow! Wow!!! This is for me!!! I have been in a place of seclusion from family and friends for 6 months. It is now time to reconnect and allow all that God has poured in me to be released to HIS people. Thank you Dear Lord for confirming YOUR WORD to me!! Thank you Woman of God for your obedience to release the WORD of GOD!!

  • Freedom

    WoW! And even looking at the word wow, the font of the doubl u’s are the Wonder Woman font… and I felt like the Lord was saying “Woman of Wonder”! That’s how much awe we will experience when we see Him move in incredible ways! Amen! Thank you for this word.. you are an amazing woman of God…

  • Janice Bugg

    Yes and amen! It has been happening for me. Giving to others in dreams, the Word, by being a helper in many facets etc…the Wow’s have come and will continue. I have believed by walking by faith, not by sight, and bringing heaven to earth. Thanks for the encouragement, it has blessed me so!

  • Rehana Bacchus

    I am for the U.S and I love your ministry. Your words are so filled with life and hope. I can literally feel the beauty of God in your words. I was just reading your word you gave on July 26, I believe, and I received such hope. I have been going through literal spiritual warfare. I discovered you a few weeks ago on Elijah List. May God continue to bless you with his wisdom to impart to us – Rehana Bacchus

  • Sandra Maron

    I journal what I ‘hear’ the Lord saying to me…..and lately it has been daily. Every time that I hear your prophetic words, they confirm what I have also ‘heard’. IT IS AWESOME! I have been in training and the Lord has had me in a lonely season – just me and Jesus! He is SO good to give me encouragement that someone half way around the world is hearing the exact same things – THANK YOU Lana for being obedient to your calling. And as always – thank you LORD!

  • Mariano Valadez Jr

    I read a print out from Nov. 2016, from Church on the Rock, in Oklahoma City, and have recently subscribed to your email’s.
    I’m a musician and my first CD is titled “Huper ex Perrissos”, from Ephesians 3:20, which is Greek for “exceeding abundantly”.
    And I agree, this is “The season of Eph.3:20 and the appointed season for ALL of Creation to come to the Recognition and Acknowledgement to see God as He is that we will see ourselves as He see’s us in order to see one another as He see’s us and see what He see’s, as He say’s, Hs original intent, to know His heart. To recognize and acknowledge the fact that what we’ve been waiting for, that’s been labeled as the 2nd coming, the 3rd great awakening, the rapture, etc… , happened over two thousand year’s ago when Christ wsd raised from the dead and took His rightful place at the right hand of the Father and gave us the authority and dominion over the Earth and All of Creation. When Jesus said ” it is finished”, and gave up His Spirit. That As it is wtitten, spoken and is still being written by us, His embodiment on Earth, that His Kingdom has come and His will IS DONE, as in Heaven so in Earth, as in Heaven so in us. It’s been here the whole time, few have seen and known but it’s been increasing at an accelerated rate, exponentially, simontaineously all over the Earth and had came to the point where there is NO MORE PLACE for the so called kingdom of darkness, the 2nd heaven or any spirit, principality, dominion, wickedness in the spirit realm, under any name, face, guiess, false light or any name that is named, in heaven, the Earth or under the Earth, in this season or any other, Eph.1:1-27, that Jesus is the Name above ALL name’s, the Absolute Authority, the Word of His Power that upholds ALL thing’s, Heb. 1, and as it is written 1st John 4:16’17, as He is so are we in this world “, today, right now.
    Everywhere I look I see, recognize and acknowledge Him in everyone and everything. That we are right before Him as He is right before us.
    There’s so much more to say. If you would like a copy of the CD, I’ll send you one. You can find me on Facebook at [email protected]
    or for booking and CD distribution
    [email protected]
    Thank you, Kip, aka, sumdewed

  • :)

    John 11:11King James Version (KJV)
    11 These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep.
    I remember how – long ago – I said the words, “Please remember Lazarus…then, please…remember…me.”
    p.s. Funny…1111 (I’ve seen this SO often) has meant “transition” to me…

  • :)

    p.s. my name: a crown of thorns…”bitter”…and, by marriage, “beautiful truth” (I’m guessing on that one 🙂

  • :)

    There is something blazing at me in the past few months: 1111, 111, 555…but even MORE “in my face” is a constant “mirroring”, “poetry sequence” which ONLY brings to mind, “Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven…” Why a variety of numbers is being used, is beyond me (not all 3s, 7s and the like, but all sorts of mirroring combinations of 3 numbers, even 616, 404… and there is also some poetry couplets. All poetry.
    oh, and my rose bush that died completely, drawing from me the response, “Oh well, the garden needed revisioning anyways…” Well, out of the roots of a not-well-cared for bush are coming fresh, straight, healthy, GORGEOUS knew shoots, growing straight – chock full of leaves filled with gorgeous deep red tones – and these new branches have a rose bud on each, eager to come to bloom – even though this new growth is so young! Good roots, good soil…this little beauty wants to LIVE! Thank God, He is in agreement 🙂

  • 2Blessed

    Amen and Amen. Confirmation as to how He is moving in my life right now. May God bless your ministry!

  • Karen

    I’m ready. Been in battle for 7years. Can’t wait to see His Power move! Thank you so much for the work you do as your prophecies have been so on target per my battle and spiritual conformations.

  • Victoria L Bogus

    You were right on because I had been praying for favor and God did just that the day before my bday.. He is teaching us how to walk on water.. God bless you for submitting to the will of the Lord