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I felt the Lord say that there are some divine surprises wrapped up in interruptions of plans and day to day activity. Don’t rush ahead in dismissing what seems like a curveball, interruption or something that is causing you to stop and look in another direction to where you are headed for a moment. For some huge catalytic springboards are being opened up to the people of God to propel them further forward, with greater acceleration, promotion, blessing and provision from the most unexpected places. 

I felt such a strong sense in these divine interruptions that they are so strategic. They are pivotal moments where God shows up unexpectedly and changes your life forever. 
It’s a time to lean in closer to His heart, sensing and seeing the move of His Spirit. You will see His smile of favour upon you through many things that seem like ‘interruptions’ but they are actually divine set ups to see you soar further, higher and wider than you originally thought you would. 
What looks like an interruption in many cases that may cause a change of direction, look for His handprint and whisper in the interruption and in many cases you will see it’s actually an upgrade for you into your destiny and long awaited breakthrough.


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  • Rina

    God bless you with even more insight and accuracy Lana! Thank you! I had a dream 2 nights ago where I was standing high up on a mountain, about 10m from the top, but it was just too steep for me to climb any further. Suddenly I heard a rumbling and the next moment a HUGE RED HELICOPTER made a loud and dramatic entrance (like in the movies) and I knew it was GOD TO THE RESCUE! My focus was to get to the top of that mountain which is a call to the Great Wall and China Seas, but it has been 2 years of preparation already… I pray that all who are waiting for those long awaited breakthroughs will be divinely interrupted by Huge Red Helicopters, seemingly taking them in another direction, just to drop them off on that mountain top of their call or dream. Love in Christ.

  • Martin Boyd

    Wow! Last Night in the flash flood rains coming down again in Chattanooga I left to help my son in law broken down on Signal Mtn. above the city, I ask God what was the silver lining within this treacherous journey to help him? Flooding waters , over flowing creeks and drainages ditches pushing massive amounts of water across the roads!He finally got the vehicle started; and I followed/escorted him down the mountain through the waters again. Lana help me to find the Lord’s message! Thanks! Martin

  • Heidi

    Thank you awesome Father God, for your words of honor to me. I look forward to the interuptions, whatever it maybe, whater may come, for my eyes are steadfast upon you, your goodness, your favor, to see me through, for you will not fail me, my hope is in you, my strength is in you as I remain unmovable to withstand anything, my hope of Glory, abides in me, for nothing can overtake me, my eyes are looking toward you, for greater things, which you have set before me this day. I love you evermore.

  • Carolyn Watkins

    Whew!!!…”Be Still my Heart!”
    This is such a wonderful, accurately insightful & very timely word.
    I accept & Receive this.
    Thanks & Bless you Lana!

  • heartpeace

    Yes, it is 12/30/15 and I continue seeing things happen like this around me. Normally, I would feel claustrophobic due to the “unexpected” interuptions happening…(don’t have my cell phone, I’m stuck at the office (the other worker quit) and now my car battery die but Praise God. You are up to GOOD things… PROMOTION…. BREAKTHROUGHS… in Jesus Precious Name!