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I saw distractions coming alongside the people of God as “lures” to catch them up in things that the Lord is not breathing on right now. They may “look good”, but are they “God”? These “distractions” even though they seemed good, were simply that, distractions. Good things, but possibly positioned before the people of God to keep them from the next explosively glorious GOD THING, He has for them.
I felt the Lord saying this is a time for great wisdom, and great hiddenness in Him, in the sense of following His prompting, and His Spirit moving in your life specifically and not moving forward simply by “expectations” put on you, or “what should be done” or “how this is done”. Be led by the Word of God and His rhema word to you specifically. I saw many attempting to move forward and a “restlessness” beginning to surface in their hearts, peace was being disturbed. If your peace is being disturbed, stop and seek the Lord.
I saw many coming up against “red lights” like on a traffic light. Many were not understanding why the “red light” had come up, but just down the road was a divine upgrade that was bigger than the “potential” before them.
I heard the Lord saying “WAIT” for many. It was to remain in a position of surrender, a position of “taking hands off” and waiting on the Lord, even when the perceived “normal” would be to continue to move forward. I felt the Lord is leading many in a way that may seem “against the norm” or “against the grain” of how things are done, but the Lord is going to highlight the Word of God powerfully, deep revelation that is going to open up a FEAST OF KEYS for many that in the ‘waiting’ until the Lord says “YES”, will place keys in their hands to feast upon. Practical keys of wisdom for greater breakthrough and greater divine upgrade in something completely different to what they expected.
Do not be discouraged by any “red lights” or if the Lord is saying “wait”, you are just being positioned for a greater divine upgrade just around the corner.


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  • Jim Bishay

    Dear Ms. Vawser,
    I am so grateful for the timely words that the Lord uses you to release. May the Lord bless you. I would also like to know if you have plans to be in Southern California, I would like to arrange a ministry event for you. I am a part of the Vineyard Community Church in Laguna Niguel, CA. Blessings. .
    Jim Bishay
    Tel.: 714.933.5880
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