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By Lana Vawser 

This morning I really felt the Lord highlighting again the power of our DECREE! 

That as we move towards the end of 2016 “DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DECREE!!!”. Whatever you are faced with today, whether it’s joy, opportunity, weariness, discouragement, breakthrough or waiting… whatever it is, DO NOT give up on your decree. He is releasing DOUBLE PORTION manifestations as you DECREE what HE is saying!!! 

Dread has been coming against many in intense ways because of the DOUBLE PORTION MANIFESTATIONS being released by the hand of God, but you will also be DELIVERED by His hand!!! 


I felt the Lord say “Many of these double portion manifestations will appear in unlikely and unexpected places but they will be glorious!!! The DOUBLE PORTIONS shall be DELIGHTFUL!!!! The hearts of My people will be filled with incredible JOY!!” 

I then had a vision of the throneroom of heaven and angels were standing all around. They were all standing at attention, waiting for the Lord’s command. 

I could hear and see all the DECREES of God’s people rising from the earth into the throneroom and they would swirl around in the atmosphere and they were like music to the ears of God. He LOVED hearing His children decree what He was saying! Such faith was moving His heart. I knew these decrees were increasing and creating a momentum in the Spirit. It was building and building in intensity and paving the way for breakthrough even if it couldn’t be seen by the natural eye yet. 

I then saw Jesus standing before what looked like a large gold CYMBAL (gong) and He had what looked like a large mallet in His hand. I could see that He was waiting for the PERFECT moment, the APPOINTED time, His face FULL of such confidence in the perfect time of the Father. 

The sense surrounded me strongly of the Holy Spirit moving, working and preparing in the background. 

Suddenly, Jesus lifts the mallet and strikes this large gold CYMBAL (gong). The sound shook the heavens and the earth and the angels instantly took flight towards the earth. 

The next part of the vision I see these angelic hosts standing on what looked like “train tracks” in the spirit and I knew these “train tracks” were over lives of believers. Interestingly, they were standing right at the SWITCH POINT! 

I could still hear the resounding sound of the CYMBAL and at the same time the Holy Spirit whispering “IT’S TIME! IT’S TIME! CHANGE!!” 

I saw these angelic hosts shift the switch on these “train tracks” and I heard the words “Things are about to suddenly shift in whole new glorious directions! CHANGE! The switch is being flicked! Here’s the CHANGE!” 

Do not give up your decree people of God! More is happening in the spirit that maybe you can see, but know that the Lord is bringing DOUBLE PORTION MANIFESTATIONS and GLORIOUS SUDDEN CHANGES IN DIRECTION to lead you into a new place of opportunity, favour, breakthrough and acceleration. 

The enemy will fight you to silence you, but stay LOUD… because your DECREE IS KEY! 


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  • Frances Gardner

    Thank you, Lana! This and other
    Prophetic words you have given have greatly encouraged me and our intercessory group ! Today our apostolic teacher reiterated this truth! May God continue to bless you!

  • Rose

    Today, I learned that darkness actually has no substance. NO SUBSTANCE. It’s a puff of hot air.
    I learned that Light HAS substance. In actuality, it HAS substance.
    Faith, also has substance (it’s REAL!)…it’s the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things unseen.
    I AM the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. He died to give this to me. I’m taking it. I’m “eating it”. I’m getting it into my belly!

  • Robear

    I decree I will see the full manifestations of the promises spoken
    to me for Dec.2016 before I enter into 2017 I decree it in Jesus
    name. Glory to God ! Thank you Jesus !!1

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    Glory to God!!! This is confirmation!!! He is teaching me! Lol I RECIEVE IT IN JESUS NAME HALLELUJAH!!

  • Monica Singh

    Amen. Last night was our last midweek evening prayers at our church for 2016 and I went in to Decree and not hold back. I keep telling myself and my family that 2016 is still not over and as long as my Father in sitting on the Throne I still have Faith and Hope. I will have my breakthrough for 2016.

  • Mumbi Munene

    This is such a precious word. Thank you for being used of the Lord to encourage and sharpen our walk in Him and with Him. I will be sure to decree what He’s saying!