Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser

Daughters of God, this is a significant moment for you. This is a significant season. The battle has been intense because of the tremendous breakthrough’s the Lord has for you. The battle has been intense because of the new chapter the Lord is opening up over your life. It’s not something to fear, it is something to rejoice in. For the enemy has come against many of you, time and time again to attempt to SIFT you but the Lord is decreeing that He is now SHIFTING you. He is moving you. You are not going to remain in the same place. The Lord is building momentum in your life and He is moving you. He is moving circumstances, moving mountains, removing boulders and making a way where there is no way.

The Lord is opening this new chapter in the book of destiny that He has written over your life and things will NOT remain the same. I want you to hear that today. I felt it strongly on the heart of God for you. The enemy has told so many of you that things will never change. That’s a lie! The opposite is true! The Lord is SHIFTING and CHANGING things even if you don’t see it in the natural yet. The Lord is making a way where there previously has been no way. Where those giants have been in your land and for many of you for SO LONG and they have refused to move, and continued to taunt, oppress and torment, those giants are being driven out of your land by the hand of God. The Lord is moving powerfully, even if you don’t see it yet. He is setting things up that are far beyond what you have imagined or dreamed.

In a vision, I saw the Lord opening the books of destiny over the daughters of God. Suddenly as it opened, the wind of the Spirit began to blow strongly and the pages were turning. The pages filled with decrees, plans and the blueprints of God for His daughters, yet at the same time that I could see the destiny He had written for His precious ones, as the pages turned, I suddenly had this strong sense of fire. The fire of battle and opposition. The atmosphere was full of this sense of “relentless battle” for so many daughters of God.

The Lord with tears in His eyes, His heart full of love and compassion for His daughters, He spoke so gently…

“Look at their faithfulness in the fire, look how they have continued to stand and cry out to me in the midst of their pain and their torment. Look how they have remained devoted to Me.”

Suddenly I began to see visions before my eyes of so many daughters of God pressing through the fire, standing, decreeing, holding His hand, looking to Him, offering Him a sacrifice of praise in the midst of the fire being turned up seven times hotter. I could feel the heart of the Lord so intensely. He had seen. He had heard. He was moved.

His heart was moved. He was moved by the hearts of many of His daughters that have been through the fire yet remained in a place of intimacy and tenderness towards Him. Continuing to draw close, continuing to trust even in the midst of the most difficult of onslaughts. Their faithfulness and trust of the Lord rose to Him like a sweet smelling fragrance, such beautiful worship to Him.

My eyes fell back upon the book and I saw a new chapter open and suddenly the pages stopped turning.


As I looked down at the page of this new chapter, suddenly I saw the Lion of Judah’s face appear in the pages and He began to ROAR. There was a violent roar that came from His mouth with such authority the whole earth would shake at the sound. As He roared, I heard the word over and over “RECOMPENSE.”

Instantly I knew that the Lord was making a decree of this new chapter He is leading His daughters into is a season of RADICAL RECOMPENSE. Not only will be there recompense for what has been stolen and lost, but what has been endured by the daughters of God. The battles, the opposition, the onslaughts. The Lord has seen and now the justice of God is going to be demonstrated powerfully. Not only will the Lord restore what was lost, but there is going to be significant INCREASE in the RECOMPENSE and RESTORATION.

Again, the atmosphere decreed.. “EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE, THINGS WILL NOT REMAIN OR LOOK THE SAME.” There truly is SIGNIFICANT change upon the daughters of God. The landscape is truly about to suddenly change.


I then began to hear the word “SUDDENLY” booming over and over again. I could feel His heart for many daughters of God that have been waiting such a long time for the promises of God to be fulfilled. There has been a LONG WAIT for many. I then heard Him decree:


I knew this was a decree of God that was SHIFTING the season. Where many daughters of God have been in such a long period of waiting, they are now entering a new chapter where it will be marked by “SUDDENLY” after “SUDDENLY!” It’s not wishful thinking, it’s not being ‘hopeful’ or ‘positive’, it was a strong decree of the Lord. However He chooses to move, however He chooses to bring forth the recompense and suddenly and whatever timing He chooses, the stage is set by the hand of the Lord for a NEW CHAPTER where the WEIGHT of so many years is being lifted off the daughters of God, and a season of deep REST and JOY awaits.


I looked at the book of destiny again and suddenly at the outset of this new chapter I saw a HUGE portal open up. The words boomed around me “There is a portal of encounter that has opened up for the daughters of God, an invitation unlike any other to know Me like they have not known Me before. There is an invitation upon My daughters to “come up higher”. Where they have been through the fire, I am now bringing them up higher. I am releasing revelation from My Word and strategy, vision and blueprints for the future unlike they have seen or carried. Some of the most unexpected plans and surprises I have for My daughters that I have held up until now, this season, I am beginning to reveal. That is why there has been a significant battle against My daughters, fear, distraction, despair, discouragement and many other things, to keep them from this new realm I am inviting them into. There is such an awakening of their authority in Me that is taking place and the enemy is trying so hard to bog them down with circumstances, to weary them so much that they cannot fight, but My breath is blowing upon My daughters right now and encounters with Me and My power are taking place that will suddenly catapult them into this new realm of revelation and divine wisdom and insight.”

Not only is the Lord making things right and bringing forth a heavenly divine alignment and significant shifts and breakthroughs for you, He is opening up this new chapter over your life that is going to look like no other chapter you have been in before, but it will be glorious! Your heart will be full of joy at the breakthrough of God, at the revelation and encounters that you will have with Jesus and your heart will breathe deeply again “this is the season I have been waiting for.”

The Lord is restoring your song! He is restoring your heart to sing again. To hope, to dream, to believe. This is a significant season for you right now. Things are going to radically change and this new chapter that is opening up over your life is going to be a season that will see the power of God move unprecedentedly.

The decree I can hear is:


Things are moving, shifting and changing and the faithfulness of the Lord will be displayed in power. He has seen and heard, He has and is moving on your behalf.

You are about to see in greater ways, the GOODNESS of the Lord in the land of the living. It’s your time! It’s your turn!

“Yet I am confident I will see the LORD’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.” – (Psalm 27:13)


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