Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I felt strongly to release this prophetic word of encouragement today for those who have faced yet another disappointment. I really felt the Lord’s heart for those who have been believing for breakthrough, holding onto the promises of God and things did not work out the way that they expected. The breakthrough didn’t come and their hearts have been left in disappointment yet again. This word is for you.
The Lord spoke to me early last year and He spoke to me about a thieving spirit that had really ramped up its attack in the body of Christ. This demonic spirit was attacking many of God’s people viciously and there was a great thieving that was taking place in the body of Christ, but the Lord spoke to me that we were moving into the place of the latter part of John 10:10, knowing what it is to live the abundant life in Christ. A greater awakening to the truth that Jesus came to give life and life more abundantly. The Lord showed me the beautiful adventure with Him that awaited the body of Christ in discovery in many ways what life in Christ really means and looks like. We are still on that journey now. The great awakening to the revelation and manifestation of the life we have been given in Christ Jesus and settling for nothing less than that. What was given to us through His death and resurrection.
Someone sent me a prophetic word recently by Cindy Jacobs and she mentioned she saw a “robbing spirit” and this being a time of recompense and restoration which confirmed exactly what I had been seeing still taking place in the body of Christ, but NOW there is a great turning.
I had a vision and I was in the library of heaven and I saw many coming to Jesus and they had faced yet another disappointment. There was heartache, pain and hope deferred. They believed again and the breakthrough and shift didn’t take place.
I saw Jesus look at them with such compassion and love, I could feel His comfort all around and He looked down to the table before Him and He picked up a beautiful huge, golden book. He handed this book to His people and He spoke:
“It’s time for this book to be opened over your life. It’s time for you to SEE with your eyes the manifestation of what My divine recompense, restoration and double portion looks like. I am setting a banqueting table for you with Me in the presence of your enemies where you will receive DOUBLE for the disappointment that you have endured. You will no longer carry disappointment, there is a divine decree that you will now carry DOUBLE. It’s time for your DOUBLE PORTION! My gavel of justice is coming down upon the enemy and this thieving spirit that has opposed and attacked you for so long.”
Suddenly, I heard the loudest decree in the halls of the library of heaven. I had this sense the “halls” represented the “waiting place”. The place where many have been waiting to see their breakthrough and see the manifestation of the promises of God in their lives but all they have seen in the waiting is disappointment. I could see so many angels lining the hallways, and my heart felt this comfort that in the waiting and disappointment the Lord has sent angels to minister to His people.
The vision shifted and I was then back in one of the library rooms with Jesus and He opened His mouth and He released a decree and I heard the huge hosts of angels decree along with Him and it sounded like the loudest ROAR I have ever heard:
I could hear the sound of things coming into place. I could hear the sound of alignment taking place. The authority in His words filled me with awe and wonder at His power, the King of Kings, that NOTHING stands against the Lord and what He decrees.
The Lord has dispatched angels to assist in the decree He has released to see this shift of the season and double portion being released to those who have faced yet another disappointment. There may have been such a delay, devastation in the disappointment, but NOW there will be a divine SHIFT and DOUBLE PORTION released by the hand of the Lord. The disappointment came to shut you down, but His hand is moving in power to bring a great TURNAROUND.
Friends, to those of you who have faced another disappointment, I want to encourage you, take heart. Do not look at the disappointment or the circumstances, but put your hope in God (Psalm 33:20-22)
Things may not have worked out how you expected or how you believed, but take heart, there is a new chapter opening up over your life right now. The decree has been made in the heavenly’s by the Lord. Shift of season and double portions.
You will no longer carry disappointment, but a double portion. You WILL see the justice of God. As you sit at the banqueting table He is setting before you, not only will you receive double recompense and restoration, but your heart will be healed of the deep wounding of disappointment. His love is going to wash it all away. Even in the areas where you don’t understand, His love is going to soothe your broken heart, He is going to bring such deep healing and restoration. It’s not coming, it’s available now, step in by faith and receive all He has for you.
Many have believed the lie because of hope deferred that disappointment is their portion. Repent of believing that lie. Renounce any agreement with that lie and ask the Holy Spirit to show you His truth.
Disappointment is not your portion. You are not meant to live in the cycle of constant disappointment. That is not your portion.
I then saw Jesus hand each one that have faced yet another disappointment, a beautiful invitation. I noticed the seal that was on the invitation and it was red, instantly I knew it was sealed with His blood.
As the invitation was opened, I read the invitation was into a room in the library of heaven with the Lord to begin a deeper journey with the Lord of what He has decreed and written to be the abundant life in Christ.
This is a crucial season, an important moment. The invitation has been released by the Lord to come deeper into a season of great awakening to the revelation of life in Christ.
We walked into the room and it was FULL of books, SO many books everywhere but in the middle of the room was a table with a VERY large book on the table. As we walked over to the table, I looked down and it was the WORD OF GOD.
Jesus spoke to me:
“This is the centre of it all. My WORD! In this room I will open up My Word with My people who will come in to discover what the abundant life I purchased for them at Calvary looks like.”
The sense surrounded me strongly that from the place of exploring the Word of God with the Lord there was revelation of the abundant life in Christ that was being released in such increase that ALL the books in the room that I could see could not even contain the depth of all we have been given in Christ.
I then saw the Lord smile with such joy beaming in His eyes and He spoke: