Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser

I recognise this is a long prophetic word for the Daughters of God, but I encourage you to take the time to read this before the Lord as I believe the Lord has released keys and impartation within this word. This invitation is available to all the daughters of God, we just must position ourselves to receive what He is releasing through our continual seeking of Him, humility, surrender and yieldedness.
Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing the Lord making decrees over the daughters of God. I had a significant dream a few weeks ago, and the Lord showed me the attack of the enemy that was coming against MANY in the body of Christ right now, and the enemy was aiming to “constrict”, to “suffocate”, to hinder revelation, to twist revelation and was really targeting the place of communion with the Lord. In my dream, I watched as huge boa constrictor slithered into the “prayer room” and had really come to suffocate, kill, twist, pervert and steal revelation and vision. I watched at the end of the dream as this boa constrictor was killed and the Lord’s victory decreed.
As I have sat with the Lord regarding this dream, I heard the Lord speak.
“This attack has come against my daughters in significant ways in recent weeks. There has been an intense attack of the enemy to “constrict” them, but I am decreeing that they have entered their season of the greatest unlocking they have ever experienced.”
“Awake, awake, Clothe yourself in your strength, O Zion; Clothe yourself in your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city; For the uncircumcised and the unclean Will no longer come into you. Shake yourself from the dust, rise up, O captive Jerusalem; Loose yourself from the chains around your neck, O captive daughter of Zion” – Isaiah 52:2
I kept hearing the Lord saying over and over “Daughters BE FREE OF CAPTIVITY” and there was this strong sense that surrounded me of the FREEDOM of the Lord. This decree of the Lord was a decree that resounded “YOU ARE FREE IN ME” and the Lord showed me that the enemy is attempting to lie to many of the daughters of God, to cause them to go around “the same mountain again” to keep them bound, but the Lord showed me that He has actually done a deep work in many hearts, and there has been a MAJOR breakthrough of freedom. Yet the enemy is coming as a slithering lying snake, lying to many daughters of God, causing them to question their previous breakthroughs and freedom.
The decree of the Lord “Daughters, BE FREE OF CAPTIVITY” was a reminder of the freedom they have in Christ (John 8:36), the breakthroughs of freedom that have already taken place, and the new levels of freedom that are going to take place.
There is a significant shift taking place over you daughters of God, a significant awakening of knowing how to clothe yourself in His strength, how to stand, how to war, how to move in greater levels of faith and walk in the strength of the Lord. I heard the Lord say “THE DAUGHTERS OF DISCERNMENT ARE ARISING.”
The enemy is attempting to trap you in fear, trap you in the battle, trap you in deception, lies and twisting truths, because there is a significant birthing taking place upon you as you lean into Him, arising as a DAUGHTER OF DISCERNMENT.
The Lord showed me that there is a significant increase of VISION upon the daughters of God right now. The Lord is inviting His daughters to the table (Psalm 23:5) for such a time as this, to feast on revelation from His heart that is going to bring about a significant UNLOCKING in your life. The “constriction” of the enemy has come to hinder your vision – to stop you from seeing the vision, revelation, direction and insight of the Lord for your life and your season. There is a great ‘twisting’ that the enemy is attempting to bring so you won’t see what He is releasing clearly. The battle over the revelation He is releasing is so intense, because the revelation that the Lord is releasing to you at His table from what He has written and decreed, is ushering you into a level of freedom, vision, purpose, identity and refreshment in ways you have never experienced.
There is a SIGNIFICANT increase in the SEER ANOINTING over the daughters of God right now to SEE what is happening in the Spirit and move in greater discernment. There is such a significant invitation from the Lord to meet Him at His table to receive a greater impartation of DISCERNMENT. The Lord showed me that as the daughters of God continue to commune with Him, seek Him (Isaiah 55:6, Jeremiah 29:13, Jeremiah 33:3, Deuteronomy 4:29) and continue to ask for discernment (Psalm 119:66), the Lord is releasing powerful DOWNPOURS of DISCERNMENT that when decreed, prayed into, implemented in the way that He is leading, the Lord is going to be releasing great shifts, birthing’s, alignments, changes of direction and tipping points in the areas the Lord is releasing the discernment.
I heard the Lord saying over and over “I am about to move powerfully. I am about to move powerfully. I am about to move powerfully and My daughters are a SIGNIFICANT KEY to what I am about to release. Those that hear My call, those that meet me at the table, those that press through the battle and the constriction will receive greater arrows of DISCERNMENT.”
Instantly a vision opened up before me and I saw the daughters of God like Wonder Women and they had quivers on their backs FULL of arrows and these arrows were on fire. I watched at the command of the Lord through the discernment that the Lord was releasing to them, they would grab out an arrow and they would aim it in the direction the Lord was highlighting and they would release these arrows. These arrows represented the discernment, revelation and decree of the Lord. These arrows were being released and the wind of the Holy Spirit was carrying them to the Lord’s intended direction. As the arrows were being fired and hit the targets the Lord was highlighting there were MAJOR EARTHQUAKES in the Spirit taking place. I could hear the enemy shrieking in fear and terror, and I could hear the decree of the Lord along with angelic hosts being released… “BREAKTHROUGH! TIPPING POINT, THE GREAT UNLOCKING TO USHER IN MY GLORY!!!!!”
The atmosphere around me was SO pregnant with His power and His authority, that His daughters were rising up and taking their place. There was a significant increase and awakening of their authority taking place and that is WHY the enemy has been working SO hard to constrict, muzzle and silence.
Daughters of God, lean in, keep meeting with the Lord at the table (Psalm 23). Don’t allow the battle to “CONSTRICT” and “SUFFOCATE” you, to stop you from intentionally meeting with the Lord. Press through, keep pushing through, the atmosphere is shifting and shaking, and the enemy is terrified because you are taking your place in greater ways than you ever have.
The Lord has DISCERNMENT He is wanting to release to you of the “times and seasons”, discernment of what He is releasing now, what He is doing, what He is saying and what He is decreeing, and you are a POWERFUL KEY to UNLOCK and RELEASE the tipping point breakthrough in the areas He assigns to you, to break the hold of the enemy and his attack and see a MAJOR move of His Spirit and power flow. To SEE the King of Glory step in, and His Glory poured out.
I saw in the releasing of this increase of discernment upon the daughters of God, I felt the Lord say “STAY TRUE TO MY SOUND!!!”. (Revelation 1:12) In the discernment He is releasing, stay true to what He is saying, stay true to the sound of His heart and the sound of His love. The discernment He is releasing is founded in His love, it is grounded in His Word and it is releasing life, purity, hope, realignment and recalibration. It is not releasing death, suspicion or curse words.
For the Lord will confirm His Word to you and He will give you the strategy of how to pray and how to move forward to partner with His heart to see His intended purpose manifested. Stay true to HIS sound.
Steward the discernment He is giving you with purity, with integrity, with prayer, move not quickly, but stay in the secret place and allow Him to speak to you regarding what He is releasing, allow Him to teach you to steward the discernment in the right ways to bring forth His life, breakthrough, healing and outpouring.
Don’t rush to release what He is sharing, for there will be significant secrets of His heart the Lord will open up to you in this season, that are not to be shared with others, but for you to carry in your heart, ponder like Mary, and pray through. Some things the Lord will be sharing are things He is wanting to share with His friends. He is looking for friends who will linger, and many daughters of God of God are moving deeper into this place right now.
Be intentional to ask the Lord to teach you to steward the discernment He is releasing to you. In the secret place He is training you and teaching you how to steward it and understand it.
For many of you will be called upon to release the discernment of the Lord. The Lord will place great favour upon you and many will see the anointing of His heart upon you, His purity, His love, His wisdom and you will be invited to speak what He is releasing. Significant increase of divine strategy is being opened up to you. You will be AMAZED at the doors He will open, and the people He will connect you with to release His discernment, His wisdom, His revelation to. Doors, you could never have opened for yourself. Rest! He has it all covered, but it is IMPERATIVE to stay deep in the secret place and His Word allowing Him to teach you these deeper levels of discernment, so you can stand and release it with integrity, purity, humility and love, releasing the encouragement and wisdom of God, in the public place.
I then heard the Lord say “Daughters of God, it’s time to enter the strategy room in the library of heaven.”
I saw the invitation being released from His heart, to “enter the small door” into the library of heaven. To enter through lingering with Him, through humility and surrender to Him, to enter “facedown” in surrender and as many daughters accepted His invitation, they entered a ROOM FULL of blueprints. HUGE blueprints. These blueprints were strategies for their own lives, strategies for their families, their children, for ministry, for cities, for nations, for the world.
I saw the daughters of God approach the table where Jesus was sitting with scrolls of blueprints as far as my eyes could see and the Lord smiled and spoke:
“The battles you have faced, many of you for most of your life, has been all about THIS SEASON. For here are SCROLLS OF STRATEGY OF DESTINY that you will partner with Me to see released into your own lives and into the world. This is your season of the greatest unlocking you have ever experienced. I am sending you forth My daughters as KEYS carrying the revelatory strategies of My heart, the things I have written and decreed in the books of heaven, that I am entrusting to you to now RELEASE and My Spirit will come in like a FLOOD.”
The sense surrounded me SO strongly that this is a significant DESTINY SEASON for the daughters of God. Stepping into their destiny in ways they never imagined. Every part of this room of heaven decreed “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!” – a great positioning, a great increase of favour and authority, but it came not from a place of “trying to make it happen”, or a “place of striving” but a place of humility, surrender and ministering to the Lord and being released from that place into a greater fullness of destiny.
In these encounters with the Lord in the strategy room of heaven, the Lord was releasing numerous new assignments to the daughters of God. One thing that struck me was as I looked around the strategy room as the assignments were being handed out, I saw SCRIBE ANGELS everywhere. Jesus was handing out assignments to women to WRITE.
He smiled and spoke: “The enemy has been attempting to muzzle, constrict and silence you SO MUCH because there are MORE AND MORE BOOKS AND WRITINGS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!”
Suddenly, I saw these SCRIBE ANGELS being assigned to many daughters of God. A SIGNIFICANT increase of the SCRIBE ANOINTING was being released upon the daughters of God to WRITE. Whether they were writing, finished writing, contemplating writing, there was MORE the Lord wanted to release. Books, music, poems, blogs, worship songs SO MANY different expressions of writing, but as they spent time with the Lord in this strategy room in the library of heaven, the writings upon them now and the ones to come, were DRENCHED in a BREAKER ANOINTING TO UNLOCK! It all made sense why the enemy has been fighting so hard to “constrict” and “muzzle” the daughters…
Jesus then spoke again..
The thing that moved my heart so significantly was as they spent time lingering with Him in the library of heaven, in this strategy room to truly hear what HE is saying without agenda, they were receiving His heart. I watched in the centre of SO many of these expressions of writing, I could see His heart BEATING in the centre of it. His heartbeat was sending out SHOCKWAVES of His revelation, His Word and His love that was releasing SIGNIFICANT breakthrough and alignment. Such significant demonstrations of His power were taking place through these writings to bring a great REALIGNMENT, RECALIBRATION and UNLOCKING into the areas He released their writings into.
Daughters of God, there has been an intense battle upon you to CONSTRICT, SILENCE and MUZZLE you, but this IS your season of the greatest unlocking you have ever experienced for YOUR LIFE and THROUGH your life. You are not stepping INTO the season of your greatest unlocking, you have ALREADY stepped into it, that’s why the enemy is TERRIFIED. The attack is breaking and the breakthrough of greater revelation from His heart to you is manifesting, but it is about to significantly INCREASE.


  • Alison Collins

    Wow. thank you Lana. The verse from Isaiah is one God gave me prophetically many years ago, and so much of this word resonates with where I am. I even started writing this week! Deep is key. Bless you.

  • sandra

    Thank you Lana for your willingness to allow God to use you. As a daughter of God, I receive the word and humbly ask for a greater discernment from the Lord to be used as he has written in the volume of the books. May God bless you richly.

  • Dorothy

    Thank you for a very encouraging word at a time when I am being attacked on so many fronts. I know that God is faithful to his Word because of of all he has done and is doing for me in my life.

  • Janine

    Cannot begin to tell you how accurate this word is … Amazed at Gods goodness and love and detail ???

  • Clara Mitchell

    Lana, thank you for this powerful, anointed, impactful and timely word from God. Praise the Lord, Amen.

  • Linda

    Yes, thank you Lana. Great witness to the word. I am praying also for you and your family. Blessings. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Bonnie Morgen

    Yes Lord I have been a daughter locked in a spiritual cave since 2007, I receive that message Amen

  • Shelley Matthews

    Thank you for all your wonderful words. Many have spoke to me personally — particularly this one and I receive it. I am 76 years old in the U.S. — in a “secret place” praying for our wonderful anointed President and America- I have two journals of prayers for him the Lord has given me and in them are many of prayers with arrows — wow I love the arrows you mentioned – wonder women and quivers on their backs full of arrows. I can’t wait for the new strategies — You mentioned the battles many of us have faced most of our life — that is me — I was the first one born again in my blood line (I was about 42) and “wow” the battles — been in them ever since and praying for those that I love (one child and many grandchildren) — we are not in fellowship at this time. It was good to hear that all of this was for this season. There are times when I have been discouraged but I have attempted to fight the good fight of faith like Paul so when I am through my job here I hope the Lord can say to me “well done good and faithful servant. I look forward to a major unlocking of strategies for those that I love that they will escape the snare of the devil and repent and accept their Savior and Jesus will be Lord of their life. I have saved many of your words and have a folder on my computer with them so that I may reread them.
    Thank you a again and bless you and your family and thank you so much for your faithfulness.

  • Susan M

    Alleluia!!! Lana, every word of this is so accurate from the Holy Spirit— praise King Jesus. I felt the ‘constricting’ force and pressed in deeper to the Lord, and He called me, ‘Daughter of Deliverance’, just as you are decreeing. The Lord greatly enrich your ministry and life. Shalom ???

  • Charlotte Northen

    THANK YOU! Holy Spirit once again for giving this vision & word to Lana. It is right on point! Bullseye…Lana Pls, pray for me as I am going deeper into the Fire of His LOVE & Power. I am moving to Lancaster, Pa in July & spending 3 weeks in Buffalo N.Y before I ventour out to Pa. It is ALL ABOUT Furthering His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven! ? TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY, HONOR & PRAISE!!! ?

  • Licinda Stevens

    So, so faithful, God! Thank you, Lana for being obedient! This past week was extremely strange, now I know why. Hallelujah!!! Strengthen me, Father!

  • Estelle Grix

    This word is so amazingly timely! Thank You Abba Father for Your love for us Your daughters! I accept the above prophetic word with both hands in Jesus Almighty name. Amen and amen.

  • Seyi Ashogbon

    Thank you so much Lana, The hand of the Almighty God continue to be upon you, Your physical and Spiritual Eyes will never go dim. In Jesus Mighty name

  • Debbie K

    Truly an amazing encouragement and so exactly accurate for the season I am in. God BLESSS you Lana, thank you for your obedient service to Christ and His Kingdom!!\

  • Linda Pienciak

    Your word is such a blessing & a conveyance of the heart of the Lord. Thank You, for your obedience to Him to allow Him to use you to enlighten, strengthen & provide direction to His children.

  • Carol

    Ecc 10:9 – “money answereth all things”
    How much more fun could you have if money were no object? How much less stress would you have had? How many more dreams could you have fulfilled? How many more desires of your heart could you have fulfilled? How much more traveling could you have done?
    All we see right now over the last 10 years though is Proverbs 10:15 – “destruction of the poor is their poverty” Meaning poor Christians and faith believers are literally destroyed (whether mentally, physically [medical bills], or financially) for lack of prosperity. What an embarrassment to us and to God. What a shame. Maybe we should all start saying what Moses said;
    Deut 27’Remember Your servants,…Otherwise the land from which You brought us may say, “Because the LORD was not able to bring them into the land which He had promised them and because He hated them He has brought them out to slay them in the wilderness.” …’Yet they are Your people, even Your inheritance, whom You have brought out by Your great power…

  • Lina

    I have been nearly suffocated spiritually for the past few weeks. Now I know why. Thank you Lord and Lana for your faithfulness. These prophetic words are so encouraging and help me understand and keep moving forward.

  • aprilfraiser

    Lord help me to stand firm and FAITHFUL and OBEDIENT to you. This fire is hot as hell, but YOU. ARE. GOOD. YOU. CAN’T. LIE. Thank you Jesus for interceding and coming through for your daughters! We praise you in the storm God. Come quickly God! We love you back.

  • Jeff

    I see critical thinking is not allowed here unless its religious banter:
    Ecc 10:9 – “money answereth all things”
    How much more fun could you have if money were no object? How much less stress would you have had? How many more dreams could you have fulfilled? How many more desires of your heart could you have fulfilled? How much more traveling could you have done?
    Proverbs 10:15 – “destruction of the poor is their poverty” Meaning poor Christians and faith believers are literally destroyed (whether mentally, physically [medical bills], or financially) for lack of prosperity. What an embarrassment to us and to God. What a shame. Maybe we should all start saying what Moses said;
    Deut 27’Remember Your servants,…Otherwise the land from which You brought us may say, “Because the LORD was not able to bring them into the land which He had promised them and because He hated them He has brought them out to slay them in the wilderness.”