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The curveballs that have entered your life, the “spanners that have
been thrown in the works”, the unexpected pathways that have presented
themselves before many of you, out of nowhere, the place of things not
happening the way you expected… are platforms before you.
The Lord is using these “unexpected” things to bring promotion into
your life. How you steward your heart and attitude towards these
“unexpected” things will determine whether you walk through these
“curveballs” as a victim of them, or see a great turnaround and a new
level of promotion before you.
The Lord is testing many hearts through these “curveballs”. To bring
forth a greater level of surrender, a greater trust, a greater depth of
intimacy, a greater love and honouring of others and learning to walk as
an OVERCOMER and not a victim.
I saw the Lord turning these curveballs to platforms of promotion,
and the Lord was encouraging His people to step onto these platforms
through the godly stewarding of their attitude and heart. I then heard
Him speak “Your attitude towards these curveballs and how you steward
your heart will determine your ALTITUDE.”
Stewarding our hearts and attitudes right will result in us walking
further into the overcomers that we are and soar higher than ever before
through the promotion the Lord is placing before us, or we will step
into the boat of “victim” and not soar at all.
Even though the “unexpected” feels like it has hit you hard in this
season, the Lord is using them for your promotion, and UNEXPECTED
GLORIOUS SURPRISES will come OUT of these curveballs for you and your
household, but I believe the Lord is putting a choice before us. What
will our hearts and attitudes align with? The truth of who we are as
overcomers, active choices to walk in that truth, or to choose to not
steward the attitudes of our hearts well and walk in a victim mentality.
A line has been drawn in the sand. Some of the most glorious
breakthrough’s, surprises and unexpected blessings await you on the
other side of your choice to align yourself with Him and His Word
despite the confusion, the grief, the despair, the discouragement, the
weariness, the pain, the hardship.
Some of your greatest moments of promotion will be birthed out of your trust in Him, even when you don’t understand.
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  • Iris

    Thank you for your incite and courage. I thank you that thru your anointing I feel so in-powered believing in what God is pouring into my life. I totally trusting in the Lord for what is to come! Thank you

  • Janice Heger

    There is nothing like the presence of God to make any circumstance bearable and glorious. Blessed are we when we know He is with us, in us and for us. Thank you, Lana, for the word to see ourselves in Jesus as overcomers of any circumstance. No one can be a victim with our great God and Father on our side!