Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing the Lord saying over and over "Come away, does not mean delay".
I saw an invitation from the heart of the Lord as we have moved into 5778 and as we move into 2018, that there are specific calls from the Lord amidst the acceleration, amidst the breakthrough, amidst the increase of favour to "come away".
There are going to be very specific moments in this new season where the Lord is going to be calling His people to ‘come away’. That DOES NOT mean delay. There is a "come away" that the Lord is releasing in the NEW BEGINNING.
The "come away" is going to look very different for many. For some it will look like not stepping taking some opportunities that come their way, but rather the Lord saying "wait". For others, it will be a sabbatical, for others it will be a change in focus and direction, whatever it looks like, there is a "Come away" invitation in this new season and into 2018, that will be a place of "making room" in the new beginnings of what God is doing.
Some of you will be called to a time of rest, but in that rest, you will see God do more than you have ever seen. There will be DOUBLE birthed in the rivers of rest.
The "come away" is actually a place of increase, it is actually a place of greater fruitfulness, it’s a place of birthing, it’s a place of desires fulfilled, it’s a place of reset, restrategising, it’s a place of recalibration.
I saw an attack coming against many and a strategy the enemy is wanting to use in this new season and into 2018, whispering to many "God is calling you away and it means delay, it means you’re going around the mountain again, you are going backwards" – but the truth is, the accepting of the ‘come away’ invitation of whatever it looks like for you, is a place of increase, preparation, refuelling and greater fruitfulness to move into greater breakthrough, favour, fruitfulness and increase in the explosive new beginning and effectual doors upon the Church.
I had a dream recently and I saw spiders attempting to get into the secret place. I saw spiders looking for every entry point to get into the secret place, the place of intimacy, the place of communion with the Lord. I saw them starting to get in and they were coming into hinder what God was wanting to birth and release in the secret place. They were coming to kill, contaminate and abort, but being AWARE of their strategy and their attack, moving in the insight and strategy of the Lord, to guard the secret place and stay on guard, they were kept out.
The spiders are attempting to come into the secret place, to bring confusion, lies, abort and kill, because the Lord is releasing SO MUCH in the secret place right now.
Significant impartations, revelation, and increase of insight is being released right now from the heart of God to STEWARD the new beginnings and new seasons He is leading His people into. He is bringing life and increase and the enemy is attempting to bring death and poison with his lies and keep people from moving deeper into the secret place.
In these "come away" invitations from the Lord in this season, I saw the Lord crafting these "come away" pathways, and as He was releasing this invitation into the spirit for this season and 2018, I could hear Him saying "Do you want my heart? Do you want my heart?"
I could feel the "recalibration" and the "purifying" happening in the release of this invitation. It was a place of choosing His pathway and the "come away" invitation above all else and in the "coming away", He was going to release His heart to His people in ways they had never experienced. I could feel His heart yearning to take His people deeper into a place of intimacy than they had ever been.
There are going to be moments in this new season and 2018 where the Lord is going to ask His people to choose His heart and intimacy with Him, over "opportunities".
It may not make sense to "man", it may not be the "way it has always been done", but in your place of obedience and your place of surrender, the Lord is going to show you His heart and you are going to encounter Him in a way you never have. I see a "coming full circle" to that deep place of divine romance and joy with the King that many have lost in the battle and in the weariness of the past season.
In the "come away" invitations, the Lord is going to release His heart and share His whispers with you in ways you have never dreamt possible. He is going to REFUEL YOU for the NEW.
Remember, "come away" does not mean DELAY. It’s a place of intimacy, birthing, greater fruitfulness and divine dance with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The "come away" invitations being accepted will break off any areas of striving or self-promotion, or anxiety and fear, and see a greater great healing. A new level of joy, peace, and maturity is happening in the "come away invitations".
The Lord is maturing His people in significant ways because He wants His people to be able to "carry" the NEW thing and the NEW BEGINNING He is releasing.
What God will be releasing in 5778 and 2018, is so new, and so fresh, and stunning, in the "come away", He will release wisdom and discernment on how to "steward" the new beginning He is releasing with greater strategy, purity, and humility. The increase He is releasing and will continue to release, He’s looking for hearts that will steward it with purity, integrity, heavenly strategy and humility. Moving with Him in His way and stewarding it on His pathway.
Hearts desires are going to be fulfilled in amazing ways in the "COME AWAY"…!! In the "come away" pathways, hearts desires are going to be fulfilled in the most miraculous and amazing ways. The "COME AWAY" does not carry with it a weight of waiting, but it carries an expectancy and manifestation of JOY like you have never known before. (Psalm 37:4, Psalm 16:11)
I can hear Him whispering in the new beginning and birthing upon us…
"Rest, reset, refresh, refuel, recalibrate, reboot and rekindle, you are moving into something completely new, but listen for My whisper, for in the COME AWAY, you will not see delay, but I will SHOW YOU and RELEASE to you the impartation for the NEW DAY!"


  • Kim Wilson

    Thank you for releasing this refreshing word. No Delay sounds so good after many years of waiting, praying, sowing, fasting, and believing for breakthrough. God Bless!

  • Jaz

    Thank you , I wrestled all year with surrendering to a 3 year sabbatical but coming into this new year 5778 .. the closer it got the more I knew God was indeed serious about coming away with him . For me it looked like completely pulling away from SM and choosing not to date or be open to relationships and truly live Matt 6:33. I know in my heart this is the only pathway to all he has for me . This was a very encouraging word and I just thank you so much for this .

    • Ann Dennis

      5778 represents the New Year of the Jewish Calendar. God uses this calendar still. Although we are still in September and don’t start our New Year yet, we are in the season of Rash Hashanah = 2017-2018


      Today is Elul 29, the last day of this year on Hebraic calendar…Gods calendar. We begin the new year tomorrow in the year 5778. Today is also The Feast of Trumpets…a major feast celebration is occurring in heaven right now. 8 is the number of new beginnings so prepare your heart. Very good GRACE and FAVOR is on its way.

  • Joseph Normandin

    very lovely word??? & quite true I believe! Even today Holy Spirit has said to me some astonishing things! Assuming I’m hearing correctly? Religious correctness & the pharisee spirit that has secretly slithered in many churches is about to get it’s head stomped by The KING of ALL KINGS & The LORD of ALL LORDS???

  • Nahomie Riche

    Oh my goodness, you are such a blessing! Sweet Words from Heaven for my ears…The Lord has blessed me so much from your ministry. I believe He’s really given ur an anointing to feed the weary amongst other things. Thank you so much for your service to the Lord. Water for my heart.

  • Debra Griffin

    I do love your “re”s Lana! Rest, refresh, refuel! Exactly what I personally need to do! I feel I have God’s green light to take care of myself for a spell, and stop the constant worry and I’ll even go so far as to say TORMENT over the well being of my family and friends. I’m going to step back and see what God does in their lives!!

  • Whitney

    Just want to say I’m very thankful for the prophetic words released on your blog. I’ve been dealing with sickness for over two years and there have been so many times where God’s words to me are confirmed through yours. It has more than once pulled me up from the pit of despair. As I watch and wait for the promises to come, I will keep trusting and worshiping!

  • Esther-Sarah Godfrey

    Thank- you!!! This burns in my SPIRT! Thank -you so very ,very much! Am so blessed by ur God given ministry! Shalom.Abundant blessings in this New Year!!!

  • Thomas Nodoubt

    Lana, this morning, as I was praying for you I felt like you’ve been under a physical strain, maybe more so than usual. And I felt like I should tell YOU to go on a break to a B&B this weekend. And as I opened up to Z3news to catch the latest, I saw this message FROM YOU.
    Isn’t our Father awesome, incredible, wonderful , fantastic, superb, tremendous, all-consuming/encompassing/surrounding, compassionate, grace…( I could go on for eternity but there are not enough words in any language, NO make that all languages to describe HIS LOVE FOR US!

  • Jo Beck

    Wow. I have been seeing spiders in the natural and in the spirit. I will NOT be afraid.Instead, I am moving into my “Come Away!”

  • Dolores Valenzuela

    God’s word for today has been the answer we all need to continue in His will. It is what I needed to hear that God is with me and is leading me to a NEW BEGINNING.
    The Holy Spirit who dwells in me has been waiting with for His timing.
    What a blessing for us all.

  • Kourt E

    thank you so much Lana! glory be to god. he is really showing me everything you have talked about. He’s showing me about the exploration with the “asian” hes teaching me about balance right now and about the chakras and staying GROUNDED! Its realllllly different! I was scared at first because i didnt know what he was trying to do but hes restoring my mind through it and my body. ALL of your words have been confirmation for me! Thank you so much <3 xoxo god bless!