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He is breaking many through into the NEW!!! There has been a cost, there has been a price, there has been pressing and there has been pain, but some of your greatest steps are before you. 
Many of you are meeting your ‘point of catapult’ into the NEW the Lord has for you. 
For some of you, it is bigger and more overwhelming than you thought, dreamed of or imagined but be at peace knowing that there is great grace over you as you move forward in all the Lord is asking you to do and releasing you into. 
Don’t let the enemy stir fear in your heart by the magnitude of what is before you, but allow the spirit of God in the chamber of intimacy to fill your heart with excitement, hope and heavenly prophetic vision and insight to see the seed of breakthrough that is going to flourish as you step into the NEW before you. 
The path of the new before you has been paved by the hand of a good Father. You may feel like you are stepping in over your head, but the truth is, your best days are ahead. 
Stay in faith! Focus on Him and what He is doing for glorious encounters wth Him and radical new depths await you in the next steps of the new that are right before you. 


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