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I saw the Lord releasing battle strategies to His people of how to gain further ground in the new land He has released them into. There is a level of breakthrough that is being entered into as the people of God individually and corporately in this season that is like nothing we have experienced before. For this new land of breakthrough, new heights and realms we are being led into, is requiring a greater level of discernment, wisdom and strategy from the Lord.
Discernment, wisdom and strategy on how to unlock cities, unlock nations and see the world experience the GOODNESS of God at a level they have not seen before. There is discernment, wisdom and strategy needed to face the giants that are in the new lands of breakthrough that we are moving into. There is so much “newness” all around, the Lord doing something completely different to what we have seen before, and we must be pressing in as the people of God to hear the ‘battle strategies’ that are on His heart. The thing I noticed when the Lord was releasing battle strategies to His people was that none were the same. They were different. The Lord is releasing different battle strategies and divine BLUEPRINTS all across the body of Christ, that AS each of these pieces are put together, the body of Christ moves in greater unity that it has before. 
Discernment, wisdom and strategy are marrying and developing a deeper level of intimacy in the lives of believers as they press in. For the Lord is not only releasing the strategies, but the discernment and wisdom to carry it through.
This has been an intense time of contending for the manifested promises of God and to see revival break out all across the earth. The enemy is also contending to keep the ground that he has. There has been a swirl of opposition in the body of Christ that is entering lives like whirlwinds to attempt to ‘take out’ His people. 
BUT the heavenly whirlwind of SUDDENLY’s that the Lord is releasing through these divine battle strategies is going to see breakthrough happen in the lives of His people at an unprecedented measure. HOPE is going to arise in the people of God in explosive ways as the Lord reveals the “way through” and the WAY to PARTNER WITH HIM in gaining more ground than we have taken before. 
As these battle plans/strategies were put into action, not only were the people of God crossing over at accelerated speed, I saw the enemys head left SPINNING, he was left in a spiral of ‘confusion’, a look of ‘Where did that come from? I didn’t see that coming’.. and from the places of action from the people of God, HOPE was exploding into dry and dead places and they were COMING ALIVE again. 
The Lord has NOT forgotten your dry bones! 
I saw many of you feeling like you were marching around the ‘walls of Jericho’. HUGE walls that just seem impossible to “shift”. Don’t be discouraged. Stick with the ‘battle plans’ that the Lord has given you, for I saw the words written on the wall “ONE PUSH AWAY FROM BREAKTHROUGH”. 
As you move in the “battle strategy” the Lord is releasing to you, you are pushing against those walls in the spirit and THE CRACK ARE STARTING TO APPEAR. The shaking is beginning, the rumbling of a WALL ABOUT TO FALL is starting to be heard in the spirit. I feel many of you need to hear that you have NOT been BATTLING in vain, but you have been battling IN HIS NAME and you will see one of the greatest BOWINGS of these walls to the name of Jesus that you have EVER seen. 
Comparison and copying is going to attempt to ‘steal’ your breakthrough. Don’t look to anyone else. Look to Him. Look to Jesus. Ask HIM for your personal and corporate battle strategy and you will see Him release a strategy that will not only see you move further into this new land of breakthrough, but take out the enemy along the way, take out his ground and be recompensed for all the trouble he has called you.
You are moving into your greatest days as you partner with Him and STAY IN YOUR LANE. Stay FAITHFUL to what He has called you to and the BATTLE PLAN He has given you. For in that battle plan shall you not only come alive as the child of God that was CREATED to know Him and make Him known, but a child of God that was DESIGNED FOR VICTORY!!!!!!!! 
At the end of this encounter with Him, I looked at the scrolls of battle plans that He was releasing to His people are there was a seal on the scroll and on the seal it said “WE WIN!!!!”. Your victory is ALREADY assured in Him. These battle plans are simply teaching you to walk in greater wisdom, discernment and strategy and STRENGTHENING YOU. He is simply strengthening the WARRIOR that is already within you and teaching you what it means to WAR WITH HIM. 
MOUNTAINS OF TRIUMPH AND VICTORY are before you as you WAR WITH HIM!!!!!!!! It’s not a MOMENT of breakthrough that is before..


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  • D'Ann

    Thank you Lana for your right on Words!
    I received a Word last night and didn’t know what it I looked it up and researched it was an ancient battle with victory and a word for a country thhat I have connections in Governmentally..
    I so agree and see that God is now wooing us to be together not only in Unity but in Community and the Spirit…It is so exciting to feel the Refreshing of the Lord after YEARS of toil and feeling dead.
    I am so very Thankful for you.
    Acting on His Blueprints!

  • Rena Goichberg

    Thank you for this great and encouraging word! Your last one on the Jezebel spirit also ministered to me heavily. After reading this, they became one word to me. The Lord spoke this so clearly – my battle plan is PRAISE. My calling is in worship / psalmist ministry, yet that’s my area of greatest weakness. That’s where the enemy’s attack is greatest. But I know he has no authority to eat me up, unless I choose to dwell in the pit of despair all the time instead of on the mountaintop of high praise to our glorious Savior! Thanks again so much for your ministry. May many hearts be blessed and encouraged as you carry forth His words to the world.

  • Barbara

    Thank you for that vote of confidence!
    Thanks to great friends, I’ve reached out to good people in business to create more income opportunity.
    Truly, there is victory in the multitude of counselors!