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Today I heard the Lord say "Batten down the hatches a storm is coming". I saw a storm going across the world affecting many areas from finances, to stock markets, to shaking in nature. I saw this storm putting incredible pressure upon ‘families’ to divide and conquer the ‘family unit’. This storm coming is coming to store up fear in people and the people of God, but it will not succeed as the people of God press into prayer.
I believe the Lord is sounding the alarm "BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES, A STORM IS COMING." No matter what the storm may look like in the world, in our own personal lives, the Lord is asking His people to batten down the hatches in prayer.
There is no need to fear, for when the storm rages, fear will not take hold of you because you have locked eyes with Jesus. No matter how loud the wind and the waves scream, continue to press into Jesus and hold to Him as your anchor.
As this storm is displayed around the world and in the lives of believers, be encouraged that as you are pressing into the Lord, the shift in season is taking place. The crossing over is happening. As you FOLLOW the wisdom of God, you will see you and your family flourish in the midst of the storm.
Even though the storm may rage around you and the world, as you lean into Him, you will not be harmed. You will not be touched, but delivered and flourish in the midst of this storm.
As the storm rages in financial areas of the world, as the people of God listen to the Lord’s wisdom, follow His voice, the people of God will flourish financially. I saw as the people of God began to listen to His wisdom in the area of finances, the Church will take her place and begin to bless the world financially. A great transfer will take place.
Doors of incredible favour are going to open in the midst of this storm that is coming into the world that NO MAN will be able to shut. (Isaiah 22:22) Joseph’s are taking their place in the midst of this storm. Some of the greatest doors of favour will open for the people of God in the midst of this storm coming, will see them in position to speak the word of the Lord, release HIS solutions and wisdom to many, especially to people of great influence in the world to bring about breakthrough and shifts of atmospheres.
The restoration of God is going to flow through His people in incredible ways as they press into Him through the storm and look not to the natural. Look to Him and receive and obey His wisdom, some of the greatest shifts in atmospheres and nations will take place.
"I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty. With plenty or little" – Philippians 4:12
As His people press in during this storm, the Lord is birthing greater revelation and manifestation of contentment in Him. The secret to contentment is being revealed at deeper levels. The secret of contentment "Because He is with me, I have more than enough". Intimacy with Jesus will go deeper and deeper in this storm as the people seek Him out, they will move deeper into the realm of TRUE contentment because of HIM.
I saw prophets being raised up all over the nations arising in the middle of this storm declaring the Word of the Lord and shifts taking place. The goodness and love of God is going to be displayed on a greater level through His prophets as they stand on the front line in the midst of this storm and call forth restoration, healing, strengthening and turnarounds to the nations. Doors of great favour will open to many prophets in this storm. As they move through these doors of great favour, in places that many have said would be least likely to see a move of God, as they declare the Word of the Lord there will be SIGNIFICANT turnarounds in the world and these areas.
As the prophets stood on the front line, I saw them declaring the Word of the Lord and the storm was being pushed back and they were equipping the saints following them, on what the Lord was saying and how to hear and follow His direction to make their pathway through the storm.
I saw the Lord calling the five fold ministry into place on the frontline. In this storm I saw the Lord uniting the five fold ministry at a deeper level as they laid down agendas, competition and self-promotion and a beautiful unity was being birthed between the five-fold that was going to release TEN FOLD restoration, healing, salvation, revival, increase and abundance to the people of God in the MIDST of the storm.
Five fold it is time to unite and take your place for the Lord is going to release TEN FOLD increase through you in the storm.
Hearing from the Lord and seeing what He is doing in the spiritual realm will increase SIGNIFICANTLY through this storm as the people of God "batten down the hatches" in prayer and begin to see a depth of revelation and insight into what the Lord is saying and doing like never before. Even though the storm may be fierce, the Lord will bring His people, as they press in, into a place of such clarity of sight and hearing that will see the people of God moving out with backpacks, FULL OF KINGDOM KEYS to bring "answers" to areas affected by these storms.
Breakthrough will be released into the Body of Christ and into the world, THROUGH the people of God as they have nestled into Him through the storm and received significant Kingdom keys.
During this storm, I felt the Lord saying that worship will be of utmost importance. Don’t let the storm steal your song. Keep singing. Keep praising God. Keep magnifying Him and as you do the storm will not touch you. It may swirl all around you but you will not be touched.
As you worship, you will walk through the storm full of peace and releasing the peace of God wherever you go which will affect and shift atmospheres.
Do not be discouraged or despaired by the storm that will rage but know that as you listen to the Lord and follow His promptings, you are moving onto a new page. The storm will signal the "change in season".
God has greater purpose for you in the storm. Stay anchored in Him and a new season will open before you, moving you into some of the greatest doors of favour you have ever seen. Doors of favour will swing wide open to see the Kingdom released through you.
The waves and wind know His name. Batten down the hatches in prayer and use the authority that He has given you. Speak to the storm when it comes and watch Him bring peace to you in the midst of the storm. The storm may come LOUDLY but it will only last for but a moment, it will FLEE QUICKLY as the name of JESUS is lifted against the storm.
Batten down the hatches!! It’s time to pray and stand firm, for a great crossover is taking place. One of the greatest shifts we have seen in the Body of Christ is taking place. As you hold His hand through the storm you will be strengthened IN the storm, otherwise you could be taken out.
Press in people of God! Batten down the hatches and watch the storm pass over you. Watch and see how the Lord is going to cause you to flourish in the midst of the storm.
He will cause you to SOAR through the storm.
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  • Lidia Hidalgo

    ABBA! ABBA! ABBA! FATHER GOD; I SAY: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!In the Realm of the Holy Spirit, and the magnificent presence of the LORD JESUS; I will soar with wings as eagle, I will run into His Rest in praise and worship, honor and glory, I will rejoice in the Lord and He will anoint my head with oil, My cup will run over, then He will outpour Blessings, upon Blessings, upon Blessings over my live and my Household; He will think of me, and will answerer all of my prayers that have being unanswered, This is my time says the LORD of HOSTS, speak the word, and to confess my Victory, to Prophesy revival to the dry places in my life, speak life to the dead ends and Broken dreams; The LORD says He has heard my cry, Feel my pain, dry my tears, healed my inner wounds and hurts from many generations, and He is (not that He will) but He is RESTORING AND MAKING EVERYTHING NEW!!! START SPEAKING NEWNESS INTO EVERYTHING THAT I WANT OR NEED; NEWNESS, NEWNESS, NEWNESS, IN THE NAME OF JESUS; I BELIEVE IT , I RECEIVE IT, FOR ME AND MY HOUSEHOLD, MY OFFSPRING!!! THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AWESOME WORD, IT BROUGHT ME BACK TO LIFE; BE BLESSED IN THE LORD GOD!!! OUR HEAVENLY ABBA!!!! | lanavawser posted: “Today I heard the Lord say “Batten down the hatches a storm is coming”. I saw a storm going across the world affecting many areas from finances, to stock markets, to shaking in nature. I saw this storm putting incredible pressure upon ‘families'” | |

  • van mason

    Hi Lana
    This Batten down the Hatches word is so right on
    Many people have been ignoring this wonderful time of preparation
    California is desperate for God Himself! 1 Cor 1:29 is a critical verse to understand as the Glory of God comes to earth!
    Give Kevin and children a big hug for me❤️? Be Blessed
    Van Mason
    Psalm 84:2
    Sent from my iPhone

  • Beverley Estes

    We just had a storm and there were 7 tornado’s. As they came I went out on the porch and pulled down the weather in Heaven to earth. Declared that heaven would bind the Principalities, Powers, and evil in high places and put them under our feet to be trampled and under Yeshua’s feet of the authority of all authority and they would bow the knee and confess HIM as LORD. The feed lot out of town got some damage, several people in the country lost their homes. Our neighbor hood did not get hurt and not a single person got even a scratch. I praised God for that. There were 22 or more tornado’s but only 7 in our immediate area. 7 stands for completion in Gods word so guess HE was completed in what HE was trying to get us to realize. I told my neighbor that I was asking God for HIS protection and her answer did tell me who she trusted.( Well you were luck this time.) BB

  • Danna Paulin

    Thank you Lana for this awesome word. the Lord has given me several words about America in the recent few months and I had a word about the “Eye” of the storm a few days after this word from you that I felt led to forward to you as encouragement for your word about God raising up prophets all over with encouraging words.
    5/12/15 (Tuesday Morning)
    Danna Paulin
    As I was praying and declaring this morning for family and friends – naming each one – “Obama” came out of my mouth without forethought. My prayer language took over for a short while and then the Lord said:
    “You do understand that I have to do this? – (I understood He meant the events taking place in the US especially – and even all over the world also)
    “The rebellious and lost need to be brought back to Me – this will not happen with things going as usual – status quo.
    “Many, many of My people who call Me by My Name *are* humbling themselves and are praying and declaring – BUT I want more and more of the rebellious and lost to come into My Kingdom – and, therefore, I have to allow them to be broken and brought to their knees.
    I *will* stay some judgments from America because of My faithful ones – but understand that I want more from those rebellious people who think they know Me and ask in pride in themselves for Me to act – Hah!! I will not do anything for them – I will bring them to their knees and then they will honor Me in truth and rightness.
    Yes! I will have more and more souls to add to My Kingdom through the chaos, death and destruction happening at this time! My truth, however, is coming to light in many, many dark places all over the world – America will one day again shine for all the world to see – with My Light! I have more to do and I will accomplish what I need to accomplish before that Light shines!
    But now is not the time for the completion of My Plan – My Plan is still in the works in My people because there are many yet who are still rebellious and need to have their eyes opened and their hearts thawed and their pride demolished. There is too much pride in My people still that needs to be torn down.
    So pray – declare – decree these things: that those who have not humbled themselves see and lay hold of their need to come to Me and confess and renounce their pride, and once again trust and rely on Me. Their pride has led them to go far astray from Me and I desire for them to return to communing and fellowshipping with Me.
    In the meantime, all of My children who do trust and have fellowship and walk with Me hold fast – pray – decree – and TRUST that I have your back and am holding you fast and hard in My Loving Hand; and I will be your guide and your help during this time of bringing My other children who have lost their way back home to Me.
    I will not let go of you – and I will not let go of them! I am jealous for them, just like I was and still am for Israel. I will do all that is necessary to bring them back into alignment and communion with Me.
    So pray – declare – decree for them, and for all the lost that do not know Me. My heart’s desire is for them also. I love all of them and am grieved that I have to send them to the place of torment – S0, pray – declare – decree for the lost!
    Yes – there will be troubling times still ahead, but it is necessary. BUT – there will be wonderful blessings in the midst of all the chaos. Look and earnestly desire to see and partake of/in these blessings. They will come many times in many ways you may not understand – ways you may not want, because you want something else – but, they are My ways of blessing you.
    I love you and I will ALWAYS be there for you – So, look for Me in the “Eye” of the storm. Come into the “Eye”! Get out of the storm! That is where I can be found. In the storm I am still there – But in the ”Eye” is where you will find rest and peace from the chaos.
    I have made the “Eye” of the storm specifically for you – My Beloved – to be able to come into and rest and be refreshed. Come into the “Eye” and stay – stand – pray – declare – decree while I take care of everything going on in the chaos of the Storm!!
    I know you do not fully understand or comprehend – but you will when you see the end result. You also will not – DO NOT – have to go and do “clean-up” after the storm has passed – I will take care of all that mess too!
    Papa God