Prophetic Words


I saw a slumbering spirit coming against many in the past week. An unusual draining and exhaustion that is hindering many of God’s people from standing in hope and expectation.
This slumbering spirit is not only causing a tremendous exhaustion and physical weakness but attempting to steal vision of what God is doing leaving many of His people depleted, lacking hope and the strength to stand to move forward with a spring in their step into the new day that is at hand.
It is “closing eyes” to what God is doing, creating a haze and difficulty in seeing and holding onto what He is releasing and saying. The Lord is also schooling His people in moving from perfectionism to excellence and this slumbering spirit is attempting to keep many of His people from moving into a higher level of operating in Spirit-led excellence in all areas.
Position yourself in worship! The Lord is breaking the power of this slumbering spirit over those who are being affected and not only will you be awakened but awakened like never before.
You will be awakened with greater sight, His eyes of revelation. Key revelation will be released through prophetic words, books and songs through these ones carrying a breaker anointing that will usher in new moves of His Spirit to release greater freedom to His people and a Spirit-led excellence that will open doors in the world to release His Kingdom through profound revelation.
Be encouraged! The Lord is awakening His people! The Lord is breaking the power of the slumbering spirit to bring NEW SIGHT to those who are starting to take FLIGHT to higher levels.
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