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By Lana Vawser 
Friends, I recognise this post is long, but I encourage you to read it all. I really feel this is an urgent, challenging and encouraging word for us ALL in this glorious season of acceleration and increase we are in.
Blessings, Lana 🙂
In the past few weeks, the Lord has really been speaking to me about the very crucial and critical moment that we are in right now as the body of Christ.
This season of tremendous BREAKTHROUGH and OPPORTUNITY that we are in right now is glorious! This is the year of the Lord’s favour being manifested in significant ways. It’s the year of breakthrough after breakthrough. It’s the year to ‘reach for the sky’ and dream bigger than ever.
In the midst of this amazing season we are in right now where God’s people are moving further into their destiny as they continue to align and yield with Him, the weightiness of the invitation upon us increases.
I had an encounter with Jesus today where I saw the rivers that flow from the throne. (Revelation 22:1) I saw the Lord standing in the midst of the river and His heart was full of invitation. The river that flowed was full of life and full of breakthrough. So clear, so pure, so refreshing. Jesus stood in the water and the invitation was released “WHERE ARE THE SEEKERS? WHERE ARE THE SEEKERS OF MY HEART? Come in! Come in! Come deeper still”
As I went to dive into the water I noticed that around the edges of where the river flowed where the people of God, but many didn’t hear. The invitation fell on deaf ears. The Lord kept inviting, He kept pursuing, but for many, they did not hear the invitation. The glorious invitation to know Him in a way they never have. To hear His heart, to see Him, to see His Glory, to know Him so deeply.
When I looked closer, I saw that they were enamoured by these beautiful, sparkling doors. These doors were huge, some were gold, some made of diamonds, some covered in glitter. God’s people were being ‘lured’ to these doors and they became so fixated upon what was sparkling and glittering, they missed the invitation from His heart. They had been lured into a cage of distraction.
I then saw Jesus speak with such tenderness and love…
“Don’t be dazzled, enamoured or distracted by what sparkles and shines in this season.”
ENAMOURED: To be filled with love for; have admiration for (Definition taken from google)
My heart was breaking as I was watching what was taking place. I fell to my knees in repentance of all the areas of my life where distraction had crept in. Deep heart cries flooded out of my heart, crying out to the Lord to give us all eyes to see and ears to hear, that His invitation would NEVER fall on deaf ears in the body of Christ.
He spoke again:
“This is a crucial, critical moment right now in the earth. My people, you need to be more intentional than ever in pursuit of My heart and laying low in Me. Otherwise many of you will find yourselves being lured away into distraction by things that sparkle and shine that were not sent by Me. There will be a great trade off of intimacy for the “sparkles” of opportunity.”
The urgency of the season filled me, that we would not fall into idolatry, but keep Jesus as our first love.
It’s ALL about Jesus! HE is our greatest treasure and He is PASSIONATE about intimacy with His people. He is so good, He is so loving, He was releasing a warning in the invitation so we as God’s people would safeguard ourselves from distraction in this season.
The Lord showed me VERY clearly, the opportunities that are coming in this season of opportunity and A LOT of them look good, but they aren’t the ones the Lord is breathing on. They will sparkle, they will glitter and they will shine, but they are a distraction.
I dive into the rivers around the throne along with many of God’s people. We began swimming in this beautiful river. Facedown, completely immersed, so much peace, so much life, every fibre of your being felt more alive and sensitive than ever. Such joy in the rivers of the Spirit.
The clarity in the river was pristine, such security and strength found in the depths.
The deeper we went into the river, I heard Him speaking “Go lower still, yield, seek Me unchartered places of My heart await you.” I noticed that the deeper we went into the river, there was no end, no ‘floor’ like you would see if you scuba dived in the ocean. But the deeper we went the clearer I could see the BLUEPRINTS and STRATEGY of His heart.
In the LOW PLACES were the CLEAREST BLUEPRINT STRATEGIES of His heart for this season.
The deeper I went into the river I could hear Him so loudly “In this season, the strategies of man will frustrate, but the strategies of MY HEART will ACCELERATE.”
The revelation of the strategies of His heart was being found in the depths, in the place of surrender, in the place of being yielded and intentional focus upon Him was so clear to me. It was almost like a lot of the strategies of His heart didn’t “make sense in the natural”. They were almost “opposite” to what many had experienced or implemented. It required a deeper level of dependence upon Him to make it work, but that was the glorious BREAKTHROUGH PLACE.“
Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there” – Proverbs 16:9
The strategies that were found in the DEPTHS released ACCELERATION. The FRUIT of the strategies found in the depths was ACCELERATION. The fruit of ‘man-made’ strategy was FRUSTRATION. The Lord showed me that the FRUIT of strategy will be clear in this season. To break the man-made strategy frustration, it simply required a deeper seeking of Jesus and His heart and wisdom. A constant seeking and not moving until the blueprint strategy is received.
The BEAUTIFUL THING was the acceleration, breakthrough, life and increase that came from the depths, from the intentionality of seeking Him ABOVE ALL ELSE in this season, FOCUS upon Him as FIRST LOVE and not being distracted by what glitters or sparkles, MORE OPPORTUNITY was birthed than would have EVER been offered by the doors that sparkled and glittered that enamoured the people of God.
I believe the Lord is repeating over and over “Come deeper still. Focus on Me! Be intentional in seeking Me! Don’t forsake the secret place! BECAUSE of the level of breakthrough we are moving into! The level of increase and blessing we are about to see! The level of favour being released! But in it all – HE wants to remain the GREATEST TREASURE! HE wants to remain our FIRST LOVE!
Let us never come to a place where His invitation falls upon deaf ears.
Let the cry of our hearts be “Jesus, have your way! I say YES and come DEEPER STILL! I choose to DAILY, INTENTIONALLY seek YOU! I yield myself to you again! I align myself with all you have for Me and I wait on you for your wisdom, direction and strategy. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear. Let me be enamoured by only YOU!”


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  • Larissa

    One of my reoccurring dreams is that I am swimming in a very wide river. The water is crystal clear and I can see gigantic roots from the trees. I’m swimming under and over them. The trees are so large and full of leaves that they block out the sun and sky. It’s very peaceful and fun.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    AMEN! Breakthrough! Doug Addison’s Word … giving to others, it will change the spiritual atmosphere of your situation. I felt the unction to go visit my Mother. Had not seen her in weeks. She was in pain, spasms in her legs, a pulled ligament in her hand. I could see the Hunger in her eyes for The LORD’s Touch. We prayed, Father God Healed her of both spasms & the pain in her hand, Praise Jesus!! She’s now doing what she could not do before, Thank You Lord! I was obedient to lay down my day’s agenda, & Look at our Father!! We talked after. First time we saw the time, it was 4:44 pm. 2nd time we looked at the clock it was 5:55! I’d seen 555 earlier – GRACE! Your Eyes to see LORD, Your ears to Hear. At the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses …

  • Diana

    Enamor: To place under one’s power by magic; cast a spell over.
    2. To captivate completely; fascinate. See Synonyms at charm.; etc. The Free Dictionary. I looked further and found this word goes so far as to be put in a trance and made to WORK for something/someone. Even derived from the word SORCERER. Synonyms included, among others: BEWITCHED.
    Thank you for this very important and timely WORD. You’re right! JESUS, is our GIFT! I had just read an article by Kenneth Copeland last night that confirms this word. Blessings!!!

  • Rhoda

    Joys unspeakable to you and yours xo,
    Read it all. Yes, asking God to always remind me to wait for confirmation about each opportunity presented for clear direction.
    Basking, laying low in the Garden (making like snow angels lol, but amongst my flowers ?).
    Love you! Rhoda

  • Grace Sheleheda

    I benefit from all of your posts, but this one about diving into the pristine river with Jesus and going “deeper still” and listening intently to Him is particularly essential to what I have been feeling the Lord trying to get across to me. Thank you for being such aan intuitive, earnest and faithful servant.
    Sincerely in Christ,

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Looked deep inside and heard this singing, “There is a River. It flows from deep within. There is a fountain, that cleanses us from sin. Come to this River. There is a vast supply. Come to the River. That never shall run dry.” Many years ago, while sitting on the bed, I saw a crown under water. It was the “under the water” that stayed with me. The water is so very, very clear. What the crown looked like has faded but the water; being under the water stayed with me. The water wasn’t deep, and the crown was near the surface. Ohhh, deeper still. Yes deeper in the waters.

  • Robear

    Let the cry of our hearts be “Jesus, have your way! I say YES and come DEEPER STILL! I choose to DAILY, INTENTIONALLY seek YOU! I yield myself to you again! I align myself with all you have for Me and I wait on you for your wisdom, direction and strategy. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear. Let me be enamoured by only YOU!”
    Yes Lord, this is my decllaration as I have spoken it just now unto you.
    I give you thanks and higher praises. Glory to God !!

  • dagmar

    Lana, part of your’s today fits day-time-vision I had: people standing near the river, water sparkling clear, small waves lapping over rocks and pebbles. people enjoyed the clear water and splashing around with water not even reaching up to their knees. urgency: step out into the deep, where your feet cannot touch the ground. trust the water to carry you. this river did not need the kind of boyancy you find in the Dead Sea. for it is the river flowing, giving life in abundance. no need to stay afloat under one’s own strength! –
    love and blessings.

  • Lisa Benedict

    Once again you have given me confirmation of secrets heard in my prayer closet! God is drawing me opposite gravity into the depths of Jesus Christ. HE is holding the reins and navigating the way through uncharted waters. He desires we honor His presence above all, allowing HIM to filter out worldly debris that clogs our mind with frustration. He only is my Rock!

  • Tabitha Peterson

    Dream: It was so vivid. I wake to the shaking of the holy spirit. Now that Trump has been inaugurated we were entered in a race. Everything we needed was provided for we had a dressing room withe a horse a purple racing t-shirt and a bag. I wondered if I should bring the horse since I didn’t know how to ride. Instead I grab a snowboard. In a hurry I grab a box of snacks. I realize that my friend hadn’t shown up for the race and her t-shirt was still hanging in her dressing room. We weren’t told when the race would begin so I’m thinking I need to get there and get a head start. I arrive at the start of the race which is a commissary full of more food and supplies. Someone says they think the race lasts 3 hours but no one…

  • Judy Laird


  • Earl

    I must agree with you in what the Lord is share with you. In my own life God is moving me away from the things that are familiar and comfort to a place of faith. Where the steps are leading me do not make sense in the natural but lines up with the season and time that we are moving in. Which is usher in the return of the King. I am so excited for the secret things God shares with those who love Him. The bible says “Deep calls to deep. And perfect love cast off fear.” So it is safe to get into the deep with the One who loves us perfectly. God speaks to you in dreams and that’s great but to me it is in His love letters in the Bible, that He calls me to come closer. Continue to let the Father use you. You are truly a gift to the body of…


    Thank you Lord, yesterday while watching TV. I was caught up in a vision, where I was standing in clear, Beautiful waters. I could smooth rocks shining in this eater. I saw my feet in the cool water. Now I know I must go deeper in Jesus.