Prophetic Words


I sensed the Lord saying last night that “Acts and Ephesians are KEY in this season”.
I feel God is highlighting these books as there are specific keys of revelation and encouragement contained within these books for this season. Invitations for greater communion with the Holy Spirit. Greater encounters with His heart, His power and His love. There will be greater clarity and insight on gifting’s, callings and operations of callings being released and greater UNITY of gifting’s and callings in the body of Christ.
You are being invited to a table to drink in the glorious richness and sweetness of deeper revelation. Digging deep into these books in this season will see platforms of breakthrough entered upon. The Lord is going to share some of His secrets of the awakening and coming revival with His people as they press in. God is going to impart the spirit of wisdom and revelation at a deeper level as these books are searched out and feasted upon. There will be direction and fullness released to the people of God as they seek out these Scriptures with great hunger for more. There is an invitation in digging deep into these books to know the Holy Spirit like you have not known Him before. God is revealing MUCH in this season about what He is doing on the earth, what He is doing IN YOU and THROUGH YOU, and releasing insights of what He desires to do in the nations and will do as His people pray.
Get ready for your eyes to be on fire as you see the way God is moving and will move in your life and in His Church. Some of the greatest blueprints FOR THE NEW and Kingdom keys are going to be received as these books are feasted upon. Markers seen for seeing the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we have yet seen. Journals are going to fill up from the glorious richness of revelation and prophetic insight for us individually, corporately and the world through what HE is saying through these books. You are moving into greater WONDER of Him as you dive DEEP into the revelations that He has waiting for you in these books. DIVE IN, the Lord is setting His people on fire, to burn like never before and take that fire into the earth and see it released to bring CHANGE and revival take place. Oh the glorious richness of revelation that awaits you and I!
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  • Heart & Soul Core Fitness

    Wow! I have been feeling the HS prompting me to read Acts! I just told my sister today that I’m gonna start reading it!! Also have been getting many scriptures in Ephesians!! Thank you so much for this word! Your articles/blogs are so right in line with where I’m at! God is great!! Yes I’m so hungry for more of Jesus and to be in tune and led by the Holy Spirit!!

  • Lidia Hidalgo

    Lord Jesus, I say Amen!!! I believe, You are unveiling and bringing newness in many different directions, and areas of our lives, that have being, dried and dead. You are calling them come forth now!!! You are resurrecting dead dreams, and bring them to life and come through, once and again. You are resurrecting now, faith, hope, and giving us a future filled with greatness, and excellence; LORD GOD, WE SAY EVEN SO, LORD LET IT BE; MANIFEST YOURSELF TO US JUST THE WAY YOU WANT US TO KNOW YOU MOREAND MORE!!!! LORD GOD BLESS YOUR PRECIOUS VESEL; FILL HER MORE AND MORE, OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND REVELATION TO SEND IT ALL  AROUND THE WORLD. AMEN!!!!

  • Sandra Beavis

    Dear Lana, I have been reading your words over the past couple of weeks , love them & they have encouraged me especially this one on Acts & Ephesians which the Lord has been putting on my heart. It is a blessing to have your posts as I am so hungry for more of God & His presence .. I attend Gymea Baptist Church & have a ministry to younger women to hear & love God with passion ..Amen
    A re you living now in Brisbane or still at Oyster Bay because I live in Bonnet Bay close by .
    Bless you Sandra