Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
There is great recompense upon the Pioneers in this season, I have been prophesying this for a little while, but over the last month or so, the intensity of this word has been building with me.
There is an increase of RECOMPENSE that is being released upon the Pioneers right now. Many of you have fought battles that are bigger than you ever imagined. Some of you have been in the valley deeper than you have ever been. Others of you have faced many difficult battles and trials, but are beginning to feel the relief of the shift in the season that is taking place. Some of you have been feeling like you cannot toil the ground anymore. Others of you are starting to feel the bubbling joy of new life and promises springing forth all around you – seeing the beginning of the increase of fruit. Whatever part of the process you are in, I want to encourage you with this….
The Lord showed me that many "BUT’S" have come up against the Pioneers in this season. Many of you have continually felt like you are butting up against the "BUT’S" of impossibility, the but’s of attack, the but’s of things coming against the promises and vision God has given you. But in the butting up against these ‘BUT’s" you have continued to steward the ground God has given you. You have continued to sow seeds of obedience where He has called you to plough….
Not only is HARVEST time upon you, but there is a divine RECOMPENSE OF GOD upon you that where these "BUT’s" have come against the vision, have come against the ground, have come against the area the Lord has called you to toil and plough, there is now a powerful demonstration of "BUT GOD" that is going to explode into your life and land. What has been sown, the seeds you don’t even see anymore, the power of God is falling upon those seeds and SUDDENLY harvest will explode upon you.
I also some seeds of promise the enemy had come and stolen and I heard the words…
"The "BUT GOD" that is being released into your life will CAUSE a great REMAINING. The seed will take root this time, remain and BEAR GREAT FRUIT!!!"
I heard the Lord say "Pay specific attention to the AREA which the enemy stole from you.. for NOW I am releasing upon you a divine restoration, recompense and INCREASE."
The Lord is commanding the enemy to repay SEVEN TIMES what has been stolen from you. (Proverbs 6:31) The enemy has been relentless against many of you, but you have kept your eyes on Jesus, you have kept your hands lifted high in worship and mouths full of praise. You have stood when in the natural it looks like there is no reason to stand anymore, let alone hope… but you have REMAINED, and I heard the Lord say "Where you have REMAINED, now you shall enter YOUR REWARD."
There is RECOMPENSE and REWARD upon you Pioneers. I saw this beautiful work of the Holy Spirit deep within you Pioneers, in the fire, the Lord has birthed and is birthing a deeper yieldedness within you. I felt the beautiful whisper of His heart to MANY Pioneers "Well done, well done, well done", His heart is moved by your obedience in the fire, your face as a flint, your abandonment to extending His Kingdom, you have moved His heart with your live laid down as a living sacrifice.
I saw the eyes of the Lord upon the "stewardship" of what He has released into the hands of the Pioneers. I saw the Lord’s eyes roaming and He was looking for those who were stewarding with purity, obedience and yieldedness to Him what was given unto them. He eyes have fallen upon the purity of stewardship. Where there has been stewardship of the small, and of the large, with integrity, with purity and excellence, I saw the Lord bringing increase. He is now entrusting many Pioneers with increase. They have cried and continue to cry out to Him for wisdom (James 1:5), not that things have been done perfectly, but the there has been a purity of heart and yieldedness that has moved Him, moved His heart. He is now adding increase!


  • Jacquie Moore

    This has brought encouragement to me. “Having done all to stand” is what I live with continually. Thankyou Jesus. Hallelujah

  • Rina

    Amazingly ‘Spot On’ again Lana! Grateful to say that I have started to feel the relief of the shift and am just lingering in His Presence today in expectancy of the Sudden Turn that Recompense will bring. Last night the Lord told me ‘Any day now’ and to hold on to Ephesians 3:20 and Amos 9:13. I am humbled by the Goodness, Grace and Faithfulness of God during this long Journey of Obedience that He has taken me on these past 12 years… God BLESS you for this confirmation and encouragement.

  • Nahomie Riche

    Hi, dear sister Lana! Thank you again for another True, Beautiful Word from The LORD. I have to say I truly enjoy your ministry if I haven’t said it already, if I did, I don’t mind saying it again!?Your ministry has truly been a blessing and aide for me in the Fight. I am very grateful that you put your post out when you feel led because I’m telling you there’s times I just finish battling with satan and I’m like Father, please send me your Word, I need to hear from you Father…to be honest with you, Lana, hoping I will hear from The Father its the last battle I would have to fight for this Wilderness Season. The Words The Lord send you to post and the time He sent you to post them have been such an encouragement for me to keep going..Thank you again for every time you have stepped out in obedience to post The Word The LORD has given you because they have truly been my aide in the Fight, a cup of water in the desert. God bless you

    • Mark A James

      Yes so very true a drink of Life giving Waters in the desert is what we needed to rise up courageously and Press on to the end Amen

  • Viv

    When I read your post, I’ve been living in that very moment and hes conforming me to His will to his word. What he sends you confirms that he’s working on me and reversing everything that is not correct in my life,
    I look forward to what the Lord is saying Hes doing its, the Lord is good, thanks for being obedient to His Holyspirit and posting what he tells you, keep up the good work it’s a real faith builder.
    God bless you richly Lana.

  • L.M.

    Praise God. I want to Cry Tears of Joy because this is what I have been sensing in My Spirit. Alleluiah. PRAISE GOD. God has been refining me in the fire. Uncomfortable as it has been, I have been learning to stand Ground,Praising Him what he is going To Do, Praising and Trusting him even when I can’t see it, Trusting him even when I am weak, Relying on His Faithfulness, Taking His Strength and Getting Stronger Every Day. I am the behind the scenes kind of person, almost shy, but God is calling out a Warrior. Woa,me a Warrior? Yes, God Has Said. I remember that you mentioned A Winged Warrior. God Wants Me To Be Bold Like a Lion, and I Am Learning to Roar and Come Boldly To The Throne. God has given Us Authority and I take That Authority To Move in All that God Has For Me,For His Beautiful 7 Fold RECOMPENSE .

  • Nancy M.

    Thank you, Lana. Your ministry repeatedly blesses me — so on target and so encouraging. Those called as pioneers can feel isolated and alone. Your words to us are uplifting and appreciated.

  • Ford

    I receive this Word deep into my spirit. I’ve been crying out for wisdom and special anointing to our Heavenly Father. It’s been so long in the wilderness, but I’m so encouraged from this Word that we will now see seven-fold increase for everything the enemy has stolen from us. Thank you, Jesus, praise the Lord! God Bless you, Lana.

  • Guy

    Thank you Lana, For being God’s encourager! I feel like God is speaking to me through your messages. For the last year I have been in a tremendous battle to stay in the ministry that God called me to. But through His unfailing love and encouragement in prayer with Him, and reading your messages from Him I am weathering the storm, and growing closer to Him.
    For His Glory,

  • Lin Cline

    Lana and Kevin, Thankyou both so very much for all you do to build the Body of Christ up in faith,hope,love and truth* This latest post on recompense has blessed me beyond words can express! Our Lord spoke to me regarding recompense years ago during extended times of family drama and trauma. I cried out to Him and asked, what are you doing Lord in this season? Imediately I heard His response…two things Lin, transition and RECOMPENSE?AgainThankyou and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY??

  • Caroline

    Think about this for a moment… If a Mayor of a city allowed people to come in and steal what was rightfully yours, he would be obligated at some point to restore what he allowed. So if you subscribe to the idea that “God is always in control” then he would be equally liable for the restoration of what he allowed.
    Likewise, he would be also liable to reverse what is happening. If you haven’t been paying attention, since the beginning of year it was proclaimed “restoration, recompense, and breakthrough” If you haven’t noticed it has been contrary to that.
    I’ve heard more and more reports of God’s people really “going through it” – Steve Shultz
    Many of you have been experiencing intense spiritual warfare “It is like an ambush against me.” – Elaine Tavolacci
    many who have faced incredible battles in this season and currently facing huge battles. – Lana
    Hang in there. Deut 18:20 – Sigh.

  • Pearl Great Daniels

    Thank you Lana really excited after reading through this prophetic word, cause it looked like the expectations of my husband and I are been truncated with physical set backs and delays, but this time I’m not sad, and on reading this,I’m just going to patiently wait for the fulfilment of His promises. Thank you one more time, God’s blessings.

    • Carol and Tom

      Hi Pearl, we hear you. Us too. People have tried to post some intelligent Issachar statements on here, but Lana refuses to post any disagreeing facts or insights that don’t agree with the “head in the sand-denial-so heavenly minded no earthly good-turn a blind eye-hear no evil-see no evil-thought processes.” Stick with the Word and you wont be led astray.
      Proverbs 22:3 – A prudent man foresees evil, and hides himself (Any warnings or preparedness is seen as negativity even though the bible warns us to pay attention)
      Deut 18:20 – if the thing follow not nor come to pass that a prophet has spoke, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously
      There are over 1,000 prophecies in the bible. 90% of which would be considered negative by most Christians (including Jesus predicting his own death Matt 16) God warns and most people perceive it as negative and as the proverb says Prov 22:3 – The simple person passes on and is Punished.
      Right now Christians are passing on and are being punished cause they perceive warnings as negative, and are in denial of whats going on in the world. If you ever studied history all wars were done with Strategy – Not Magic – As most Christians are trying to do now.

  • Karin Hockman

    Thank you Lana. You have no idea how much your words minister straight to the heart of me. Thank you!!

  • Charlene from TN

    My mind wanted to believe. Within two hours, my spirit was leaping, and this Word had penetrated all the way to the heart of it, Praise Be to HIM! I continue to gaze into this Word and meditate it and obey.