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This morning I was telling a friend how I was talking with the Lord and I suddenly saw a lightning bolt in the spirit and it came suddenly, powerfully and SO loud! “CRACK”. She had also had a dream of a lightning storm and power from on high and I knew the Lord was highlighting a theme. 

The cracking sound I heard in this vision sent vibrations of His power into the atmosphere and I saw really hard ground suddenly crack open. 

I then felt the Lord say “A huge display of My power will be sent to crack open the so far unmovable circumstances that in the natural look like they are refusing to shift.” 

A mighty demonstration of the power of the Spirit is going to release CRACKS IN CIRCUMSTANCES. As heaven meets earth, the ripple effects of His power will see significant atmospheric shifts. 

I also saw a specific RELEASING and FREEDOM happening for those who are feeling taunted by the enemy. Align yourself with His Word and don’t move from it! 

The “cracks” are about to be seen! The beginning of monumental breakthrough in longstanding circumstances and taunts of the enemy. Stay in faith and watch the significant display of the power of God in your life. The ripple effects of this demonstration of His power will bring an incredible shift… Many will feel like “in a moment everything changed, and now everything is different.”

Praise Jesus!


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  • Darcy

    This crack is “on time”. Thank you Lana. Not only is it breaking this enemy standard, but he is aligning us in his destiny for our lives, as well as aligning this next wave of finance. Praise God amen

  • Rina

    Yes amen Lana! This morning I called out to the Lord and asked for a Sudden Alignment of Kairos and Chronos for all of those who have been waiting for so long… and then I read this timely word. Thank you! How else but with a show of HIS Mighty Power. It continues to amaze me how the Spirit of God is connecting His people. I am currently in South Africa, you are in Australia, others that comment are from other continents. We serve the MOST HIGH and AWESOME GOD. I am in great anticipation of the loud CRACKS that will bring BLOOM and OVERFLOW to many… SUDDENLY!! Love in Christ.

  • Viola

    Amen and Thank you for the wonderful Word Lana and everyone from across the globe. God indeed is speaking and confirming His Presence. The enemy has been speaking discouragement and defeat to me this past two weeks. Suddenly i just knew that something was wrong and i had to align my thoughts and my words to the Word and not give up. Immediately i felt a change. Glory.

  • meg

    The “cracks” are about to be seen! The beginning of monumental breakthrough in longstanding circumstances and taunts of the enemy
    I receive this in Jesus mighty name!