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By Lana Vawser
This afternoon I had a vision which I felt that the Lord wanted me to release to call people to specific prayer. I know I released a word today regarding Donald Trump, but after this vision, I felt that the Lord wanted me to release it for a specific targeted direction to pray.
A little while before the election I had a vision where I was taken into what looked like a ‘commissioning room’ and I saw the enemy gathering hordes of demonic figures and he unraveled scrolls that had strategies on them. This particular strategy was to release blindfolds to the body of Christ and bring deception. To hinder people from seeing what God was saying and doing leading up to the election and in the nation of the USA.
This afternoon I saw the same ‘commissioning room’ and I saw the enemy and the hordes of demons and he unraveled a new set of scrolls. These were new plans and new strategies. As I looked closely on these scrolls I saw the word “ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS”. I knew instantly that these were plans to attempt to assassinate Donald Trump.
Straight away I felt the Lord say “My people, you need to increase your intercession over Donald Trump. Pray for increased angelic protection over him and around him. Pray for angels of ascension to be stationed around him.”
Instantly I saw a HUGE WORD in RED appear OVER the words “ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS” and it said “ASCENT”.
ASCENT DEFINITION: An instance of rising or moving up through the air; to rise up; upward movement; take off, lift off, blast off, launch, soar, climb. (
I then felt the Lord speak again “As My people pray and pray for Donald Trump’s protection, as they call on the angels of ASCENT, Donald Trump will be lifted high above these assassination attempts and NOT be touched or harmed. He will be lifted up by My Spirit to a place where he will SOAR above the enemy’s attempts and roar.”
As the vision ended I had such a strong sense from the Lord that the people of God whether you agree with Trump or not, we need to unite together and pray for his protection. He has now been elected and the Bible commands us to pray for our leaders in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 and he needs our covering right now. There is a war happening in the spirit and I felt an urgency to pray for his protection.
We need to be speaking LIFE over him and assignments of the enemy cancelled as angels of ascension come ministering to him with the Spirit of God to lift him high above the storm and assignments of the evil one.
Let’s stand together Church!


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  • Norman

    I was getting the same thing a few days ago to pray protection from I remember when you heard God say Trump would be president and you got a lot of flac for it but you were right!
    Thanks Norman

  • Lauren U.

    After reading this new post of Lana Vawser, I wanted to send it out as it relates to something that happened in Washington DC when Isaiah 40 went down to pray on Sunday, October 30. We were standing across from the White House praying in a circle, one heart, one mind, in one accord. As I stood there I opened my eyes and saw the White House directly in front of me from where I was standing. I believe I heard in my spirit, “TAKE NOTE”, which I have experienced a few times before when on prayer walking assignments both here and in Israel. As I looked, my eyes were then fixed on the American Flag on top of the White House. I then saw, the flag come down to half mast. It stayed there till we finished praying. Then returned to the top.

  • Joy

    I Agree In Jesus Precious Name!+
    I was sharing the very same thing with my Prayer partner on the phone this evening before I read your word!
    I believe God is putting on many prophetic interceeders & prayer warriors hearts to PRAY this very thing & whatever else He lays on our hearts! This is a very significant hour & ALL Believers are called to Pray???
    BlessU for the post & thankU for prior words you have shared! United we stand-divided we fall!?

    • David Lim

      Good to have Prayer Warriors and Watchmen at many strategic location.
      Admonish people not to be dismay and lose hope when things turn dark and troublesome later.
      God is in control, and the end has not arrived.
      There is a future for America even after very destructive wars and turmoil.
      Praise God. Raise the Praise.

  • Susan Borjeson

    Lana…just a point of clarification: President Obama is in office,
    Trump is President-elect. Donald Trump has no actual governing authority as President at the moment. Mid-January is the legal transition of power. Bless you and Kevin for your ministry. See you back in FL we hope!

  • Meshack/Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    You very right mom, yesterday morning around 06:30 am South African time as the votes of Hillary were ahead with approximately 5%, I had the Holy Spirit whispering within me that: “All what you see will be turned around soon”. It was no doubt that was the voice of God. 5 Hrs later people were throwing messages of anger and dislike to be governed by a president who was once an apprentice. I agree with you it is God who puts man in a position of authority not man, Donald needs prayer and covering more than ever before because majority of the US citizens dislike him.

  • Susan M

    Amen… the devil’s a liar and a defeated foe! The Joel 2 army of the Lord is moving and the gates of hell will NOT prevail. Greater is He who is within us as we pray for Mr. Trump! God’s led me in regular fasting and prayer for over a year, and has been speaking to my heart to declare His LIFE over America, commanding all tyranny and darkness to flee. (Prov. 28:1) We have fullest VICTORY in King Jesus. We overcome by His Name, His precious blood, and by our testimony of bold faith. (Rev. 12) Alleluia! God also clearly spoke with me at the beginning of this year that He was going to strip the oaks ‘bare’ (in places of corrupt governance) including the USA. (Psalm 29:9) (2 Samuel 5:24) He’s DONE it with an amazing election win. Praise…

  • Mark James

    He is now in office and a place of authority, and the Bible commands us to pray for our leaders in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 and he needs our covering right now. There is a war happening in the spirit and I felt an urgency to pray for his protection. We War against Spiritual “FORCES” not natural forces as in Man and yet Man is the vessel both the god of this world and the God of Glory Operate through because it’s their “Throne” Yes Jesus knew where Satan’s throne Room was as is the “Souls” of men and this is why Jesus alone by His Spirit “MUST” Be dwelling there within Her as Her King Amen!

  • Shawanna

    Hello Lana, I just wanted to comment on what you said concerning Trump. I first want to say I do believe you a woman of God, but I have to disagree with you concerning Donald Trump. He can’t make America great again. I do believe God is going to use Trump to bring America back to Him. He allow this to happen because when Trump get through people are not going to have no one to turn to but GOD!! God is not a God of hate or confusion. It didnt matter who won this race, judgment is upon America. We as believers don’t suppose to take sides, but to Pray. I don’t believe God using Trump to make America great again, but I’m confident in the Holy Spirit that God is allowing destruction to come to America and He will use whoever He need to use!

  • Mitch Walker

    AMEN! These events currently happening are unprecedented in U.S. history. In the whole scope of things, we’re in 1860 (on the verge of 1861) right now after Lincoln’s election & right before the ‘Civil War’ broke out.
    Lord Jesus Christ protect Donald Trump, his family, and all his supporters. Help these wicked godless liberals see Your Light, and that their anger for violence ceases & their hearts drop within them. AMEN.

  • hot pursuit

    From the desert southwest:
    I’m believing with you and have prayed that God almighty will appoint spiritual protection surrounding Donald Trump and staff, and that any attempt on his life will only serve to glorify our merciful awesome God in the name of his son Jesus Christ. amen

  • Mitch Walker

    ~Psalm 109:25-31~
    “I became also a reproach unto them: when they looked upon me they shook their heads. Help me, O Lord my God: O save me according to thy mercy: That they may know that this is thy hand; that thou, Lord, hast done it. Let them curse, but bless thou: when they arise, let them be ashamed; but let thy servant rejoice. Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle. I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude. For he shall stand at the right hand of the poor, to save him from those that condemn his soul.”

  • Kim I

    In total agreement! Praying Psalms 91 over his life and the lives of VP Elect Pence and their families. God’s plan through who has ordained for leadership in America shall come to pass – He will finish what He started. Thank you Father for encamping your Angels about Mr. Trump and setting your Angels charge over him, in Jesus’ name, AMEN!

  • Brenda Pratt

    Yes…the Lord spoke this word to my heart on Wednesday morning….”Pray for Trump or this victory will be short lived! Intercessors on Assignment!

  • B W Brown

    I know this is true. Pray for Him. I pray many times a day. Or, what ever the Lord lays on your heart to do. Pray for America and His people also. Give us all direction and great love for such a time as this. In all our ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our path. AMEN

  • David Lim

    Pray for the Trump family to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and receive the gifts of the Spirit Holy, to be spiritually equipped to enjoy and listen to the Lord God more than ever, and filled with wisdom and knowledge from above to serve God and attend to the Church more.
    Pray for the Trump team to witness Jesus and evangelize more in their daily service. Shoes of Gospel evangelism. Protection be stretched out over them all.
    I speak blessings to the Trump family and to you all.

  • Jay Cole

    I received the same type of urging within my Holy Spirit pray HARD for Pres-elect Trump! Let’s unite on our knees!

  • Sam

    I weak up this morning and Holy Spirit told me the same about him pray for him for protection , so I wrote his name and mike spence and all his group in paper and I did pray in tongue over this paper for 5 hrs and will do that every day from now on, and I did write this They are covered hidden protected by the blood of Jesus

  • Luane Watkins

    We also need to pray for his family that is running his business. They also need protection from assassination.

  • Gail Major

    I have been praying for him too, also feel he needs protection.
    I will be calling on the Angels of Ascension to lift him up.

  • ME

    I agree it is imperative that we continue to PRAY for President Trump and his family and their safety. I have told my family the same. Satan can be bound in the NAME OF JESUS and he WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HARM THEM!!!!!

  • Deanne

    Interesting I also received a very similar vision 2-days in a row regarding the assassination of Trump however, God didn’t instruct me to ask His people to intercede for Trump as he is the cause of the demonic realm becoming more active and he’s openly happy in his choice to do so. I was instructed instead to implore God’s people no matter their race or religious decree to watch and pray for the direction in which they are to move for their own safety. Interesting, this is part of what he gave to me as well. God is President of this world. Believers must look for direction by keeping their eyes on God and listening for His will. God will handle the president of this earth when we get on one accord for God’s will to be done right here…

    • Peggy Jackson

      I was reading these comments, and thinking, where was the prayer for President Obama? Where was the covering he so needed, as he received assassination attempts himself, many numerous ones. I followed this election and researched the issues to the point it could have been my full-time job, and indeed, it was! I, and many women like me, who have been abused and mistreated by men have a troubling in their spirit. We are 1 in 6 women, we are in huge numbers the world over. I am very troubled, very sad, and truly shocked at the willingness of good, Godly christians to so easily endorse this man, due to his shocking mistreatment of so many, not only women. I am praying, though, regardless of my ability to see him as others who are his champions.

  • Julie Lessman

    Dear Lana,
    My friend introduced me to your blog, and I LOVE it. But I have subscribed twice now and still I am not receiving the emails. Can you check into it for me please because I would really like to be on your mailing list.
    Thank you SO much and God bless you!
    Julie Lessman

  • Teresa

    Thank you for this direction. I too feel the strong need to pray for Donald Trump. I felt the Holy Spirit move upon me in a strong way leading up to the election and prayed mightily for this nation and Mr. Trump. I told my husband we need to continue to pray for him as we see the evil rise up against him. God is with us!

  • wife & i

    Yes, absolutely – we need to keep the foot on the gas pedal, it’s not the time to rest!
    What get’s me we have these people who tweet & twit death of a person who (should) soon hold the highest office of the land?!
    We know what (someone like Vlad) would do to these disrespectful, ungrateful people! They need prayer too that the Lord may open their eye’s!
    It won’t be long before the Perfect Monarch (King Jesus) return’s with us with the Title Deed in Hand! As Jan Markel say’s; thing’s aren’t falling apart, they are falling (coming) together!

    • Robert Adolph

      I agree with your interpretation but suggest the the “ascension” could be the pre-trib rapture. What a great time for the rapture, after this great victory of Good over evil and before the mystery of iniquity begins which could start with the assassination of President Elect Trump.

  • Lorelei Vision

    I will add my voice in prayer for President-elect Donald J. Trump. There is no doubt in my mind that spiritual forces are trying to undermine Mr. Trump at every turn. Winning the election was the easy part, the difficult path of the journey begins. God, I pray, that a contingent of your warrior angels surround Mr. Trump and his family at all times. Hold him from harm, keep him safe from all those who seek to harm him during these difficult and trying times.

  • Lorelei Vision

    I will add my voice in prayer for President-elect Donald J. Trump. There is no doubt in my mind that spiritual forces are trying to undermine Mr. Trump at every turn. Winning the election was the easy part, the difficult path of the journey begins. God, I pray, that a contingent of your warrior angels surround Mr. Trump and his family at all times. Hold him from harm, keep him safe from all those who seek to harm him during these difficult and trying times

  • Mem

    In the name of Jesus the Christ, I call forth the armies of Heaven, come forth beloved Archangel Michael and Blue Lightning Angels for the full protection, guidance direction and assistance of Donald Trump though out his God appointed term to “that he may make this Country Great again” I call forth protection of he is family & his agents to protecting him round the clock and all his supporters. Heavenly Father, let the forces of death and hell in spirit and matter be encircled and bound in Heaven and Earth everyday and most specially those wicked and sinister force and their agents specially who may be planning to harm Donald Trump let them be exposed and bound! Let the Christ mind inspire everyone to be vigilant with their daily…

  • Suzi Iverson

    In my spirit I have had the same prompting, before the election during election evening and then the past two days I have encourage my friends to do the same.I am standing with you my sister I believe that God has chosen Donald Trump for this time and that we need to be the army of the Lord Jesus Christ praying and speaking Word and the Blood cover over Donald J Trump and his family.

  • Roberta Hyre

    As Trump was declared President elect the Holy Spirit said “now pray for his protection as the devil will try to take him out if this position of power. Went to church and God confirmed it through a word of prophecy! The next day the Lord showed me President Trump will be like Nehemiah who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. He called part of the people as Warriors who stood with weapons,(that’s us Prayer Warriors), guarding the workers who were rebuilding the walls and he instructed those workers to be on guard as they worked with a sword at their side, and instructed the people in their homes to stay on alert and keep their weapons close to protect their homes!! We must be in tune with the voice of the Holy Spirit

  • Sonniya

    Ever wonder how King David, who was surrounded by a multitude of enemies, survived and his life was always protected? Remember King David was an adulterer, but God had his divine hand on him for a purpose. When God has a purpose, no one and come against it. He will protect His plan–no matter what our opinion is; same goes for Job. The hedge was taken off his life for a slight moment in time, but then God put that divine hedge around him in the end, and Job prospered. We can pray the same anointing that David had and the same hedge that was around Job. God will have His say, and He has divine plans for America.

  • Sonniya

    Ever wonder how King David,surrounded by multiple enemies,was protected all of his life?; he lived a long time as King with enemies all around him. He was also an adulterer, but God had a divine plan and purpose for David’s life. When God has a purpose and plan, no one can come against that. God has a pland and purpose for America. He will protect His anointed–same thing for Job. In the end, God placed a protective hedge around Job,and the enemy could not touch him. Let us all pray together for the divine protection of God on Donald Trump.

  • Wilson

    I will Pray for USA and new Elected President Mr.Trump and his family and his team who work together in USA,I pray spread the Kingdom of God more
    and Gospel…I pray in daily basis …From Pastor Wilson Sharif

  • Carolyn Cahill

    Lana, greetings from America. I want to encourage you ,you are hearing from God and what you are hearing is being heard by others at the same time. Thank you for all you do and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you. Keep hearing from the Lord -obedience vs. preference, Carolyn

  • Esther Mutua

    May the Lord open our eyes to see what He is doing. I’m in agreement with Him and I’m praying…..the Lord’s prayer is powerful, let’s all unite and pray and all will be well in JESUS’S NAME.

  • Karen

    4 part dream the first week of September. I’ll just bullet point each part. 1 nefarious meeting of a few people in the middle of the night at a bench in the Rose Garden of the WH. Heads and faces covered. They saw me and ran.2 nefarious meeting of many people in the middle of the night at a bench in Central Park NYC. Heads uncovered, faces uncovered, but too dark to see; oppressive demon entities beginning to manifest.3 nefarious meeting in the middle of the night, underground. A woman carried on a litter as part of a ritual. People and demon entities merging and dancing. 4 in a limo to warn Trump and a security man. Trump looks at me and suddenly perceives the danger for his family and leaves. The security man was an angel.

  • Linda J Pontnack

    You are on target,Holy Spirit has been waking me up 3-4 nites a week to pray for Trump, Pray for Trump, he had me pray Isaiah 11, Psalm 91 & Isaiah 54:17. These scriptures are in my spirit so there was no need to look them up. Plus everything God told you he told me and we are miles away from each other. Sad news I have been ostracized by my so-called Christian friends because we voted for Trump, his platform.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Love Prayer Warrior in Christ
    Linda Pontnack

  • rejoice mthembu

    i love the spirit of God and for the fact that its one spirit. am in africa, south africa to be precise. i dont know much about mr trump other than seeing him on the apprentice. God has been handpicking people across the globe to pray for mr trump protection supernatural wisdom his wealth to increase to multiply. this was prior to the elections the spirit of God would not leave me off the hook but to intercede for God s chosen mr trump. in fact the holy spirit groaned in my belly as i prayed and even place words in my mouth as i pray decrees etc. i agree the demons of deception are in the church. the church is too emotional. love you servant of God. stay blessed u and yo family. have much to share but let me pen off

  • Keven Elizabeth McGinn

    Dear Lana,
    I just found your blog tonight, and I am thrilled that so many all over the world are united in prayer for our new President-elect! It is true what Vivian Flanagan said about the “under current”.
    I went into prayer over the election, and told God that so many had sought to confuse me on the issue, but that my choice of a new President was vitally important in these troubled times for our Nation and the whole world.
    I was one of the last to go to the polls after dark in the few minutes before closing, and I continued praying in the voting booth! I voted for a man that all the non-Christians around me had slandered, and the news networks had all ruthlessly misrepresented. The Internet was filled with so much venom…

  • Keven Elizabeth McGinn

    My large home town newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times, endorsed Hillary Clinton. National magazines portrayed ugly caricatures of him, and one liberal national publication even had the word “loser” emblazoned across a leering image. His rallies were portrayed on television as full of hate, and even his supporters were attacked by the Clinton campaign and labeled as “deplorables”. And political pundits were very convincing in trying to keep people away from the polls, since it was assured that no matter what, Ms. Clinton would win the election and that my vote was a waste of time and would not count anyway.

  • Keven Elizabeth McGinn

    I asked God to forgive me if I made a bad choice in Mr. Trump in light of all this. But still, I stayed up all night watching election returns. When Donald J. Trump won, everybody was stunned and confounded by the “supernatural” results, including myself. His victory speech took my breath away- it was nothing like the news networks had portrayed him as!
    He must really be God’s “chaos candidate”.
    Violence and protests continue, and dark factions are still trying to discredit the election results even now, in order to prevent Mr. Trump from taking the Inaugural Oath on 20 January, 2017. I have never seen this level of diatribe and sheer evil directed against one man!

  • Keven Elizabeth McGinn

    Yet, Mr. Trump has done things already that are incredibly brave and breathtaking, seemingly taking no heed of all this.
    Keep in prayer CONSTANTLY for Donald Trump and for his Cabinet and family and all who support him. For we rail against not only flesh and blood, but the spiritual enemy in principalities, and in high places. Some prophecies say that he will hold two terms, meaning his life will be protected. But that is up to the Almighty. It is up to us to use the great “secret weapon” that unbelievers haven’t a clue about: prayer. And prayer without ceasing.
    Thank you, Lana, for being bold in your words and your faith. May God continue to bless you!